Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Weather…

I have been itching to do a ‘Thursday Challenge’. And today’s topic – “GOLDEN” (Fields, Sun, Flowers, Hair, Gold,…) seemed perfect!

You see, we have been having the most gorgeous weather possible! Warm days, gorgeously sunny, happy days! Can’t believe our luck, to be honest. It is quite likely that I will be cursing the weather next week, but for now, we are soaking it in. People are out in summer wear, children in shorts,clotheslines sagging under the weight of clothes and barbeques out – to celebrate the unexpected sunny spell. I had never thought I would enjoy the sight of clothes drying on the clothesline so much. For me, it is a bonus to compensate for the summer that I missed this year!

To add to all the happiness that sunny weather brings, another sunflower bloomed in my garden! Remember how happy I was with the first one? Well, I can’t contain my excitement now, because I can see loads of buds sprouting out too! Icing on cake, don’t you think?

See those little buds waiting to bloom?

The first one – soaring high, turning her face towards the sun!

The other sunny flowers in my house – store bought ones, not the fruits of my labour, unfortunately.

All it needs is a summer cake to be baked. Orange cake sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

26 thoughts on “Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Weather…

  1. Beautiful! Your garden must be looking gorgeous! I read in the paper today that UK was enjoying some lovely sunny weather which was expected to run uptil the end of October. You must a happy woman today,nahi? So are you baking orange cake too to celebrate? 😀

    Oh yes, we are having some lovely weather! I wanted to bake a cake, but it does not look like it is happening today 😦

  2. WOW I am impressed .. the sunflower is beautifullllllllll…

    And we have around 8 buds coming up! Daughter counted them today 🙂 We are so excited!

    and the Lillies OH my now you ma me jealous I got to put some of mine .. and the weather its been wonderful this whole week … and I hope it lasts till the weekend …

    The lillies are store-bought! I did not plant any this year – lazy, lazy me! Do post some of yours! Am sure they must be gorgeous!
    its 26degrees can you beleive it 🙂
    Unbelievable, isn’t it? Daughter and I went to a friend’s place where they played outside the whole evening, while we soaked in the warm, warm day!

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