Life lessons…

… for me to remember..

– Watching TV makes skinning peanuts much easier. Balancing a book and skinning roasted peanuts – not easy at all!

– Getting huge parking tickets makes you immune to little parking fines. I got fined £35 today, and after having paid £200, this felt like small change 🙂 Husband might not totally agree, though.

– A good gossiping session with a girlfriend is the most therapeutic thing – ever! Even better when you have delicious Cornish clotted cream ice-cream! Yum!

– There is always a first for everything. I managed to ruin a cake today by opening the oven door – which I know is not done 😦 And good friends will still eat it with all the enthusiasm possible.

– The happiness that one gets when chocolate covered, white carpets get cleaned – priceless 🙂

– The realization of how much I love things like baking and ironing. The deep sense of satisfaction that I get when I painstakingly ironed a sari and baked a cake is difficult to match. Yes, I know, I am sad – very sad 🙂

– Google has all the answers 🙂 I just need to type my question to realize that I am never alone in this wide,wide world! Loads of people, I have never met, have the same questions. Sure makes you feel part of a huge community, doesn’t it?

And finally, dressing up is one great way of having fun, and not just for five year olds!

20 thoughts on “Life lessons…

  1. Oooops on the ticket ..but why wrong parking douvke yellows haan 🙂 you see I am good I dont give tickets to ladies who makes cakes… He he he…

    Arre, I did not realize that it was a permit parking area – had been inside my friend’s house for just a few mins – but managed to get a ticket in that time 😦 As for ladies who make cakes – maybe I should post it on my car -‘ I bake ‘ 🙂

    You mke and call me I will always eattttt yeh I am greedy tjat way…..

    Sure! I told you -come any time – will bake for you 🙂

    You having funnnnnnnnn 🙂

    Oh yes!

    • Hmmm Well you know the ticketing and all has been outsourced, and these people are really bad , they will actually sit on a corner and wait for someone to park.. While they are parking they will be filling in the Ticket.. You jsut got to get out of ur car and lock the door and the Crime is done and these LEECHES will be quick ot stick the ticket on the windscreen …

      I think If I am not wrong they get commission or something for the number of tickets they give.. which is sad

      and I like the idea of a post I BAKE 🙂 on the car he he he he

  2. Smithu!!!! 😀

    Crafty!!!!!! Look who’s back!!!!! Welcome back, Crafty! Do tell me that you are back and not on a flying visit!

    If there’s ice cream, I will sit through gossip!! 😀 What’s that flavour? I’ve never heard of it out here… sounds yummy!

    That flavour is one of the few flavours that I like here 🙂 It is full of cream – malai! And oh so sinfully yum!

    Opening the oven door ruins cakes? *So, that’s what happened all those times*
    I had no clue…. though I stopped checking it that way on my own, when I was accustomed to the time it will take… but I’m guilty!

    I knew about this, and yet opened it – what does that make me? Mad, I suppose 🙂

    Baking is therapy, and if that is sad… let’s be sad together!!!!!!!! 😀

    Hugs, Crafty!
    My special tight hugs, Smithu! And my more special on-screen ummas to Poohi kutty!

    Tight Hugs back from both of us! And special on screen ummas back from Poohi for her Crafty Aunty!

  3. Sad? Who said so! I feel that bliss when I even cut veggies too 😀 And so many such things 🙂

    I am so glad I have company 🙂 W must be bunch of crazy people 🙂

    I so agree on that talk with girl friends 🙂 And really! Google does make us feel united world over :Dr

    Absolutely! I have to call you! It’s been ages since we had our hour long chats! I get time only after Poohi goes to bed these days, and that is way too late to call India 😦

    Nice post!:)

    Thanks darling!

  4. Oh boy am I glad someone else also finds Ironing as one of the most enjoyable household chores 🙂 I love it!!

    You too??? I love love love ironing 🙂 I can iron for hours and be happy 🙂

    God bless the carpet cleaners. We got it done last week and you won’t believe the amount of Lego pieces it ate up 😆
    Carpet cleaners? what carpet cleaner- I am the carpet cleaner here 😦 I do have to get hold of a carpet cleaner for some parts of my house – they are beyond the amateur me:( Here I find colour pencils, crayons, pieces of paper, jewels – some that she believes are rubies when I vaccuum!

    • No no no!! I am the one who usually does the vacuum 🙄 We had to hire a carpet cleaner coz it’s been more than a year we moved to this home and I wanted the carpets to be steam cleaned 😛 Yup, I have all kinds of OcD 😥

      I can be in a blissful state when I am ironing and I look so forward for my laundry day so that I can attack the clothes and start ironing the. err there was a time when I used to iron even the undergarments but the husband teased me so much that I had to stop it 😦

  5. #gossiping session with a girlfriend (or friends)- therapeutic beyond belief
    Welcome back, Mandira! Gossiping sessions are wonderful, aren’t they? 🙂
    # i think baking is nice. Ironing, not so much.

    # Of course Google has all the answers! I call it god for a reason! Hehehe. Not only will you find people with the same questions, you will find people with the answers! Always. I dont know how the generation before us managed without Google. Or cell phones for that matter.

    Neither can I ! I can’t survive a day without Google 🙂

  6. I prefer calling googling as my ‘Information research and analysis skill’ 😀

    Have to remember this when I update my CV next 🙂 Such an all-important skill no?
    Spamming and making fun of others is something which gives me a sense of satisfaction!
    My comment is incomplete without this :mrgreen: icon 😀

    🙂 That I can see 🙂

  7. Next time I plan a visit to Edingurgh, I am going to pretty much bully you into making these cakes. I suck at baking them and love to eat them! 🙂

    Smitha, Ironing seriously?? I am blocking your blog from husbads for sure…. he has been ironing my shirts for the past six years now! 😀 I suck at this as well.

    oh well.. 😀

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