Single mothers, daughters and pictures that never get taken…

I am back to being a single mother(over the week).

Three years back, it was the norm. Husband would go off on Mondays and return on Fridays. And daughter and I would spend time together, do fun things, enjoy ourselves, and wait for Fridays. Before daughter was born, my work took care of me – I would spend extra time at work, and enjoyed that too. The last three years was different. All of us were in the same location, and it was idyllic.

Some of husbands colleagues had already started commuting to a different location, and we were hoping that we were spared – clearly we were hoping for too much.

But it is not too bad  – so far. Daughter and I have a hectic schedule and we hope to keep our weekends for some quality.

Duaghter has developed a great love for reading, and I never thought I would say this – but that is driving me nuts. She can spend hours reading, and it gets particularly annoying when we are running late to school/after school activities, and all she wants is to read that story which she must have read a million times.

And even worse, when she tried to click on ‘Click Here’ when I was doing something on the laptop – because it ‘says so’!

Or while on the road,  ‘Take a left, Amma, that’s the way to the airport.’

And now I can’t fool her by skipping lines in a book – I used to try that with new books, which I hadn’t already read to her. Now she goes – ‘Amma, you missed that line!’.

I could live with all this  – if only, she would get ready on time, and not read when we are on our way out somewhere. My mum, if she were to read this, would call it ‘reaping what one sowed’ 🙂 Apparently I used to be just like this 😦

How I miss those days when she couldn’t read!

On a totally unrelated note, I so wish cars came with cameras fitted in the front(and the sides), like those in flights. Everytime I see a beautiful roundabout, full of gorgeous flowers, while driving, I can’t help wish I could just click a button and capture it. Some days, even this cold and dreary place looks gorgeous.


29 thoughts on “Single mothers, daughters and pictures that never get taken…

  1. ha ha ! cant help but notice the similarities… I a cricket fanatic also get worked up with hriday’s constant cricket questions and his bowling whole day in hte hall… !!!

    We have a lot of kids who come to our house to my mom for tutions, none is allowed to go home without them playing 30 mins with hriday, he will just wait for them to come out of the house and immediately begin… in the 3 months of rain when he cant play outside he has had the couch moved and will constantly bowl on the wall and catch the ball and we are to identify whom does his bowling action resemble… and actually he cant imitate anyone but he wil constantly do that… and then he will sit on and browse stats

    he asks some really weird questions… who has the least number of runs… whose average is lowest… who has least wickets and I am like son its the higest, most that I can know how can i know who has most number of pair’s in cricket !!!!! 😐

    So I can say I totally relate to this post !!!!

    Sigh this post got this out of me… I havent written such posts for a while… !!!!

    Even though I had decided to not talk to you for you not calling me whilst you were here… here I go :-/

  2. Wow! A huge big hug to her from a person whose mom once decided to hide her books because she wasnt coming for dinner…muah baby..go go go..and ensure Ma reads EVERY line

  3. Smitha u have just described my plight…not the weekend husband bit, the ‘reading, reading, can always be found reading’ bit, like u said its driving me nuts. And to top it off between the two they take so many books out of the shelf, everyday I find atleast 10-15 books all around the house and its become my job to keep them back on the shelf. I dont knw wht I’m going to do but I’ve decided tht this cannot go on much longer :S

    And the camera idea is a superb one; I never thot of it myself but after reading ur idea I’ve realised tht its just THE SOLUTION. Quick get a patent on it & start working on it 😀

    • Been meaning to tell u this……My kids watch these videos on the laptop……its called Peep and the big wide world. Add .com and u’ll get it[ofcourse u may have already hrd of it]. They r really cute and educational i thk ur daughter will like them. My kids have outgrown it but they still keep going back 😀

  4. I loved the title of the post though I took it in totally different context. I thought you were writing about single mothers who sometime are unable to capture moments with their kids 😀 hehehehe…silly me!!!

    🙂 I did not think of that when I wrote the title 🙂

    And am sure ur mom wud certainly say what u sowed thing!!! U know when I was carryign my hubby had predicted that ur baby will give u back what u gave to ur mom, pain that is and unfortunately his words are turning into truth 😀

    I know – it is payback time, I guess 🙂

    But all said and done reading is a verry good habit 🙂 let her treasure these moments 🙂

    I know – and I am really grateful 🙂 when she is not driving me crazy, that is.
    And happy singlehood days 🙂 what I wud give to have those days!! Sigh!

  5. well i like the line you reap what you sow… So how is it going then
    n he he he

    😦 You are laughing at my plight 😦

    but good the little one is growing up and keeping you busy 🙂 imagine what will you do otherwise..

    We did it before as well 🙂 I manage to make my self busy 🙂 If nothing, the library is always there 🙂

  6. Poohi is just like u no,i remember u said once ur mom used to hide your books so that you read for ur exams.Wait u too will do that when she has exams…..

    Kids remember the routes so well no…. Pinky also tells me amma there is a different route to go to school …..

    My kids before they used to read,after summer vacation i don’t know both reduced and now they do some or the other drawings.The topic in those drawings is me…..

  7. Awww I luv Poohikutty for that 🙂 Hw sweet 😛 I am sure she can read this comment too now 😉 So hugs baby and muahs! Take care that Amma writes only gud things abt u here okay 😉

    Hw I wish u cud take those pics too Smithu 🙂

  8. That is so cute! You know you are actually lucky to have a child that reads, my dear! Here except for the eldest the younger offspring refuse to because they will get glasses like mum! I was a readaholic myself, and wish all my kids were too! But I do see it must be hard when you want to get ready and at similar times! That must be tough! But, bless her! Sweet kid!

  9. 😆 at Poohi clicking stuffs on the laptop 😛 Be a responsible parent and open wonly good sites ok? 😉

    Yes 🙂 she is forcing me to be all responsible 🙂 My irresponsible surfing days are over 🙂

    Ohh I face the same problem while driving too. The boy reads every single sign board, even the ones those say moose, deers, squirrels, monkeys etc crossing!!! and expects me to to stop and wait for some furry creature to come along and cross the road! 🙄

    You have all these where you live??? Lucky lucky you!!! I want to come there and live!

    I would give anything in the world to get a daughter like Poohi who loves to read. The boy somehow has got into a phase where he is more interested in Legos and crazy games!! 😥

    I am not really complaining – I was worried sometime back when she refused to read by herself 🙂 Legos ans crazy games happen here too 😦 SOme games involve a lot of cut paper which drives me nuts!

  10. ROFL @ click here 😀

    hahaha now you’re the one wanting the opposite,eh? I recall from one of your posts that you started reading to her when was some 3 months young and trust me I’ve adopted the same…I read to Chirpy irrespective of whether she understand a single word of what I’m saying..but somewhere I guess it’s getting registered in the her mind that something like book exists and that mommy is reading from it 🙂

    any way,the whole point is I agree with what your mom would have said 😛

  11. Awww… !!! We were like that too when we were younger!!
    She is so cute! hugs to poohi!

    And about those pics – I feel the same way, but I would be going around in the bus or train! 😀
    how I wish I could take all those beautiful pics! And also, I never seem to have a camera handy when I find something really interesting!

  12. ha ha ha, I can relate very well with your wish to have a camera in front of the car. Not just to capture the beautiful sights but some funny ones. And recently i did come across one, and thanked my stars that I was in a traffic jam, so had enough time to grab my phone and click it. Will put it up one of these days, am yet to upload it on my comp 🙂

    Aww, its wonderful to know about Kunju’s increasing love for reading. Let her know I’ll bring as many books as she wants when we meet next :).And she is getting smarter, so dont you think of fooling her anymore :D.

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