Call it irrational fears or paranoia..

.. but I have my share(or may be even more than my share) of them…

– Every time I go to check my car’s tyre pressure, I have this fear that I will lose the little caps – whatever are they called. To add to my worries, the air and water dispenser is also near a self- car wash. So there are these vents on the ground for water to flow down. I always worry that one day, I would drop my car keys down that. Yes, I worry about this, every single time that I go there. Go on, call me crazy.

– I always jump to all the horrible case scenarios when daughter’s school calls, while she is still at school. Thankfully so far it has been for not-very-scary things. Last week, they called me two times to pick up daughter, because she threw up at lunch time. She has been perfectly fine after that. She has eaten the very same foods tons of times, before and since. So right now, I think she just threw up because she had been talking while eating.

– I feel extremely uncomfortable when I am without my phone. I go crazy, wondering if I should have husband’s numbers written down in my handbag – just in case you know. How, how did I survive in those days before mobile phones came into existence?

– The sight of police cars on the roads psyche me out. Emergency vehicles too. Just the sound of emergency vehicles are enough to scare me! I just hope and hope that they are nowhere near me. One night, I was returning from somewhere, and the road was almost completely blocked by police vehicles. It was then that I realized that most of us on the road were equally scared. We all slowed down, almost to a crawl, and as soon as the police vehicles were out of sight, started zooming again.

One of the things, I am not scared of is living by myself. For some reason,I love having the house to myself. That does not happen much these days. But I love it after daughter is in bed – total quiet, ‘me time’, when I can curl up with a book, or do things like ironing or ‘organizing’ my junk jewellery in my new jewellery ‘organizer’. I spent 2 hours one night on it 🙂

Husband adds that I have this irrational fear of people dropping in and finding out how messy it actually is 🙂

PS: I am yet to respond to comments on previous posts- last week was a whirlwind of activity – of the non-blogging kind 🙂

22 thoughts on “Call it irrational fears or paranoia..

    • It is no great thing – just that it works realyl well for me 🙂 As for the contents, it is just some junk jewellery which refused to stay organised in regular jewellery boxes.

  1. Loosing those caps.. Well dont worry it shud notmatter that much even if u do… 🙂

    I know – but I still worry 🙂

    Jumping to conclusion I guess its normal when it comes to love ones I am the same whem fone rings early morning the firat thought is something happened in india…

    True – same here! I do that too! Phone calls like these, are so scary!

    Oh right next timewill let coppers knpw they see you they make sure the sirens go off all bluesss ….

    Thanks 🙂 That is all I need 🙂

  2. hugs!

    I used to be like that about my phone… but, I came here and I don’t have a phone and I’m roaming around NYC without a phone – I feel like I have achieved something great!! 😀

  3. 🙂 🙂

    Me too have such fears,… but without phone I think I will do fine 🙂

    Lucky you 🙂
    then the fears… have to think.. surely have few 🙂

    I guess all of us have our share 🙂

  4. Phone is the one thing which is always with me.I always used to think that i didn’t lock my kinetic and i used to go back and check if i have locked it properly or not.

    How could I miss that! I do this too! I check my car a million times – and sometimes still manage to leave it unlocked 😦

    I always check twice/thrice if i have locked the main door of the house properly or not.And sometimes i send daughter to check if the door is locked properly or not…..

    Same here! I do the exact same thing 🙂

  5. oh it happens with me too…like the first and second brain always gathers negative thoughts first before I calm down and see that nothing’s really happening of the sorts that I was thinking 😀

    It seems to happen to most of us 🙂
    some psychological error that,eh? 😉 but you’re aren’t alone so isn’t that a good news ? 🙂

    Oh yes 🙂 That is sure good news 🙂

  6. The police and the ambulance freak me out a li’l bit. But not much really.

    They freak me out – only when I am driving – I am cool otherwise 🙂

    Even I enjoy the ‘me-time’ and being alone at home. 🙂 Love that space..

    Same pinch 🙂

  7. Smi, that school one is me too. Whenever Peanut’s school calls, I panic and I’m almost ready to leave to pick her up only to learn that they just called me to invite for a school event.

    Welcome back, Sols! It’s been a while since you have been seen here 🙂 I know! It happens all the time to me!

    I have this thing that I’ll get infected at the manicurist. So now I’ve my own manicure set at home. At least now I’m not paranoid about unclean tweezers, cuticle nipper etc. I’m also paranoid about dental equipments and ask them repeatedly if it’s sterilized. My Dentist might throw me out one day. 🙄

    I have my own manicure set at home – I take it along for a manicure at the salons 🙂 I leave my dentist alone – thank god for small mercies 🙂

    I’m also almost at the verge of channeling Melvin Udall. Carrying my own silverware or disposable plastic utensils to the restaurants. This germophobia will slowly kill me. 😆

    LOL! One of my friends has an allergic child. So she carries wipes, and starts cleaning the tables as soon as she reaches a restaurant 🙂 She says people must think her crazy 🙂

  8. I can so very empathize with all the fears you mentioned. despite knowing that all is/will be well, we still worry and fret! The no phone fear is so very true for me and same goes for calls from school or even some calls at unexpected hours! 😐

    Guess most of us have the same/similar fears.

  9. Check, check, check, check..except the jewellery part…I dont really own too much jewellery..I dont wear them too often…and the me time…I think thats a check for me too 🙂 I spend it reading I guess 🙂

    • I did not have jewellery until a few years back – now, I love them 🙂 The lttle pieces of junk, no value at all 🙂 but I still love them 🙂

  10. I jump as well the minute i see daughter’s school number on my phone! Its come to the point, if ever her school teacher calls, she says first thing: ‘Dont worry, V is fine, now….’ 😉

    I felt myself nodding along through the post! Yes, i love my me time after V sleeps in and before hubby comes home, or even if he is home, i can go in our bedroom and just relax!

  11. I share your some of your paronia…The phone calls at odd hours scare my heart into a sprint as do phone calls from kids schools. So too the Police cars, though the police here arent the harassment squad like in India. I am not scared of living alone either.

    Theres one paronia that I cant seem to work around…Whenever I leave the house for some reason, I end up coming back after locking the doors to check if I turned the Stove Off. So far, not once has it actually been ON but I still feel the need to check.

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