Promises, Promises by Erica James

Every now and then I need a good chick-lit to cheer me up, to soak in the warm,warm feelings, and to read,  without thinking.. knowing that everything will indeed be fine at the end.. Erica James’ Promises, Promises fit the bill perfectly.

Ella has just stepped out of a seven year old relationship after realizing that her partner’s daughter would never accept her, no matter what she did. She is determined to stay single, and promises herself to not let her heart rule her head, ever again.

Maggie is married to a man who does not appreciate her at all. She run around earning money working as a cleaning lady and is treated like dirt by both her employers and her family. All she wants is to stand up for herself and she promises herself that she would be more assertive and stand up for herself.

Ethan is caught in an unhappy marriage, working a business which is in a tough spot, and his socialite wife and spoiled teenage daughter do not seem to realize that a recession is on, nor do they care about anything he cares about. He promises himself that he will not resort to meaningless sex with other women to hide his unhappiness.

Fate brings all the three of them face facts that might have been ignoring, and forces them into making decisions which they might have never done other wise.

I can’t tell you anymore without all of you guessing the plot, but would recommend it if you like a light,fun and entertaining book. All the characters are well developed, and you can’t help feel for them. As you read the book, you want things to all work out for them. It is a nice feel good book, and it certainly made me laugh out in loads of places. A nice pleasant, fun and predictable read, and I would give it a 3.5/5.

PS: I would not be pestering you all with reviews for a while, I don’t seem to be making a headway in the latest book that I have been reading. I suspect the term break has been having it’s effect on my reading as well.

15 thoughts on “Promises, Promises by Erica James

  1. This sounds like a fun read! I will see if my library has it.
    Had never heard of this book or this author before…

    BTW this reminds me of Elizabeth Noble’s The Girl Next Door. I loved that book. Have you read it?

    • Yes, you are right! It is similar to The Girl Next door. Some similarity with the single girl – but other wise different..And this is in a very English setting.

  2. It’s the same story here. I am not able to finish reading books bcoz of so many guests I am having these days 🙄 The coming weekend and the week after that is going to try my patience at it’s best coz am having 4 families over 😥

    Sounds definitely like a light read. and somehow it again reminds me of a very very old Hindi serial which had Deepti Naval in it. I forgot the name though!

    • You have 4 families over!!! Wow! I have loads of playdates and friends coming over lined up – but 4 families – I would have collapsed with all my worries 🙂

      You always manage to find a filmy angle, no:)

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