Remember the cake I mentioned here. Well, I made it! *Jumping around the room in joy*

Now that was the easy part. Keeping myself from sampling it – that is far more difficult. We are having friends over for dinner, and I have to somehow restrain myself from cutting into it 🙂 I did lick clean the ‘Tres Leche’ mixture. Yum!!!  I am feeling too lazy to take a picture right now. I will update the post if I do take pics.

While I was preparing ahead for tomorrow’s dinner, I realized how much my style of hosting dinners have changed. A few years ago, pre-Poohi and while working, to be precise, planning dinner was so different. We never had the time to do even the basic grocery shopping in advance. All shopping would be done on Saturday morning, lugged home, and the actually cooking would start only by 3 or 4 in the evening. Some how, cooking, cleaning, sorting out everything would be done and completed by the time our guests arrived. Most of them were in similar phases of life, and would be perfectly at ease with our offerings. I would not even think of making desserts – that was one luxury I never had. Store bought desserts were the only option.

These days on the other hand, I plan in advance(does not mean that I do not remember things last minute). Today for instance I ran out out oil – I barely have enough to make do for tomorrow. But still, a fair amount of things do get planned and sorted in advance. Not just the food, the decor, flowers, candles etc etc etc all get a looking into…

As I do all this, I can only shake my head and wonder – how much have I changed, Five years ago, I would have dismissed it as impossible, if someone told me that I would be like this. Much less be writing a post about it 🙂 Who had time to blog in those days!

Some things however, are still the same. I still hunt for recipes on the internet, I still go a l still love having people over, and I still agonize over my food – I am always worried that something is not quite right with my cooking 🙂 , I still try to read something in the middle of all the mayhem 🙂

Some things, as they never change!

PS: Post written was written yesterday – I just never got around to posting it!

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  1. I always gets tensed if guest are coming home even after 9 years of cooking independently….So i always keep the menu simple and never experiment,i cook only what i cook every often or else it will be a disaster….

    • Sari, I must be mad, but I even experiment – I try new dishes and then get disappointed and tensed when they don’t turn out right 😦 Crazy me 😦

      • Same pinch Smitha. I am crazy too 🙄

        🙂 I’m glad I am not alone 🙂

        Well, I almost always experiment while entertaining guests. After all, I need some fodder for my food blog and some guinea pigs to test the dishes on. But I pick recipes from a few trusted sources whose recipes hardly fail me.

        It does not matter where I pick up the recipe from – I have it in me to spoil the most tested recipe 🙂

        About changing with time… same pinch again. Apart from the menu, lot of other things get worked upon and this is the best part about having guests over. The house gets an elegant look which is a rare sight when we are on our own.

        So very true! I actually revel in a tidy, beautiful house when someone comes over 🙂

  2. Reading your post I was wondering how would I be five years down the line but then I thought thinking about future doesn’t suits me…. 😀 😀
    Pics of the cake plz….. 🙂

  3. you made that !!!! 🙂 🙂 I guess making it looked an even more interesting thought than eating it… but then… ! well… nvm…

    It was delicious! And I licked the mixture clean- delicious, I tell you 🙂

    you post pics of that !!!! 😀 whatever happened to your sadist streak 1?

    I did not take any pics 😦 I was too busy. Somehow, our camera was upstairs and all of us were too lazy to run up to get it 🙂

  4. I can so relate to part of this post. I love having people over for lunch or dinner, and cooking at home, but with my work schedule, I am not able to dedicate as much care and time to it as I would like to. I wish I can do more in future. Who knows, I might be doing a similar post in 5 years’ time from now!

    The cake looks yummy!! Drooling all over my keyboard now! Can I have some please?

  5. I wish I could bake one too :-)..And pls post a pic..Wud love to c…

    Yes we change..and unless change is a gradual progression from the experiences that are gaied from the little lesons of life *and not forced on us( it s ok to chng no?? daughter s on my lap..typin with 1 hand…sorry for the lingo..

    and i still end up searching for recipes from internet b4 guests come..same pinch

  6. You are really lucky to have all that time. I too love cooking by picking up dishes from internet but haven’t done that for a while. Nothing is more satisfying than a well laid out table. 🙂

  7. ok.. dont shoot me.. but I dont like Tres Leche cake very much! maybe I haven’t had the perfect one yet.. but… I just can’t seem to like it very much!! 😐

    but, about food – I am always agonizing over what I’ve cooked esp when we have guests over!
    I’m so bad when it comes to bulk cooking – I never get the measurements right and we always have a lot of leftovers!!
    and I am scared to try out new recipes on guests… sigh!! Even though I look for recipes, ask friends and family for new recipes.. I am not completely confident.. still! Even after all these yrs of cooking!! sigh!!

  8. I always have one packet of all the essential items in stock. And when I open the one in stock, I immediately write it down on my grocery list notepad. 🙂 And I replenish the stock asap.

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