Holiday Tales 1

This trip of ours was a complete mixed bag, so to speak. Not every thing went as per plan,  but that did not stop us from having a whale of a time!

– First the weather, yes, it got cold. How could it not? And this time, I was over optimistic. I carried a couple of shawls for myself, no coats. I just about survived. The weather was extremely erratic, to say the least. The first day in Athens, I felt that we would get roasted alive. It was scorching! The next day cold and windy. Santorini was gorgeous and warm, most of the time. The rest of the time it was cold and windy. That just meant that we had to be prepared – All THE TIME.

-Greek People. They must be one of the most friendly and helpful people in the world. I could write a full post on how lovely they were.

– The experience. We did everything we wanted to. Did all the touristy things. Saw the Acropolis in Athens, went on the Red Bus Tour( we had never done the city sightseeing tours, we normally explore places in our own way). This time daughter wanted to get the bus with no roof. So we indulged her. It is another story that we always got on the bus when she was tired after hours of walking and they ended up being a sleeping tour for her 🙂

– Ended up living in a ghost town. More on this coming up in a separate post.

– Stayed at an old windmill and a traditional cave house.

– Food. Ate, ate, and ate like there is no tomorrow. Especially a tomorrow when clothes refuse to fit. The Greeks serve cakes at breakfast, and I made the most of it. And their bread – delicious! Stuffed vine leaves – I drool at the thought of them. I should stop talking about food now.

Those of you who wanted Greek gods, let me tell you, there are museums full of them 🙂  Daughter on the other hand is obsessed with Athena. Not a bad thing, I guess, if she is fascinated by strong women, as a lady observing her said. Also, she shows great potential as a future tour guide 🙂

Belated Diwali wishes to you and your families. I can see that most if you have been super-active while we were away. So many new posts !

24 thoughts on “Holiday Tales 1

    • Welcome bk! Waiting for the ghost post 🙂

      Have to draft it up – loads to do after we got back, so I am running behind schedule 🙂
      Awww lovely! You should write a post on those people too 🙂

      Will do!

      Poohi is gonna be one charming guide! She hs her first client already 😀

      You might live to regret it 🙂

    • We were lucky too – we arrived a few days after they were over. We could see a lot of smashed windows and smashed ATMs which were damaged during the strike.

      Welcome here, Andrew.

  1. Cakes for breakfast.. that’s my kind of place. The windmill and the cave house sound like fun. Do post pics.

    My sort of place too 🙂 I can’t resist 🙂 Will post pics of the holiday, when I have sorted them out – too many clicks!

    Happy Diwali to you too.

  2. OMG I love their bread stuffed with all sorts of things too *drool* I think I will never crib if I have to live my life only on Greek food 😛

    Whoa ghost town? am eagerly waiting for that account.

    Ahem museum full of Greek Gods? 🙄 I am more interested in the Walking, Talking Greek Gods :mrgreen: Hope you have clicked loads of pics of them 🙂

    Lolz at Poohi being a guide! Was she chattering non stop about the things she got to learn?

  3. Hmmm u r right the weather has not been good.

    Hmmm maybe bext time poohie will be awake on the bus tour….
    And placed you said wow that seems exciting… What about the sea….

  4. Your daughter shows a lot of promise, no matter what! I’ll always keep saying that 🙂
    Waiting to hear more of your stories…. the ghost town sounds intriguing!

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