Just because some things have to be recorded…

Last Saturday was daughter’s first ever performance on stage. She had been taking Bharatanatyam lessons for the last six months, and when we got to know that they would have a chance to take part in a performance, we were totally excited!

Things, however, started to go wrong right from mid week. Husband and I had taken turns at the flu, and had just heaved a sigh of relief when both of us recovered, without daughter catching it from us. Well, Β we assumed too soon. Tuesday evening, she came down with a high fever. She had a school trip scheduled on Friday, and the big dance on Saturday. All the poor thing was wanted was to recover so that she could attend both. She stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday.

For two days, her fever showed no signs of abating. Just when I would think that she was recovering, her temperature would soar. Finally on Thursday night, her fever subsided completely, and she was fit as a fiddle on Friday morning. That of course complicated things further, because her school trip was quite a long trip, and she had her dance class in the evening, and I wasn’t sure if I should let her exert herself, especially,Β as she was just recovering. Finally I decided to let her go, as she was feeling so much better.

Her normal school hours are till 3:30, but that day, because of the trip, we were to pick her up at 4:15 instead. Her dance class was supposed to start at 5. So we would have to rush from school to the dance class to reach there on time. You know when things go wrong, they go all the way? The coach got stuck in traffic, and it was almost 5, when I finally managed to pick her up and load her into the car. It was 5:20 or so by the time we reached the dance class. We had no option of missing it because we had not showed the dance teacher the costumes. The older children’s costumes had been sourced by the dance teacher, but for the younger children, we had been asked to get any ‘pattu pavada’ that we had. And this was the first and last chance to show her the costumes and get her approval.

Finally we reached, got the clothes sorted, jewellary sorted, got the children to practise, and all that was left was to hope for the best.

Saturday dawned nice and bright. I had my whole day mapped out. We ran through one thing after the other, and managed to reach the venue at the time specified. No sooner had we entered, than the children where whisked off for some stage rehearsals. It was a proper stage, and they wanted the children to be comfortable before performing in front of the live audience. All of us mums, were told to stay away. That was when I realized that daughter had no clue which bag contained her snacks. We had packed snacks because we had a four hour wait, and that also was dinner time for most of kids. But they had this rule to keep away the parents, and it was certainly not the nicest thing – atleast not for us parents. Not knowing whether they needed anything, whether they needed help with their clothes.. It was nervewracking – that wait.

Finally, it was 7, time for the show to start. Our kids’ performance was scheduled at 8. The show was a community dance show, where several troupes were to perform. All the performances were just great! It was only when the show started, that I realized that it was a proper stage, and a proper auditorium, and there were so many different performances. One of the performances was by disabled/mentally challenged people, and I thought that it was the most moving performance I ever saw.

After a spate of performances, it was time for what we were waiting for. The kids lined up, and danced. Danced as if they had been doing this forever. Even the little, little ones, danced so well! To be honest, I had eyes just for daughter. I couldn’t believe it. Eyes welled up, chest puffed up with pride..Is that confident little girl on stage, my little girl? Β All I wanted to do was capture the moment forever, and ever. We were not allowed cameras to take pictures or videos, but I suspect that those moments, will stay with us forever.

And for me, the best part was when they came back on stage to take a bow, and she saw us, in the audience, and waved at us πŸ™‚ What joy!

What more can a mum ask for?

20 thoughts on “Just because some things have to be recorded…

  1. mum is happyyyyyyyyyyyy πŸ™‚ yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    but we can ask for more .. a video maybe πŸ™‚ he he he he
    congrats to the little one and very well done to her… in punjabi i would say


    • I don’t have a video 😦 We were not even allowed pics – the pics on FB were taken after the show. We have no pics of the actual show because of child protection rules.

      And you are back to being first.

      • Oops yes I remember now. Some idiot made the rule. Did the school not take the vidoe.

        They have said that they will try to get us the segment of dance in which our children participated. Hoping that we get it.

        I had gone to oz and my niece had to perform every parent had there camcorders readu πŸ™‚

        That is lovely, isn’t it? We are allowed that in school plays but not in such performances. The next performance, we are told, we will be allowed to video and take pics.

  2. I can just imagine the pride you must have felt. So very glad she got better and got to do all the things that were planned.

    It was a wonderful moment.. Yes, I am so glad that she recovered just in time.

    Did the organizers not take any pictures or videos either? They would have made wonderful memories but your words here capture it all so well as well. πŸ™‚

    They did say that they will be taking videos and we would get the segment in which they participated – lets see.

  3. Aww Smitha you moved me to tears with this… I could almost feel your pride and happiness in seeing Poohi on stage… awesome.. congrats Mommy great job, and may you have many more such moments of sheer pride πŸ™‚

  4. Yayayayayyay! congrats on the super duper stage performance! I hope she has recovered completely now….super pride na to see the little one dancing on the stage πŸ™‚ So happy for you

  5. That’s so bad that there is such a rule not to shoot πŸ™‚ Waiting for a live performance then, when you coming to Kerala next.. we can have our mini performance from the Poohi, with all of us with the lens πŸ™‚

  6. certain events happen in a jiffy that we may not hv time to plan for it, organize it, but they may bring out the sweetest moments dat wud linger onto u forever..forget the cam thg..poohi wud hv so many more shows to come for u to record nd us to watch…regds to the lil one

  7. I know you must be a proud mother…i remember when i was in school, my mom used to be tensed whenever i participated in any programme, during the exams, and everyday morning when i used to leave for school, even when i joined college she would just shove me out of home saying i would miss the bus, though i used to have ample time & the first one to reach in class

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