Projects…Post 13

Growing up, the word project would mean assignments that would be remembered at the last minute.

In the IT world, projects meant deadlines, client meetings, offshore-onshore conference calls…. need I say more?

And now projects mean things like this.

Remember the DIY Project that I mentioned here? Well, this is it. It looked simple enough, but I managed to complicate it by not reading through the instructions, and having to take it apart 2 times, before I managed to put it together. It wasn’t exactly difficult, more fiddly, with tiny screws which got the better of me, for a while.

Daughter received this dolls house as a birthday present from some of our friends, and had been waiting for me to complete it. She started off as soon as I managed to get the last screw in it’s place.

And this is how it looks now.

Cute, isn’t it? Daughter loves it! She can’t have enough of it 🙂 And I have to say, she did her part of the ‘putting together’ far quicker than I did mine. She had it all arranged in minutes.


12 thoughts on “Projects…Post 13

  1. It does look really really cute! The house is pretty much occupied too! Good job done, mamma & daughter 🙂

    Hugs to both of you! So Kunju, when can namnam and I drop in for a cup of tea? And, mamma, we wouldnt mind some muffins too 😀

  2. I am loosing my touch it seems.
    Ok tell me sachi sachi did you make that doll hous for poohi or bit of yourself made u do it tooo he he he.
    Tell me you ar playing it when the little one is asleep:-)

    Its beautiful .. Those good old days of childhood..

  3. wow, i love this. and these are one among the many reasons which make me crave for a daughter. i so see myself playing with this!!

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