Gyan from a five-yr-old

Poohi: ‘Why are pink, red, purple called ‘girlish colours’. What if some boys want to wear pink? That is not fair,Amma!’

Me:(Open-mouthed, and delighted)! I can direct her to IHM’s page as soon as she is old enough to see how men can carry off pink beautifully 🙂


I cuddle her sometimes and call her ‘my baby’. One day, she extricates herself from my arms and says,’ You can call me a baby at home but NEVER in school’.

I pretended to be crestfallen,so she concedes, ‘OK, you can call me a ‘baby’ at school, very softly, but only when nobody is around’.


Poohi:’ We think God is everywhere, but some people think that God only lives in the sky’.

Before I could say anything, she goes one to say, ‘But that is ok, because everybody thinks differently, and that is ok, because everybody is different’.

Am I glad or what 🙂

17 thoughts on “Gyan from a five-yr-old

  1. Yes poohi is right.. Unfair.. I wear pink I got 2- 3 shirts pink in color… And it looks pretty good on me..

    🙂 Yes, she must have had you in mind when she said that 🙂

    Yes mother dont embarass the little lady now now… Call hwr by name.. Sheis growing up now 🙂

    Oh yes 🙂 Now that I have the official warning, I had better call her by name 🙂

    Wow she is a gem tons of love and hugs to her.. God blesssssss..

    I got to catch up with her sometime and get all this gyaaaan….

    You should come by the next time you are in Leeds 🙂

  2. One of those days when you thank your lucky stars when your kid is turning out right 🙂

    Touchwood 🙂 I hope she continues to think like this.

    Hugssss to little Poohi !!!

    LOL @ first instance. IHM is becoming synonymous with all pro-women thoughts!! 😀 😀 I just mentioned her in my FB update :mrgreen:

    Did you- I am so bad at FB 😦 Will log in to check 🙂

    Aww! Look at that lil smart cookie negotiating with her mommy. She’s all growing up…:) too fast though 😦 Hai na?

    Too too fast, Ash 😦 Too too fast 😦

    Everybody is different?? Wow!! How does she think of all such things at such a young age?? U got a brilliant tiny tot over there.

    They get that from school. They had a poster saying that ‘Everybody is different, it is good to be different’. So that is kind of ingrained in her. I am glad that she understands that people can have different thinking as well, you know., not just the difference in looks.

    I’ll be lucky if my daughter turns out half as smart 🙂

    She will! she sure will – just you wait! Both of you will make sure that you daughter is very very smart:)

    You can pat yourself on the back for being an awesome mommy! 🙂

    Or thank my stars that daughter is sensible 🙂

  3. credit goes to you dear parents to have brought up your child so beautifully that she is turning into an independent and logical thinker 🙂

    muuuwahs to poohi dearest 🙂

  4. Hugs to poohi,the big girl…. I know how these kids hates to be called baby,here too they dont like me to call them baby…..

    As said by other all credit goes to you and your husband for her independent thinking.

  5. What? Is she only 5? Really! 😉
    Amazing our poohikutty is 🙂 Loads of hugs to her Smithu, And pls tell her I want to meet her soon 🙂

    p.S: This is the only post am commenting on – been abt a week since I hv nt blog-hopped enuf or left a comment if I did 😛

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