This is what happens…Post 3

.. when we shop on an empty stomach..

And we refuse to learn. Despite our theory having been proven right umpteen times!

So much so, that I go shopping only at times when I am not hungry. I run to the supermarket, first thing after dropping off daughter at school, so that I don’t end up stacking up food that I don’t need. Husband, however, is a different story. I think he ends up hungry, whenever he lands in the shops. He is totally disinterested in grocery shopping until he reaches the aisles of his interest – Junk, in our words. Then there is no stopping him. He piles on everything he remotely likes. If the supermarket has a ‘world foods’ section, then there is no end to it.

Have I told you about our Junk cupboard? In every house we have lived in, husband has just one demand, he wants a ‘junk cupboard’ for all his ‘junk’ aka snacks of all sorts. Every time we go shopping, he adds to his collection, only to open the cupboard and realize that he has picked enough snacks to last us years.

He managed to buy this when we stopped at a rest stop on our way back from holiday. This pack of doughnuts though, did not last as long as I thought it would. I was aghast when I saw husband proudly carrying this, but I have to say, we managed to wolf it down, despite all my reservations 😦

I so need a workout now.

24 thoughts on “This is what happens…Post 3

  1. Hahahaha!! We used to do the same.. these days we go grocery shopping after dinner or matter how sleepy we are! But you have to admit,the donuts do look sinfully appetising!

  2. LOL !!! Men na….I’ve given only a junk BOX for him…no cupboard and all is possible…he he he…. 😀

    Everyday morning he gets up, sits in the bfast table and decides that he is on diet from today and from that moment and he’ll have only porridge in the mornings and there shldnt be any oil in his food, from now on.

    By afternoon, the mood changes but he shows he is happy to eat the roti, dhal and veggie for lunch.

    By 4 or 5 pm, he calls and asks me to make pakoras or bajjis or puris, as he has been deprived of these things for nearly a decade… 😉 😉 Drama king…. 😉 And the story continues, day in and day out….

    I need a pranayama, listening to all this… 😉 U just go and workout… 🙂

    The Donuts really look so yummy. 🙂 🙂

  3. love your header.. is that from the latest vacation? pls to share more pictures …
    and donuts, I don’t like them because they are stubborn and go sit right at the wrong places 😛 once eaten.

  4. Even I feel like eating them now!

    In our house too, my husband is the junk eater more than my sons! If nothing is there even 4-5 spoonfuls of bournvita is OK!

    Thank god, he doesn’t ask me to do bajji and pakoras nowadays!

  5. First thing first – i love Krispy Kreme, so much so that once i carried a big big box all the way from Sydney to Bangalore!!

    And talk about junking, i guess in our case we cant pin point on who is worse. both husband and me are hoarders when it comes to picking food and snacks. sigh.. so much so for weightloss!

  6. Lovely header 🙂

    Next WW shud be a pic of that junk cupboard Smithu 😛 😛 I will fill my stomach thru my eyes, so that I cn skip the workout 😉

  7. Its been long i had them,my fav is the one which has creamy filling…..

    My husband too eats junk and on holidays it is just junk he and kids eat,what ever i cook for that day will be eaten the next day…

  8. LOL!!
    when I went shopping for the first time here, last week – it was like leaving a kid in a candy store!!

    I resisted only to have K buying food we actually don’t need! 😀
    But, its been fun and I’ve been walking around a lot, so I haven’t felt guilty.. yet. 😀 😛

  9. Ha ha ha….I am sure when I get married…I will need a junk cupboard too…for myself :mrgreen: Undakannan is a food lover so he would definitely join in!! 😀 😀

  10. LOL @ Junk cupboard!! 😀
    And this is the exact reason why I dread going for grocery shopping with hubby who is a Master Chef by passion. 😐
    But these doughnuts look very Yummmm!! 🙂

  11. Even my hubby is like this only. When in a Super Market I would usually be busy ticking off the things from the list my hubby wud be busy exploring deals & offs on junkies!!! So many buiscuits, cheeslings & chees balls he buys! arrgghh!!!

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