Holiday Tales Post 8 The Last Day

It’s been more than a month since we got back from Greece, and high time that I put an end to these holiday tales, don’t you think?

The last day was a lazy, lazy day. We had nothing on the agenda, apart from soaking in the atmosphere, eating good food, and lazing around. Starting with a delicious breakfast(it was a relief to not have to hunt for breakfast places), at a table with a view.

We had a great time at the windmill, but to be honest, I had a million mini heart attacks every time daughter moved around. I was constantly worried that she would fall down those stairs. So we had decided to ask our hotel manager if he could transfer us into one of the cave houses. After breakfast, the first thing we did was this, and he was so understanding, and showed us to our new accommodation, a traditional cave house. It might have helped that the windmill cost more than the cave house, but anyway!

The view from the cave house.. We planned to spend the evening watching the sunset from here..

The insides.. See the roof?

By the way, the place we stayed at also claims this – check out the little board. Too bad we came here 11 years too late 🙂

After settling in, we set off once again to walk the streets of Oia. One of the things I loved were the flowers everywhere.. Doesn’t this hibiscus transport you to India? And I love the colour!

And the Bougainvillea, it was everywhere, and it looked so gorgeous!

See those caves towards the right of the picture? I was told that all the caves looked like that before there were converted into houses.. I wonder if the people who first settled here, ever imagined that their adaptation to the environment, would result in a beautiful tourist destination in the years to come…

Some of the traditional blue domed churches that this place is famous for..

The little port, that we did not go down to. I told you, we were after a relaxing day. Going down might have been easy, but coming back up might have been a different story 🙂

The majestic cliffs that plunge down into the sea…

They do take good care of their buildings…

Aren’t these trees cute?

After all the walking around, our tummies called for lunch. After a huge lunch, at a restaurant with a view(it is impossible to find one, without :)), we headed back to our cave house. The rest of the afternoon, we planned to sit around, and wait for the sunset..

Of course, nothing goes as per plan. The sky that had been clear all morning suddenly had all the clouds in the world, crowding our view!

So what if there were clouds, we were determined to capture what we could.. and torture you guys by putting it up here 🙂

We could actually see the clouds moving. One minute our hopes would rise, that maybe the clouds would move away, in time for a perfect sunset, the next minute they would be dashed by the sun getting covered completely..

I love the way, we can see the rays of the sun filtering through the clouds…

One of the rising hopes moments…

If it looked like this with the clouds, I wonder how beautiful it would have been when the sky was clear?

With the sun gone, it’s time for some night time splendor.. Did I mention that our cave house was just below the windmill?

We ended the holiday with another delicious dinner.. Fitting end, don’t you think?

25 thoughts on “Holiday Tales Post 8 The Last Day

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! No More please, its making me sulk more in the glum weather!!!! hehe…
    Loved it… When we do plan a trip next year, I know I reach out to you!

  2. Perfect end ofcos 🙂
    The buildings look lovely, and like u said so well maintained 🙂 The bougainvilleas make them look all the more gorgeous 🙂
    Must be so nice to find such beautiful views wherever u go no 🙂

    Am feeling so bad the series is over 😦

  3. Those pictures are awesome..You know something the best day of any vacation for me would be the day we spend in the hotel with no fixed agenda.. View from your room is amazing and I can sit there and do nothing for many weeks. Your breakfast view looks like on top of the world..Sunset pictures are stunning. Greta vacation and thanks for giving us a virtual Greece tour.

  4. I wqs reading tbis with qrowing desire to be at tht place and see it firdt hand….but until then ur pics are breath taking…and tht dessert…oooh!yummy!

  5. Such lovely pictures Smitha specially the sunset ones!!! Amazing!!

    The town looks like it is out of a picture postcard!! Must have been fun relaxing no?? But tell me no shopping? I mean you haven’t mentioned even a word about it.

  6. I am actually kind of sad that your Greece Travelogue has ended 😥 coz you were taking us along on a free trip na?

    I love when the vacations involve relaxing and not rushing around to just increase the “must see things, before you die list” We are more of those people who go to one place and take a few days to explore every nook and cranny 🙄

    Those blue domes are such a pleasing sight to the eyes as it blends so well with the sea.

    ahem!! so they didn’t put up a board saying something special for all those who are married and there is no scope whatsoever for a second proposal? 😐

  7. Beautiful will be an understatement to describe these pictures, Smits! God how I’d love to explore this place! What an experience it must have been for you guys to be in this place! Am really really going to pester R to plan our next holiday there, whenever that is 🙂

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