Random Nothings.. Post 5

You know what I missed most when I took a blogging break. It was the inability to jot down random stuff that happens to or around me. For some reason, I could not just start a post and hit publish.

And now with the NaBloPoMo, it is a pleasure to write everyday, and just because I do, it somehow seems easier to blog. I had never thought that I could blog on schedule. Well, I still don’t but I seem to be able to do it on a daily basis at the very least. Which to me, is good enough. The only thing I wish I could do was reply to all the comments, and read everybody else’s posts – that would have been perfect!

I went shopping this morning, and everywhere I turned I saw people dressed totally weird. I mean, there were goths, girls with hot pink eyeliner, my eyes hurt just looking at them. It felt like some kind of fancy dress parade was on. Shops full of beachwear in bright colours! Summer/Spring just brings out the excitement in the air. I get the feeling that it makes people enthusiastic and adventurous in general… Or maybe it is just me 🙂

There were men standing outside the entrance of shops or just inside the entrance, holding on to buggies, looking bored, and then out comes the wife/partner, ‘Love, which of these looks better’. ‘Both love, both, just choose, and lets get going’. That is so what happens when I go shopping for clothes with husband 🙂 I am sure husband would have wholeheartedly sympathized with these men 🙂

I think I did far more looking around and window shopping than actual shopping. Not that I am complaining. I only wished I had a camera on me to click some pics. There were some amazing flowers in bloom and shops with ‘Sale – 70% off’  looked just as good. It is another thing that all the items in the 70% off section have only sizes like 6 and 18 😦

One thing that really upset me was, when I was waiting for the bus. An Indian( or should I say, someone from the Indian Sub-continent), spat while walking by and the spit landed a cm away from an elderly British gentleman. I was so appalled. How can people do stuff like this? Spitting and that too almost on somebody. It was gross. The gentleman just moved away. I couldnot see the look on his face, but I was so so embarrassed that somebody who could be classified in the same ethnic group as us behaved so badly.. I have so much to say on this but I guess that is fodder for another post.

So how is everybody enjoying your weekend? We have a birthday party every weekend. Sigh!  Did I tell you that I am so tired of socializing that I feel like locking myself in a cave?

15 thoughts on “Random Nothings.. Post 5

    • Oh that sounds like fun. Watching weirdos 😉 Hw I wish u hd some pics too! I just got bk from an outing with friends, still bloghopping from the friend’s laptop, before we go out for the evening again – boating along the hussain sagar and some nice food on its banks on the cards 🙂

  1. It is nice to know that we can write interestingly about anything and everything! PPink eyliner, I can’t even imagine the face with that!

    My husband always thinks that ‘sale’ means, they sell ‘unusable’ things! So, think twice before buying anything on ‘sale’!

    When we went to Mathura, I was walking on the platform with others and while crossing a stationary bus, somebody spit on my shoulder from the bus! I shudder in disgust even thinking about it now! I can understand your feeling looking at an Indian doing that over there.

  2. Technically, I am 3rd 🙂
    Lovely, shopping sounds absolutely lovely. One thing that my future DIL is going to THANK me for, is that R loves shopping 🙂 His wife will never get the ‘bored’ look from him 😉

  3. Oh pink eyeliner,i will send pinky there…..

    That’s really bad spitting,i always think NRI’s don’t do that in foreign country and they do it in India…

    I have to go shopping for pinky’s birthday next week,waiting for husband to come and take us for shopping,its very hot here can’t step out of the house during the day….

  4. i see girls in my office wearing blue,purple,orange or any other matching liner with the dress….feel so weird seeing this splly in office..but every place these days seems like fashion show stage 🙂
    luvd ur header !!

  5. he he, shopping as an activity offers so many expreinces apart from shopping itself…:)
    i seriously pity men who acccompany the females on these shopping sprees..:)…little choice do they have but…:)

  6. Shopping trip even if its window shopping is great and perfect ita a nice weather day.
    Pink eye liner… Very very drama queen kinds 🙂

    Spitting… Eww.. Dont know how people do that in public without even looking where they are doing so!

    Birthdays every weekend and tired of socialising… Sounds like my story. So many bdays tgat some other friends have started making fun of it. We have simply started saying NO to some.

  7. I have often wondered if NaBloPoMo is effective… it seems sometimes just the realisation that one has a blog post to write, makes us see everything with blog-eyes.

    And the spitting… disgusting and shameful.

  8. See, we look at things with a blogger’s eye !!! 🙂 Everything we see and feel can be made into a post…and I love such random posts. 🙂

    I love window shopping…. 😉

    That spitting was uncalled for…some ppl never change… 😦

  9. Hey good to see you back after a long time…. 🙂
    I think I should not comment on the shopping bit coz I’ am one exception in that department…
    Spitting on the road is disgusting… I hate such people…

  10. Great you are able to post about even the random things, Smits! Nablopomo is surely working for you. But I’m beginning to feel its stress slowly :(. Lets see how far I can stick by.

    As for the spitting, yuck! Disgusting!

  11. I went shopping this morning, and everywhere I turned I saw people dressed totally weird. I mean, there were goths, girls with hot pink eyeliner, my eyes hurt just looking at them
    reminds me of Camden street in London! 🙂 Been there?

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