This is the way we bake a cake, bake a cake, bake a cake …

..on a cold and frosty Tuesday afternoon…

The best part of blogging is blog-hopping and coming across some wonderful blogs. Yesterday, reading R’s Mom’s post mentioning cakes, had me drooling, and longing to bake.

I haven’t been baking as much as I used to, so just needed a push. R’s Mom mentioned Seema, and I hopped over to hers, only to end up spending half a day drooling over her delicious recipes. Some of her Bengali recipes reminded me of my childhood spent in the houses of my Bengali friends.

After a lot of drooling, and sighing, I came across this zebra cake. I have always loved marble and zebra cakes. I remember eating marble cakes a long, long time ago, and wondering how they manage to assemble the cake with the two colours! One of the first cakes I tried out successfully was a marble cake. Since then I have tried a variety of recipes for marble/zebra cakes. One of my personal favourites was one made with oil instead of butter, but I managed to misplace the recipe. Rather, I don’t remember which website I had consulted to make the cake. So when I came across Seema’s zebra cake with oil, I just had to try it.

Given that I had spent the best part of the day, drooling at recipes, so I had just about enough time to whip up the batter, and get it to the oven, assuming everything went as per schedule. Just as I was measuring out the oil, it dawned on me that I was out of sunflower oil. Oil is one of the sparingly used commodities at my place, so I had forgotten to buy a new bottle. Thankfully I had some olive oil, and added that along with the sunflower oil, sending up a prayer that it would turn out fine, despite my experimentation. Finally the cake batter was in the oven, I had more than an hour on my hands before I had to pick up daughter from school. So I got busy sorting out the rest of the house – which, as usual was a complete mess. At the end of the 40 mins in the oven, as per the recipe, my cake was still wobbly and certainly not cooked. I kept checking every 10 minutes, until the time that I absolutely had to leave to pick up daughter. One part of the cake was done, the other one was not! My oven had really let me down. There was nothing I could possibly do apart from switching off the oven, and leaving the cake in there – and hope, against hope.

It was an hour and a half by the time we got back(daughter had an after-school activity). I opened the oven, full of trepidation. The house was smelling wonderful, but that is hardly any indication of the state of the cake! The cake was cooked! Now I just had to wait until the cake cooled completely to cut it and check it properly.

See how the cake looks all lopsided 😦 All thanks to the uneven heating of the oven. 

Much to my surprise, it tasted and looked quite good inside! Certainly not the prettiest cake or anything, but the stripes were not too bad. Every zebra has unique stripes, they say, mine certainly were unique:) Check these out! Not too bad, don’t you think, after everything that went wrong?

31 thoughts on “This is the way we bake a cake, bake a cake, bake a cake …

  1. WOW! babes you can start a cook blog like Seema…ahem ahem next time you come to Mumbai, get this with you as a compensation 😉 Muah…awesome awesome…*Preens a bit since ‘I’ inspired you*

  2. Yay to you for trying. The stripes have come out nice! Uneven baking has happened with me many times when I did not mix the baking powder well with APF. (That’s my guess!)

    I have a sifter – so that takes care of mixing the dry ingredients properly. My oven has been a problem for a while. It isa gas oven, and the side of the cake closer to flame, gets cooked faster 😦

    However, all is well that ends well. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for hopping over to my blog.
    Indeed, all is well that ends well 🙂 Will try out other cakes from your blog -you have so many interesting recipes!

  3. Your cake pictures left me drooling and all hungry now 🙂
    Have to find someone to make it/get it for me. Just because, forget about the cake, I have no time/energy these days to cook even the regular foods 🙂

    • Just hopped over to your blog and realized that you have welcomed a little one home 🙂 Congratulations! This si no time for you to bake or cook 🙂 I would havemade some and sent it over, if you lived anywhere close to me 😦

    • That would be perfect 🙂 As far as you get Chirpy along with you – she will be the guest of honour 🙂 And whatever her highness wants, we shall bake 🙂

      • sheesh…people change so quickly…all your love potions are for Chirpy these days….:( what about Chirpy’s mamma? but any way I get to play with poohi in bargain so hisab barabar 🙂

  4. oh the cake looks delicious! I really miss baking here in Delhi. 😦
    If i were to chose between a zebra cake and a marbled cake, I’d chose the latter. the zebra cake looks great, but because the layers are so thin, the flavours dont come out as prominently as they do in a marbled cake.

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