To be bright and happy.. Post 29

.. is easy when everything in life is perfect.. But even small things can affect our equilibrium sometimes.. at least it does mine.

I had been feeling under the weather, the last two days. Just a cold, and a ear infection, it turns out.

On the way back from the doctors this morning, I was driving, feeling a little miserable with my aching ear, and wishing I weren’t ill. I ended up stuck behind a cyclist. The road was rather narrow, so I had to slow down and stay behind him until I could overtake. That was when I noticed that he had steel rod for one leg. Not even a Β prosthesis, just a steel rod, and he was cycling!

I couldn’t help be amazed at his spirit. Here I was, feeling sad for myself, when all I had was a little infection. Here was a man without a leg, and even that wasn’t stopping him from making the most of his life. I wouldn’t have even noticed it, if I hadn’t needed to slow down.

It certainly made me count my blessings, and stopped me from wallowing in self pity. How small am I , if a cold and an infection is getting me down?

12 thoughts on “To be bright and happy.. Post 29

  1. So very true.. Smitha .. Count the blessing .. a lot of British soldiers can be seen having that now, the wonders of going to afghanistan or iraq to fight for the country.

    Yes, but what spirit! He was cycling! I mean the amount of hard work that must have gone in to reach that point to be able to cycle – I am so impressed by his spirit.

    They are the true hearoes indeed ..

    They are indeed!

    How are you doing .. and after a silly weekend (what with the weather and all), its all bright and sunny ..
    It was bright and sunny – it has started getting clouded here again 😦 I am fine – just an infection – nothing much.

  2. Reminds me of Sudha Chandran.
    Even after losing a leg, she resumed her Bharatanatyam Dance career.
    Remember the Hindi movie “Naache Mayuri”?
    It’s worth a Dekho, if you haven’t seen it.


  3. That has happened to me quite a lot…
    I maybe cribbing about something and then I see somebody worse afflicted and I start counting my blessings πŸ™‚

  4. We are all like that Smithu….and those are the times when God shows up to point to us how blessed we are….hugs my dear. πŸ™‚

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