Of Weekends, Baking and Term break time

The dreaded time is here. It is term break time again, and that means a week full of chaos.  Whoever designed these term breaks for children, never consulted the parents! And I say this being a SAHM, I can’t even imagine what it does to parents who work.

The only thing that makes it bearable is that we had a great weekend to kick it off. Actually, I had a great weekend. I had a girls night out with my friends, watched Ek main aur ek tu, while husband stayed at home with daughter. We had nothing to do, so we went sofa shopping on Sunday. We have been advised by so many people to buy sofas from here and ship it to India, we decided to at least check it out, and then make an informed decision. As soon as we stepped in the first showroom(, we realized that Husband and I were after 2 totally different things. He wants a recliner, which goes totally flat. Some of them had trays, and cup holders, and had husband go ga ga over them! While I refused to have them in my living room. Can you imagine that monstrosity? Horrible things  – they look like airplane seats(albeit, roomier and more comfy), why why, why would one want to pay ridiculous amounts to put that in the living room? Husband and daughter loved them though. I prefer fabric over leather, something that feels welcoming, and homey, where I could have loads of colourful cushions. Husband, or course, detests cushions! So needless to say, we certainly did not buy a sofa. Daughter fell in love with some children’s bedrooms on display. We had to peel her away from them. Some of them were so cute, I would love to have one for myself. One of them especially appealed to me, it had a bookshelf along the bed, and that felt just perfect! We came home with a bunch of brochures though.

The whole furniture browsing reminded us of the time when we were totally into doing this sort of thing in Bangalore. Both before booking our flat and after, we used to spend hours pouring over interiors, and visiting show flats, just to get design ideas. Some we would love, some would just show us what not to do – but it was totally fun, all the same. Funnily enough, daughter seemed to enjoy it just as much we did. She even gave us her inputs. Some genes have been passed on, I guess!

We came back home after all that window shopping and baked cookies – heart-shaped ones, teddy bear shaped ones(Deeps, inspired by the ones you did long back), and sweet& salty ones that husband wanted. He had had them in his childhood, and he has never been able to get it in the stores. So I gave it a try, and apparently it was spot on 🙂 Now that made me really happy, after all it is rare when any taste matches up with those in our memories 🙂

After a fun weekend, I can’t really complain if it happens to be term break, can I? So how was your weekends?

28 thoughts on “Of Weekends, Baking and Term break time

  1. THANK god for term break, I reached office on time :)…

    🙂 Some people are happy about the term break 🙂

    and recliners got my vote .. very good when watching cricket matches with some drinks 🙂 I got three of those 🙂 yayyyyyyy.. all men think alike i think 🙂 No they dont look horrible buy some decent ones and they are really good .. You should have thought of this in january when sales were on, some of them were half price..

    They don’t look bad – just that I am not too fond of them gracing my living room – I don’t mind if we have a recliner in another room :)But we don’t have that sort of space in our flat in Bangalore.

    Why would someone pay ridiculous amount , because they are very comfy.. press a button and and they get stretched and you can stretch your legs .. or half lie down tooo.. I find them very comfortable.

    That is what husband claims – and I suspect that once he gets into one of them, he won’t come out 😦

    Shipping to india dont know about that .. as I think with that sort of money you should be able to get it custom made in india whatever you want ..

    People claim that it is cheaper to buy and ship than buy there- I have no idea, to be honest. Have to do the resarch, before we buy anything..

    • hmmm yeah find out , but in india for that amount you can have it custom made na .. as you want how you want, depending on the room you have in the flat .. thats all i am saying …

      • I agree! Infact it worries me a bit to buy from here – just incase the dimensions are off- we will be stuck with a sofa that can’t fit in our living room 😦 I prefer looking at the designs and then getting it custom made in Bangalore..

        • Yeah that is a much better idea for sure .. Moreover if things go wrong who will you contact plus the danger of something going wrong while in transit and all that ..

  2. I also love sofa’s which don’t eat too much space in a room. And cushions the more the merrier. 🙂

    Same pinch 🙂 I agree – sofas that take up too much space are such a waste. Even more so when the actual seating space is less, and the bulky frames take up more space..

    But why ship it from there? Expensive nahin hogA?
    Apparently it is still cheaper – I have to do proper research before we buy anything though..

      • Will definitely make sure before buying anything – it is too risky to buy all this and then regret it.. I also worry about dimensions – it is much easier to buy once we are there.. So most probably we will not be buying – and will just be shopping around for ideas 🙂

  3. Wow! now that sounds quite an eventful weekend 😀
    How was the movie? I too have been browsing a few furniture catalogues lately and I actually agree with you in making use of every available inch wisely 😀
    Three cheers for spot on cookies 😀 😀

    • I actually liked the movie 🙂 I went with rather low expectations- but I loved it 🙂

      It is fun, isn’t it? Browsing furniture catalogues? And yes, every inch counts – I hate to crowd rooms with furniture 😦

  4. That sounds like a nice, fun-filled weekend. Mine was mostly lazy, with a little bit of fun thrown in. We cooked and ate relaxedly (a rarity these days, not at all possible on workdays), rode on the Bangalore Metro, read a bit, talked to mom, roamed around Church Street and MG Road, visited a small cafe at Indira Nagar and bought some cakes, slept, cleaned up the house a bit and had a long, leisurely bath. 🙂

    That sounds like a lot of fun! I am so looking forward to coming back to Bangalore!

    I want to see Ek Main Aur Ek Tu. I saw the trailer and liked it. Sounded like a fun movie!

    It is a fun movie! And a little different from the regular romcoms:)

    I love recliners, though I am all for sofas that do not take up too much space.
    I like recliners too – but most of the ones we saw took too much space.
    Glad you and hubby enjoyed the cookies. It is indeed wonderful if you find something that reminds you of your childhood. 🙂

  5. WE did furniture browsing too, and ended up buying a new dining table. Went to surajkund mela, very nice. The lazyboys are great. We had them in the US, in our home. Once u get used to them not looking so aesthetic, u do fall in love with their comfort. That said, I do prefer fabric over leather any day.

    I am not too fond of the recliners that come as part of the sofa – which means that I will be stuck with that three seater for ever 😦 I don’t mind individual lazy boys- that would be easy to cart away and hide away – you know 🙂

    Term break huh? I feel for you 🙂 We have a 2 week coming up in march and I’ve already called my dad for reinforcements – the poor man will come all the way from chennai to provide childcare support :))

    Lucky you! I have been busier than ever the whole of today 🙂

  6. So true that about things matching our memories 🙂
    And I can’t help but wonder how much we think alike! I luvvv fabric and dote on cushions too! Recently got two covers which open like flower petals and I heart them! 😉

    Same pinch 🙂 As I said, we do think alike 🙂 Oh that cushion sounds lovely! Please do put up pics please!

    I wish I wish I cn get bk to days of blogging about such sweet nothings 🙂

    You should 🙂 We miss you here, you know!

    And oh! I would luv to taste the salt-cookies!:)
    Definite when we are in Bangalore 🙂

  7. I want cookies, I want cookies, I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,I want cookies,

    Errr..I rest my case now 🙂

  8. I have never ever understood the purpose of such comfortable recliners especially for lazy husbands like mine. I swear he will eat, sleep, read, watch TV and even play soccer with sammy on it. 😡 and to think of it if I get unsuspected visitors I might have to roll up the entire thing along with the husband inside it :mrgreen:

    Exactly! I know that husband will not move from that recliner if we do get one 😦

    So the movie was good? IHM wrote about it enough to make me want to go and watch it. sigh…my only problem is Kareena 👿

    The movie was great 🙂 I loved it!

    You made so many cookies? 😯

    I made one batter and different shapes – that’s all 🙂

    Weekend here was as usual hectic…..I always look forward to Mondays where I don’t have to do anything and spend time with my 2 good friends 🙂

    LOL! I so know what you mean. This week, however I have not a minute of peace- someone is always talking 🙂 Always:)

  9. You made the teddy bear cookies!! Yummm! Where r the snaps, thought would at least be visually treated to all the cookies :). Will b back to read the post in full, Smits, hv to rush, off to watch ek main aur ek tu 🙂
    Bye fr m

    • Yes, I made it 🙂 I did not get a chance to check your post while making it – and they are nothing as cute as yours! Will put up the pics 🙂

      Have fun with the movie! I really enjoyed it!

  10. I like school holidays here….a lot less traffic on the roads!! When I used to work in a school, it was even better as I’d get holidays too! 🙂

    That must certainly be the case. The roads here get jammed during school hours too. I walk Poohi to school, but even if I wanted to drive -it is a nightmare. No parking spaces, and I would have to leave 1/5 earlier to get a parking space..

    Recliners are so cool…been thinking about getting a couple but the really good ones are currently out of my budget. I wanted them ever since I watched it on FRIENDS and can totally see myself relaxed and reading on one…

    🙂 Husband is like that 🙂 We had one in our old house – and he loved it! He wanted to buy one here, but we decided not to. Now he is once again all excited about getting a recliner.

  11. Oh Lucky daughter 🙂 I’m not sure about Mom though :D!
    Still, while it can be a whirlwind of a time, it IS fun, the best part of the kids’ lives.
    I envy you though… being able to run around, otherwise, when she’s in school. But of course, the grass is always greener on the other side 🙂 🙂

  12. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I so prefer fabric sofas to leather ones, too. I love cushions as well, and oh, why would anyone want a bulky recliner in their living room!

  13. you will be surprised to see the options you get in India these days, i think you don’t know how your living room will look like at this point. I am regretting for my option to buy one here. I feel this may not fit appropriate with other furniture. So I advise would be to buy them in India long with other furniture.

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