Autumn walks and summer flowers…

You guys know, how much I like to walk. And living here, sometimes it feels even more wonderful to be able to escape to woodlands within minutes of one’s house. Last weekend, however, it was the parking of a nearby pub, that drew our attention.

Apple trees laden with apples.

And they fall all over the place! I don’t know why but fruit laden trees make me jump with joy. Be it mango trees dotted with mangoes, or cherry trees full of cherries or apple trees groaning under the weight of apples. How I long for a house where I get to plant my trees and get to literally ‘eat the fruit’ of my labour 🙂

For now, I am just going to have to be satisfied by the sight of the first sunflower that I managed to grow 🙂 Sunflowers seemed to elude me. Last year the birds ate up my sprouting sunflower seeds. Early this year, snails and slugs ate up my tiny plants. Finally, I planted some indoors and transplanted them when they seemed strong enough to withstand birds and slugs. All through summer, I waited and waited, pestering husband when I was in India to check on my precious sunflowers. Not a bud in sight. The plants grew nice and tall, though, taller than my garden shed. Finally, finally, now, we have one solitary sunflower!

18 thoughts on “Autumn walks and summer flowers…

    • Hmm well in 2 years time you can come to my house for the apples -pears and Plums 🙂 I have planted all three this year and hopefully in 2 years time they should be Ready to be laden with the fruits ..
      ahmm ahmm that does not mean I am saying dont come till 2 years 🙂

      Oh wow! You are some gardener! I am so impressed!

      and the sun flower look lovely, this year even though its been good weather and been sunny Only 4-5 sunflowers grew out of the dozens i planted, dont know why and now with the weather changing plants are not doing well.. its become colder which is a surprise it is not supposed to ..

      Same here, only 2 of my plants survived. One is showing no signs of flowers, while there is another flower, in the process of blooming 🙂 Am happy with that! Yes, the weather has been quite funny, hasn’t it? It is surprisingly warm right now. Gorgeous summer weather at the moment!

  1. The apple tree pics are so so so beautiful!!!

    Lovely clicks I must say 🙂

    I haven’t managed to click them properly. It was raining the day I clicked these. Have to go back now- it is perfect weather for a lovely click!

  2. Thats a beautiful sunflower, Smits! And those apples look lovely! Oh I love to admire fruit-laden trees too. I remember quite vividly climbing up a lyche-tree, along with my brother to pluck the fruit while on a trip to Dehradun years back. We had given much panic to Amma who kept shouting at us to climb down as we were very close to the military academy and being caught by the officers was the last thing that she had wanted to experience 😀 It was real fun!

  3. I so know what you mean by ‘eating fruits of your efforts’.. having said that I’m lucky to have gotten a chance to eat the fruits but not of my efforts 😉 in our house we have mango,guava,custard apple and banana to pluck from the tree and eat 🙂 and what else,these are all my fav fruits 🙂 I wish we had papaya too 😉 yeh dil mange more!

    love pictures taken!

    • and hats off and applause for you for that shiny sunflower smithu 🙂 you’re a good gardener and you love your plants 🙂 I’ve to learn it from you…I like having a garden at home but don’t really get down to it all 😛

  4. Woww thatz so pretty Smithu! Hw I wish I cud come and see ur garden and walk in those lanes! I luvv walking too! It almost works like a therapy for me anytime and everytime 😀

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