Weddings.. Post 2


And otherwise…

Would you call this ‘equality’ 😉

And a close up view.. Do you see the pregnant bride?

We had been to a miniature village, on our holiday, and these were some of the displays. I found the details on some of the displays very cute.

Speaking of weddings, the Royal wedding was quite a hot topic in this part of the world. It did not even spare my five year old. Daughter came home last thursday, before the Easter weekend, crying. We were leaving on holiday on Easter Monday, and all she wanted was to cancel the holiday. She cried her eyes out, before telling me why, ‘I want to attend the street party at school when Prince William marries Kate’. Thankfully we managed to persuade her otherwise and she was satisfied with watching it on the telly. The after-effects of the wedding seems to last a little longer though. She and her friend, keep looking for their wedding dresses now. Sigh! I guess I should just be grateful that she does not want to marry the prince.

Leaving you with something, a friend shared on FB, ‘”A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead. It’s a real Disney weekend here on earth’. That sounds about apt, doesn’t it 🙂

33 thoughts on “Weddings.. Post 2

    • The pictures look lovely. Oh ho hmm the little one missed the royal wedding party then..

      Oh yes, she was heart-broken 🙂

      I am sure she probably forgot all about it having fun on holiday.. It was a big think as you say but as usual some of us have to work while others have fun 😦

      She actually remembered the date and remembered it on the day 🙂

      so tell Poohi that she is not alone I missed it tooo …
      You missed it too? I thought you were invited 😉

  1. Nice and cute display of the Royal wedding!!
    I missed the action on the telly! 😦

    You missed the action on the telly ? We were on holiday, so we lazed arond, watching it, passing comments, and generally having a fun time 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Dear Poohi wants a wedding dress already 😛 pls to share what she has selected 😉

    Luv those cute miniatures 🙂

  3. Lovely miniature wedding and all…. 🙂

    The miniature village was really cute. They had miniatures of everything possible 🙂

    LOL @ the pregnant bride….she really look at the end of her 3rd trimester…. 😉
    I know! She looks like they just wanted to get married to have a legitimate baby 😉

    Oh dear Poohi, holidays with family are much better than these royal weddings…. 🙂 Hugs my baby…u’ll understand it all in gud time. 🙂

    Absolutely! She had a ball of a time, at the beaches, playing with her friend – both of them did not want to come back 🙂

  4. I guess I should just be grateful that she does not want to marry the prince.
    LOL! 😀 Truly so! And don’t be so hasty in judging that yet…that demand could be around the corner only! 😉

    Oh my poor heart! I can’t take anymore excitement 🙂

    Haha that FB status update is good! 🙂
    It is cute, isn’t it?

  5. Cute snaps there, Smits 🙂 The Royal Wedding has been global event for sure!
    I know!

    And that FB status, LOL, so very apt!

    Cute, isn’t it? I loved it 🙂

    Kunju already looking for wedding sweet! And she doesnt want to marry THE prince but she may want to marry A prince..just a matter of time, Smits 😉

    Thanks for the reassurance, Deeps 😉 She came back from school yesterday and said, ‘Prince Harry is rather scruffy, isn’t he?’. I was zapped. Some parent must have commented and the child must have repeated it, and madam picked it up 🙂 So I asked her, ‘Do you even know who Prince Harry is?’. Back comes the answer, ‘Doh! He is a Prince!’

  6. The display was super cute.
    You know there is something about fairy tale romances which has all young and old captivated. isint it sweet!!

    Absolutely! There was something captivating about the Royal Wedding 🙂
    Here from Monika’s post as fellow NaBloPoMo doer! First time here. hoping to read and comment through the month.. Blogrolled u as well 🙂

    Welcome here, Iya 🙂 It will sure be fun to do the NaBloPoMo in a group 🙂

  7. If my daughter ever asks me for a wedding dress, I’ll pounce on the opportunity and get one myself too 😉 😛

    One of our friends got senti watching the wedding 🙂 He wants to get married again and we have been ribbing him that we will get his wife a wedding dress just like Kate’s 🙂 I would love to buy one myself, if only I could find a place to wear it too 🙂

    Preggi bride freaked me out. 😐
    The displays had a lot of cheeky bits 🙂 The attention to detail was amazing.

  8. Beautiful miniatures,yes the bride looks like she is pregnant.There are photographers as well….

    I know!

    Even in india the wedding of prince Harry was a hot topic,ndtv showed live coverage and other channels too showed the wedding….

    Was it? It was here, and there were people watching it with tears rolling down their faces 🙂 We just had loads of fun watching it 🙂

    So cute poohi is,hugs baby…..
    cute? Sigh! I wish I could see that cuteness too 😦

  9. this part of world was also very much glued to TV to catch glimpse of Royal Wedding..and holiday coz of it added the fun 🙂

    You had a holiday too? We had a bank holiday too because of the wedding.

    Poohi demanding wedding dress.. she will look super cute in white wedding gown 🙂

    She has forgotten about it now- thank god! I hate frilly dresses and all that, so I steer her away from these 🙂 Normally 🙂

    I luv kate’s dress or better say all christian wedding dresses..those big gowns look awesome..
    Wish I could remarry ( ofcourse to same person 🙂 ) in church and wearing lovely gown 😆 😆

    You sure can 🙂 Have an anniversary wedding again 🙂 You could renew your vows and wear a wedding dress 🙂

  10. Oh how cute all that is… Miniature 🙂
    Preggy bride…. Not an uncommon sight here it tell u 😉 seen many in reality.
    What a sweet little girl u have… Following royal wedding! Life is indeed a fairy tale. I wish we all enjoy it forever….

    The last one was so so apt… Fantastic!

    Btw, m too with u in NaBLoPoMo for May 🙂

    Seems like i already have to do lots n lots of wonderful reading here.

  11. Nice miniature wedding! Yes, the bride looks real pregnant, may be they did the doll like that knowingly. Even small details are covered, nice!

    ‘I guess I should just be grateful that she does not want to marry the prince.’ – typical girl, your daughter!

    The last one, ‘it is a real disney weekend’ indeed!

  12. what? 5 year olds are looking for wedding dresses??!!! This depressed me somehow.

    It is all due to the hype that was created around the wedding. Schools had wedding parties and stuff. I was surprised at that, but I guess the Royal wedding was a big deal here.

    But in general, there is so much happening around us right this moment one after the other!
    Welcome here, Chandni

  13. haha, looking for wedding dresses… so cute… well, good luck! I moved to London right after the royal wedding so I guess missed all the fun!

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