.. seems to make me to do what nothing else seems to have worked… drive me to write a post..

Jetlag and homesickness, to be honest.. The worst part of going home for holidays. It is funny how home is still with Amma and Achan. That whole feeling of being a daughter, I guess not being the primary care taker, knowing that someone else is there to ‘look after’ me even if I am well past that age of being ‘looked-after’.

This, even after years of living away from them.. Despite never having lived with my parents since the time I was eighteen.. I guess time or age does not really matter when it comes to the matters of the heart. And being wide awake at 4:00 in the morning doesn’t do much to help.

The only thing I can think that can make me feel better now is to unpack and eat some of yummy goodies that Amma packed for her grand-daughter. Surely a homesick daughter can have some of them too?


36 thoughts on “Jetlag..

  1. Long time no see! Good to have you blogging even if it is because of jet lag! Hope you had good holidays! 🙂

    Yes, I had been busy, then on holiday. Hopefully will blog more now. Fingers crossed. India holidays are always extra special 🙂

  2. welcome back 🙂 I’m sure you had a great time at both places…

    P.S. really really sad because you know why 😦

    Will call you tomorrow – promise – and loads and loads of apologies- will cll and apologise properly.

  3. Hi good to see you back. I totally understand what you are saying. Home for me too is in chandigarh, india. Even when no one is living there anymore.

    For me, I think where my parents are is what feels like home. I did not grow up where my parents live now, and yet, I feel so ‘at home’ when I go home.

    So what all has your mum put as goodies for the grand daughter. Can I be greedy tooo:-)
    🙂 Unniappams, Murrukus and loads of other stuff and strict instructions to make all her favourites too 🙂

    You take care this is making me homesick now..

  4. Oh absolutely!!!! I am so glad we were loaded with guests as soon as we returned. There was no time to feel homesick 😉 You take care, eat up all those goodies, and make a trip here, or we will come and visit you!!!! Btw, loved this line: ‘home is still with Amma and Achan.’

    ‘I am so glad we were loaded with guests as soon as we returned. There was no time to feel homesick ‘ -That must have helped. ALthough I will die if I have guests now. The house is a complete mess, and I have to get Poohi’s back to school stuff sorted too.

  5. Welcome back Smitha 🙂
    Good to see ur post after really long time.. Mom’s hand made goodies have no comparison…I stay near to my mom’s place but still miss her delicious food as i cant go everyday to her house 🙂

    You lucky girl! How I wish I lived close to my mom! Nothing would have been better!

    Hope you had lovely time in India !!

    Yes, we did, India trips are always extra special.

  6. Smitha…..I can so relate to that sentiment…..sometimes I say that one trip I will make to India just by myself so I get all the attention 🙂

    I keep threatening to do that 🙂 Poohi will kill me if I don’t take her along to my parents place 🙂 She is already upset that I am their daughter and not her 🙂

  7. Welcome back, Smits :). “It is funny how home is still with Amma and Achan. ” So very true. I can so relate to every bit of what you said above. I’m kind of going through the same :(. You enjoy all the goodies and have namnam & my share too, ok? 😉

  8. Welcome back smitha.I can understand how much u will miss ur parents after a long holidays with them.Even i went through that.Now mom stays with me,sisters stay close to my house…

    Enjoy all the goodies and all the best for the loads of work u r having now…..

  9. oh you went on holiday is it…*pretending not to be jealous*

    Holiday is over 😦 *sob sob*

    but the daughter gave birth to the grand daughter na…so the first right of refusal is for the daughter…Didnt you know that *gasp* 😉

    How could I forget that 😉

    hugs darling 🙂

    hugs back!

  10. Having just been home for a lovely month plus.. I am feeling the same blues! But hang in there.. and it gets better! and yes, by all means, join in and have the treats with your dughter!

  11. I donno hw many ppl wil kill me for commenting here 😛 Bcoz I hv either nt been reading or hv been lurking arnd for the past 2-3 weeks 😛
    But I hv to leave a comment here. Sooooo nice to hv u bk and our long call is pending too! It just does not feel gud when we speak only for 10-20 min 😉

  12. {{{hugs}}}

    Good to see u back! Yep, you can have some of those goodies too.. I miss my folks too and Mysore is always home because my folks are there! 🙂

    Home is always home, isn’t it?

  13. Oh dont crib girl……atleast u had a good vacation ;-S!!!
    Think about ill-fated beings like me who had WORK making eyes at her wherever she went 😦

    Oh well I’m glad atleast somebody had a good holiday 😀

  14. Smitha – Mera number kab aayega call list main…Just kidding, i am reading your blog after so long, and share the same feelings. I just came back from my India trip and feel so homesick.

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