Priceless.. Post 31

After the rant yesterday, it is only right that I talk about the wonderful people I know here.

I have mentioned before about how slowly, this city that we live in, has become home for us. We have lived a nomadic lifestyle ever since we got married. Moving cities, continents, enjoying making new friends, exploring different ways of life.. Each city had it’s highs and lows, and each phase had a different flavour.

This place that we are in now, has been idyllic, if I am honest. Living in a lovely, quiet, peaceful suburb, knowing that you have friends that you can rely on. Knowing that there are friends that watch your back, knowing that there are people you can count on. Knowing that there are people I can call – any time in the night, if I need to, in case of an emergency.

The love and concern that come in some boxes of food that concerned friends send when they know that I am not well, or offers of picking up daughter from school, or taking her for a play-date, when I am not well, just so that I get some rest.. Priceless, as they say. Simply priceless. That feeling of being cared for, a home away from home… How different would life be if not for such wonderful friends, who make such a huge difference.

And that completes the NaBloPoMo! Thank you, my wonderful blog friends, who have been so supportive of the non-stop rubbish that I churned out every day šŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “Priceless.. Post 31

    • Ashwathy!
      Your eagerness to be the first to comment brought a smile to my face.
      Even if you had absolutely nothing to say but merely exult and gloat over the fact that you reached here before anybody else.

      You remind me of some old college friends.
      While I was keen on watching the latest movie, these friends believed that unless they watch the first day, first show of the movie, they have missed achieving something of importance in life.

      Keep up your enthusisam! Bloggers love readers who rush to read them.

      Normally, I like to wait a little and see what the others are saying before I rush in with my comment.


      • Hi GV:

        I saw your comment šŸ™‚
        I usually post from this ID. That was one of my friends who had logged into my WP to help me fix up some issues with my blog. He saw the post, got so excited about being first, commented and then later realized its come out as my ID instead of his, and fell silent, not sure of what to do coz WordPress does not allow the ‘delete’ option for users. šŸ˜€ LOL! Poor thing…

        Having said that, I love being first in blogs too…. but I always make sure I have some comment to make regarding the post alongside šŸ™‚ Does not make sense otherwise!

  1. quote:
    And that completes the NaBloPoMo! Thank you, my wonderful blog friends, who have been so supportive of the non-stop rubbish that I churned out every day

    NaBloPoMo ?
    What’s that?
    Pardon my ignorance.
    I am only a recent reader.
    If there is a link which explains, please let me have it.

    I love reading rubbish.
    Keep churning.
    If you start writing serious stuff that goes over my gray haired head, you won’t see around any more.

    One serious blog from IHM is enough for me.

    • Read “You won’t see me around any more” instead of “you wont see around any more”

      These typos/spellos/grammaros, bug me.
      I never notice them before posting in spite of reading my comment at least twice before sending.
      They stick out and mock at me as soon as I post them.


  2. GV: LOL! Dat happens wid me too! šŸ˜›
    Smitha: yeah! I agree wid evry single line you have written! It feels great to be cared for! F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!! Awesome feeling to have real ones! Aww! U reminded me of all sweet people i love so much and made me value them even more! Thankyou! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Poo1991.
      I now know.
      May has been a National Blog Commenting Month for me, though I never planned it.
      I added another four blogs to my reading list this month including this one.
      I don’t know how many more I can take.
      There are so many of you, excellent writers out there. I wish I could read more and participate more.

      I casually hop from blog to blog much like a butterfly or bee in a garden that hops from flower to flower. I have no problem with the average blog. I just read it and forget it.
      It is the good ones that trouble me.
      The compulsion to read more, and keep returning, takes a toll on my time.
      The irresistible urge to say something to cheer the writer is also strong.

      You people are lucky. This is such a great platform. In my time we wrote diaries. No one read them! They were private. Yes, those with the itch to write would pen letters which took two to three days to reach and those letters would be read by just one person and not shared. Replies would come a week after posting. Pen-friendship was also prevalent but it was a poor substitute for blogging.
      I wrote numerous letters to the editors of newspapers. Not even one saw the light of day!

      I am loving this platform.
      It has given me more friends than any other form of socializing that I have attempted in the past. My age and gender and nationality does not seem to matter at all.

      I look forward to adding some more blogs to my reading list in the years to come when I am fully retired, and not semi retired as of now.


      • GV, I love your comments. They make me hope that one day, you will start your own blog and give us the pleasure of reading you.

        You have such a way with words. I had loved your wedding story at Ihm’s. Please do start your blog , you have some of us waiting to read you šŸ™‚

        • Thanks Smitha and Poo1991 for your kind words and response.

          I don’t have a blog of my own as yet.
          I have no plans to start till I retire completely from my profession.

          If I start a blog, I would like to do full justice to it and that is not possible now with my professional and family commitments. I don’t want to end up as a casual blogger who starts off in style and soon runs out of steam and vanishes from cyber space after a few months.

          In the meantime I am content to occasionally ride piggy back on the blogs of others who are willing to host me and also post long comments, some of which are longer than the blogger’s original post.

          These reasons were explained in elaborate detail in an old blog post and I will send them to you if you are interested. The site at which it was hosted is no longer live and but I had saved the content.


  3. Awww that is so sweet!!1! True, Smitha, such people make life so much happier. As for your Nablopomo, I Looooved it, only I couldn’t read a few of them because I wasn’t around. Otherwise, your posts are never rubbish. They are always sensible and thought-provoking.

    Now get better soon šŸ™‚

  4. GV: WOW! You true are a good writer! The way you express, i like it! I agree that the world is advanced and the platform is readily available! Bt hey it has its cons too.. With pen friends the eager wait for the letter, the urge to reply was so good and it increased the proximity! Bt now its like if one person didnt read, the other person will! Value of reader is nt much! Thats such a bad attitude! When something is written, it should be appreciated from heart! Just like you do! Thankyou šŸ™‚

  5. Friends are a blessing in disguise..


    and it indeed is lovely and life becomes easier when we have friends around ..

    It does, doesn’t it?

    Congrats on finishing this .. I still want to know what it is Nablopomo..

    It is the National Blog Posting Month, where we post on every day of the month.
    How you doing …

    I am actually perfectly fine now! Totally recovered.

  6. Nablapomo done….and its been great here, Smithu, with such wonderful topics which u covered. šŸ™‚ May you be surrounded by wonderful frnds wherever u go. šŸ™‚

  7. I was just going to say how come u did not comment about us blog friends who are sometimes even better than real world friends!! when i saw ur last sentence šŸ™‚

    Congrats on finishing ur NaBloPoMo! What I loved about u was that u found real things to write about, instead of random filler posts. Those are a pain to read, honestly šŸ™„ šŸ˜›

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