Hungry Kya?

Believe it or not, I wake up hungry. I can eat as soon as I wake up.

This morning, I woke up at 3:45, thanks to daughter having a racking cough, which acts up only at night. I couldn’t go back to sleep, and before I knew it, I was starving. Try as I might, I could not ignore it and go back to sleep. As soon as I wake up, I need to have my fix – breakfast. No matter what time it is. It is, of course, another story that I get hungry if I stay up late in the night – which I rarely do. But sometimes, when I am up reading an un-put-down-able book, I get hungry.

Going back to breakfast hunger. Husband is the exact opposite, he can’t understand the idea of an early/heavy breakfast. Did I mention, not only do I need breakfast, I also need a decently heavy one. Can’t start the day with hunger in my belly! Husband takes ages to wake up, and he can go on until lunch time without feeling the need for breakfast. If he has had a heavy dinner, he doesn’t even feel hungry at lunch time. He happily goes to work without breakfast – much to my horror. I cannot even imagine – even now, after so many years together.

How I envy him, sometimes! I, on the other hand, no matter how heavy the previous meal has been, will be hungry – dot on time. God forbid, I miss a meal – I will be doomed with the most horrid of headaches, and it certainly is not easy on people who cross me then 🙂 Husband, after 11 years of marriage knows better than deny me food 🙂 I find it tough on flights sometimes, when the times get all mixed up – I try to grab a sandwich or something to keep me going, rather than wait for the meal on the flight, like husband does. Some of my friends skip meals to maintain their diets after a heavy meal – I wish I could do that – I somehow cannot. I end up hungry at mealtimes – no matter what.

Daughter, is like me in this regard – she needs her meals on time, and her breakfast as soon as she is up. Which is quite painful when you want a lie-in. ‘Wake up, Amma, I am hungry’. I can’t really complain, because I am happy that I don’t have a struggle on my hands with breakfast time. She eats her food, without any complaint 🙂 On a side note, both of us are morning people, in that sense. She does her homework, reading, all work related stuff before she goes to school, so after school, we are both free to relax. No pressure to finish work before dinner time – thankfully.

So how are you when it comes to hunger? Do you have to start your day with breakfast, or are you alright to skip meals?



29 thoughts on “Hungry Kya?

  1. Errr…R and I are (thankfully similar in this case) hungry ALL THE TIME..give me food anytime of the day or night..I wont refuse..even if I have had a total banana leaf sadiya right now 🙂

    You have company sister..and me first yayaya!

  2. me too – am an early morning person . But i like to have several small meals spaced thro’out the day. i actually have 2 breakfasts everyday 🙂 first a cup of chai, then couple of slices of bread after an hour, then another breakfast+chai after the kids are off to school 🙂

    • That is even better – several small meals – but I am too lazy for that 😦 I do munch when I read though – especially when daughter is in bed, and I have the rest of the evening to myself 🙂 I worked through 2 oranges the other evening, without even realizing it 🙂

  3. Though I am not alright with skipping meals, I get headache & all but post the l’lle one I hardly get time to have breakfast on time. It happens only after reaching office and I know that’s bad but what to do.

    • I know – it does get hectic with everything. I couldn’t miss breakfast – even when things were very hectic – because I can’t handle the aftermath of no breakfast. So I used to carry breakfast bars to eat on the tube/train to work.

      • I know that breakfast is the most imp meal of the day and I shud have it on time but what to do it doesn’t happen 😦 Sigh!!!

        But as far as other meals are concerned I need to have them on time nahin to I start getting irritated!!!

  4. I wake up hungry too! No matter how tummy full dinner I had I want to eat as soon as I get up and out of the bed 🙂 and don’t tell me about night time snacks 😀 they’re a must haves for me even if I’m not hungry !!!!

    There is something about midnight and snacks I think 🙂 I try to steer clear of snacks but just can’t 😦

    Hope poohi is doing okay @ cold and cough !

    She is better, I am down with a viral now – that is the story of our lives here in winter 😦

    You indeed are lucky to not run around her for eating! I’ve seen parents go crazy feeding their toddlers even at age 7-8!

    Yeah, she eats if she likes the food – if she doesn’t it is another story!

  5. Hmm, Not a mornign person at all. I am a bit like your husband, I avoud breakfast since it tends to kill my lunch appetite. But keeping in mind, have berakfast and be healthier thing. I have been forcing myself on breakfast and not just coffee, something to go with that as well. Having said that, two times when I am super cranky is: When I am hungry, When I feel hot! 🙂

    I can’t survive on no breakfast 😦 I feel so ill, that I have no option but to have breakfast !

    I can stay up as late as needed, but getting up earlier in the morning makes me cranky!

    I can’t lie in even on holidays – how sad is that 😦

    For daughter, she definitely is the morning person and is generally the one waking me up in the mornings 😉

    Same here 🙂

  6. I am peckish all the time. Hungry only for lunch or dinner 🙂
    But I can digest anything for breakfast, spicy, oily, anything except apples or eggs in an empty stomach. And love eating curd rice for breakfast.

  7. I can’t skip any of the 3 meals a day! Breakfast is a must that too before 9! Breakfast is mostly heavy, other meals not that heavy. Night meal is light. But can’t skip even on festival days for fasting! Eat at least cereal with milk!

    Husband also is like me but son is lazy to eat esp. in the morning!

    You don’t need to worry about dieting, just work out more if you eat more…finished!

  8. Skipping a meal is not something I usually do. But then if I have a very heavy lunch, I skip dinner (or stick to soup). Likewise, a very heavy breakfast will make sure I skip lunch and go to tea and evening snacks.

    Eating while hungry is an art. Most people I know stuff food into their gut because the wall clock reads 1pm 😛

  9. my every single waking hour is spend on munching something or the other so much so that the husband keeps wondering if he has really married a reincarnation of the Holy cow 😥
    I am pretty scared of people peeping into my fridge coz at any given time the first three shelf is filled with food I dig as the husband and son doesn’t believe in eating unhealthy stuff! 😳

    Btw I think I wake up with a jump from the bed only because of the thought of what I am gonna feed my rumbling stomach :mrgreen: All the husband needs is a cup of tea and I don’t even drink tea and start with heavier stuffs 😛

  10. Came here from Aparna’s. First time.
    I envy people like you. I actually forget* on some days that i have not eaten breakfast till about noon and suddenly wonder why am I soo hungry! It just strikes suddenly. It is really a boon to be like you – feel hungry at the correct times and have to eat or get headaches. This way you won’t get lazy about finding something good to eat no matter what. Your body forces you to get some food.

  11. ooh!! I am exactly like that!! I am hungry for a good breakfast and it has to be substantial!
    I can’t skip meals either!! I get headaches too!! Gosh!! 😀
    I have to have meals on time! 😀

  12. Idli and sambar… That’s what I have for breakfast everyday in the morning… 😀 And as for skipping meals if while returning from office I eat samosa pav (yes you get amazing samosa pav opposie to the IIT campus which comes on my way to home :P) then I skip my dinner… 😀

  13. Husband likes it to be a light breakfast,though I prefer a decently heavy one.The rest is all ok..But skipping a meal has never been a problem (not when I was pregnant – I hogged badly then)..And now that he is trying to diet, I support him and have lighter food for all meals..Btw,quic handy tips for easy breakfasts are available in NDTV Good Time – Gourmet Central. I love Vicky Ratnani and his cooking.. Try watching and u’ll have a variety food for breakfast- light yet satisfying.And no sweat!!!

  14. I never used to eat breakfast back in India…would just have a coffee/Milo in the morning. However, here in the last few years I have begun to have brekkie but I cannot have anything heavy. It’s just cereal or a piece of toast. Once on a weekend I had a heavy breakfast at a cafe and just felt sick and lethargic the rest of the day. I can skip a meal if I’ve eaten too much before (so if I’ve had a heavy lunch, I can skip dinner)

  15. OMG! D too is like your husband!! I tell him it is just that I have a better metabolism than him and I burn food faster. 🙂 god knows why dont they feel hunger!

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