People! Post 30

*Just a rant*

Some people just rub me the wrong way..

– People who talk only about how great they are, their children are, their spouses good they are at their jobs..

– People who are so incredibly selfish, that they can walk over everybody – effortlessly

– People who bully and try to take advantage of people in a less comfortable situation.

– People who refuse to discipline their children

– People who gossip about people who are supposed to be their closest friends

And I can ignore most of these aspects when they have other redeeming qualities,  but I am at my wits end when I come across with one person with all these qualities, and when I don’t have the option of totally avoiding them!

26 thoughts on “People! Post 30

  1. SO you know when i won that prize, I was looking quiet good in the picture taken .. and then the most amazing thing happened .. one of the most watched media people came over for asking me ..
    and when i was thinking of buying my MErc what car you got …

    LOL! This is it 🙂 You know exactly what I mean!

    OH ho.. ok I guess its not funny .. Chillax and ignore them .. why spoil your mood or time on some idiots .. who dont have a clue what is going on.

    I know 🙂 Sometimes I feel better after I rant out 🙂

    my dad wud say Duniya main bewakoofon ki kami nahin
    ek doondho hazaar milte hain
    Door doondho Nazdeek hi mil jaate hain..

    That is so apt!
    you cant get away from such people best is avoid them and let them be soon they will meet someone who is one step more ahead of them .. then hopefully they will know ..

    Take care …
    Thanks Bikram!

  2. You are doing a second consecutive NaBloPoMO?? But Post 30, June 1 has confused me now!!
    Ignore such people, I know easier said than done… but got to do that to maintain your own sanity!

    • No no – I am just completing it – because I started 2 days late -I assume that is what needs doing 🙂 Another round, and I will be dead 🙂

  3. LOL!!! What an awful person she/he must be. Btw, Smitha, I think I can stand anything but this one: ‘- People who gossip about people who are supposed to be their closest friends’ I can simply not respect someone who does this!!!

  4. I agree to it all! But my pet peeve would be those who take me for granted-expect me to do things without asking me my wish or convenience. Like parents of friends who stay outside india want to send 5kg of sweets for them through us when we are visiting india. It skips them to ask how much weight can we actually carry after our own stuff. I have seen cases where I call them before visiting and sternly say that I can only carry half a kg and I still end up getting 2kg of stuff from there. Some even expect me to courier from UK to US. 😐

  5. Agree on all counts! The first kind of people who advertise it on Facebook are even worse than the people who just say it to you in my opinion….because the former then are announcing ti to the world of people not necessarily even their friends!

    And the people that gossip about their closest friends…I put them in the category of people who bitch about everyone to everyone. Hate them. I mean, I’m no saint and I gossip…but I only gossip to a few close friends and don’t gossip about them. Those kind of people are ones you can just not trust!

  6. – People who talk only about how great they are, their children are, their spouses good they are at their jobs..

    Just imagine a boss like that…and you have to listen to it every other day….

  7. Bugging bugging bugging na..avoiding upto a certain extent is possible and then perhaps ignoring..but if it gets worse,I am at my wits end on what to do 😦

  8. Its not always that easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Sinners can surprise you and the same is true for saints. Why do we try to define people as simply good or bad? Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can live side by side in one heart. And that anyone is capable of anything.. Nw nly if u blv in dis u can tolerate al the people u find irritating! No person is bad, its the situation thats bad! Wat say? 🙂

  9. I think doing all those things on a regular basis indicates low self-esteem. You have to keep shouting out abt your greatness and put down others and gossip abt them to feel better. Regularly practicing compassion and humility and empathy is hard work. Easier to do all of the above.

    AFAIK, what bugs us abt others is often what’s lacking or present in us too…so it’s better to just look at ourselves, try to change and ignore these asses!

  10. My sympathies Smitha….esp since u cant avoid them.
    Then I suggest u start talking & dont give them any chance to open their mouth. Maybe they’ll get fed of u & leave u alone 😀

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