Grass on the other side…

.. is always greener..

Bad weather seems to be following me around.

We left from here on holiday with the worst sort of rains pouring down. BBC predicted rains everywhere in India – not very promising. At our first stop – Bhopal, the weather was bright- too bright we realised too soon. Whatever made us yearn for sunny weather – we had forgotten how hot it could get! All we wanted was a few drops of rain.

All that yearning paid off. Wayanad was wet, wet, wet. So wet, that we only wanted some sunshine – see we are never happy. Grass on the side… Husband returned to the UK and reported back about the gorgeous weather Leeds had been having – right until we got back. We brought back the rains with us. So it is back to wet weather, which stays dry until I am indoors, and pours with all its might the moment I step out. I swear, it is no exageration. This morning, on the way back from daughter’s school – I was drenched completely by the rain, which stopped as soon as I stepped inside -just as suddenly as it first started! Why me!

And now, just when it is time for me to go and pick up daughter, down comes that downpour 😦 Why me?


22 thoughts on “Grass on the other side…

  1. Welcome to UK.. 🙂 schools have started I thought its from tomorrow the 7th that they start …

    Here most school reopened on the 5th. Some schools had training days scheduled, so they opened one or two days later.

    It was indeed very beautiful , I had visited sunderland and It was really VERy beautiful nice and warm especially for the Air show there …

    There you go- make me even more jealous 😦 We had booked a beach holiday for this weekend, but it sure looks like it will be cancelled 😦

    Its been fine in birmingham for the last few days nice and wamr .. you need to come here 🙂

    See – all the places I don’t live at or visit are gorgeous. I am sure if I landed in Birmingham, it would rain – and then you would curse me 🙂

    • Same pinch – my sasural too 🙂 It was incredibly warm – I had forgotten how hot summer days could get.

      After living in this part of the world – cloudy is never welcome 🙂 We always have cloudy!

    • Rains in Leeds is horrid 😦 And this year winter seems to have come early – or does it feel like that every year?

      I am not too fond of rains in Mumbai either 🙂

  2. Arey Thank God there is someone in the blogosphere who is not too happy with the rains…I thought I was the only specimen…eeps did that just make me rude to be happy! sorry 🙂

  3. You went to Bhopal, so did you even visit indore by any chance…. That’s my home town and just 3 hours away from Bhopal…. 🙂

    And as for rains well I love them way too much to say anything…. But trust me its not just you…. 😀 😀

  4. I guess you should go wherever droughts are in that case…make use of your powers! 🙂 😛 But yeah, I hate it when that happens…not a fan of the rains ever. One reason why I could never live in the UK.

  5. where I love rains I hate them if I have to step out for some work !!!

    well I think to deceive the weather all you should do is to stop wishing what you really want to …just wish opposite and see 😛

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