Happy Feet of Ours.. Post 4

Yesterday, daughter and I had been discussing what both of us did( at school and home respectively). I happened to mention that I went for a walk and stunned to see her burst into tears.

Apparently, she was upset that I went for a walk without her. I have to say that I was a Happy Mummy at that point in time.

You see, I have been asked by people why I ‘make’ my child walk to school when we have 2 cars. The school is just over half a mile away, and it takes us around 8 mins to walk there. Daughter has no issues with walking. She has walked that distance in all sorts of weather, even in heavy snow. Β If anything, bad weather makes it even more fun for her. Her nursery used to be 1.5 miles away and she used to walk the distance cheerfully, albeit, in good, weather. I don’t think a little fresh air and exercise does any body any harm.

Some parents choose to drive to school, even when their houses are closer than ours, but the way I look at it, walking half a mile to school is no hardship, and it just puts her in the habit of walking. Not just that, she enjoys walking too. Both husband and I love walking, and we walk whenever we get a chance. So she has grown up seeing us walking wherever possible. So she has grown up to think of it as a fun activity, rather than a compulsion. I know children who do not walk at all, who hate travelling by bus, and insist on going everywhere by car. Β I am not trying to judge, but I would much rather prefer daughter loves walking and understands that it is good to take public transport when it makes sense, than feel that it is some sort of a hardship or torture. One time, we went to the city centre by bus, and on the way back we did not get a seat to sit, but I was delighted to see that she stood all the way, and still had loads of fun.

Some of my friends ask me if she does not ‘mind’ walking, when we could drive. I think the reason she does not ‘mind’ is because we don’t present it as a hardship. Rather, it is an opportunity to have fun. We used to get to see horses and count blackberries, where we lived earlier. The time that we spend together walking is a lot of fun. We even meet people and make friends. Surely, in today’s hectic world, the joy of walking, is a wonderful gift for a child.

If I drive to school, we might reach a couple of minutes earlier, but would miss so much more. And not to mention that we have a playground on the way to school, which is accessible only if we walk. What more can a five yr old ask for?

So I don’t care if it is a ‘torture’ to anyone else, but when it comes to daughter and me, we love this torture!

19 thoughts on “Happy Feet of Ours.. Post 4

  1. Walking is the perfect activity for families and children…It’s free, good for the body and mind and can be fun (weather and surroundings permitting!)…Here, we don’t walk that much as the weather is terrible but since we don’t have a car (cars are prohibitively expensive), we take a bus/MRT or taxi wherever we go…My daughter prefers to travel by bus or MRT because she finds these modes of transportation much more exciting than cars or taxis…

    I couldn’t agree more. We have cars because we need them here. Things like after school activities and stuff get difficult without a car. But wherever we can, I like to walk, and thankfully daughter does too. I find public transport fun too πŸ™‚

    The only thing that worries me about living in Singapore is that she’s too used to air conditioning – absolutely can’t do without it…

    You know, we are going to have the reverse problem when we get back to India. I wonder how daughter will react to the heat. Although, Bangalore should not be too bad.

  2. Its wonderful that you have got her used to walking…yes, why should it be a hardship to walk to a school (or wherever?) that’s so close! Don’t we all have life whizzing past us all the time anyways?!!

  3. That title is just so apt….I tell u. πŸ™‚

    Thank you, Uma πŸ™‚

    I love the bonding that happens during such times, which cannot be achieved by being together in a car…those are precious times, which even I hold close to my heart.

    Same here! We get to observe so much more when we are walking!

    Me and my girls always take the public transport when we 3 are going around the city on our own. Only if S is there with us, we go by car. The girls love to travel by train or bus and walking to the bus stop or the train station is a must and we keep talking, joking and there happens a great bonding.

    I do take the car for after school activities though, because most of them are round 2-3 miles away. So we use the car quite a bit too – but we walk wherever we can πŸ™‚

    Lovely post – I love it actually. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hugs to mommy and Poohi for walking together everyday. πŸ™‚
    Hugs right back Uma!

  4. This might sound very Sexist or whatever , But why do Mothers want to drive there kids especially the ones who live withing walking distance, do you see the chaos on the roads.. to put it in perspective , the day shools are close i reach office in 15-18 minutes .. and on days shcools are open it takes me 45-50 minutes..

    Walking is Good, When I lived about 2 miles from work I use to Walk to work.. then we shifted about 4-5 miles so i would cycle , now since its far i got ot use the car..

    I dont know why people have this habit of putting there nose in others business I mean you are happy to walk Poohi is happy.. SO what is their Problem .. now wonder such parent’s kids are obese these days they even probably take thier kids to toilet in a CAR.

    Reaching school early I doubt it , try it you wont, finding parking will take half the time ..check out the chaos cars parked on zig-zag, double yellows, I was joking with my mate a few days back and saying we shud work early and then stand at a school gate and put Tickets on All the cars.. πŸ™‚

    You are doing a good thing and also helping in all that Be Green and keep planet Safe thingy added bonus πŸ™‚ he he he he

  5. I am pro-walking too right from childhood. Its my stress buster after cooking. I remember clearly a younger cousin of mine was visiting us. His mum went on and on about how expensive his karate classes are, how she thinks its important and so on. Later when he and I went to get some food, it was an exact 7 minute walk to the shop and he was sweating, panting, being miserable even without being obese. And he was only in 6th std! We had to rest before we headed back home πŸ™„

    What is the point of those classes I ask, if basic fitness is lacking in kids?

  6. Aww Smitha, u are such a great mommy. Really!!! I used to hate walking in India, because the roads are full of potholes and there is no such thing as a footpath!! But here, is a different story altogether. I looooooooooove walking here, and so does R πŸ™‚

  7. Back in india i use to hate walking. seriously, i was the kinds to drive myself to the neighbourhood supermarket as well..
    but here in singapore its a diff ball game. we do walk. not as much as the locals do but far more from indian standards.

    its lovely that ur daughter likes it. i guess the bonding in that 8 min walk to school is something worth its while!

  8. Thatz so nice Smithu! I luv walking too πŸ™‚ U made me all nostalgic with this post. Dad and me used to take these small walks to get some stuff needed for home almost everyday once he returned from work πŸ™‚

  9. I love walking too and am trying desperately to let Diya feel the same way!! When you say that you dont present it as hardship, I wonder where I went wrong!! My daughter wants me to carry her whenever we walk and to avoid that I take my bike out 😦
    Have a great time!!

  10. ..I love walking too and am trying desperately to let Diya feel the same way!! When you say that you dont present it as hardship, I wonder where I went wrong!! My daughter wants me to carry her whenever we walk and to avoid that I take my bike out 😦
    Have a great time!!

  11. yes indeed, there are ppl who wouldn’t step out of the car and walk a few steps or let their child do that. good you are raising your child this way.. I am a walking freak myself.. I love my walks.. and we as a couple have more interesting conversations while walking or during our drives as compared to when we are at home. infact, I have recently started going out by myself if the husband is busy for whatever reasons and have realized that going alone is quite an experience too.. Everything around in the nature talks to me and I have a lovely time.

  12. Walking is a lot of fun… I am all for it. IF the weather is tolerable.. if its too cold and windy.. then I start getting a migraine 😦

  13. I hope when the day becomes if I am half good a mother as you are and your approach to child rearing, I’d be a success πŸ™‚

    Keep at it, Smithus…. your daughter will grow up to an unspoilt, well-liked kid πŸ™‚

  14. Wow, that is a nice habit to cultivate for sure. Walking is good for health and above all.. if you can walk small distances, it just makes you more active!
    I should encourage my daughter to continue with this as well. For now, I rely on stroller for longer walks, especially since we are new here and time is of essence….apartment hunting is not fun!

  15. Our kids’ school is walkable…but the traffic, dug-up roads and lack of continuous footpaths, gaping drains and stray dogs, eve-teasers and completely irresponsible drivers….don’t make for a relaxing walk. So we don’t do it. Wish we could. You go, girl! You’re teaching her healthy and environmentally-friendly habits, not to mention all the interesting sigh-seeing and experiences we have during walkig!

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