Give us some sunshine – Again!

Most of you guys know how much I love the sun these days. Every time I see a ‘Sir Sun’ post at PNA’s, I go green with envy.

Getting to see sunlight once in a week(if we are lucky), sure makes one understand how precious a commodity it is! I think that is behind the British travelling so much and exploring(and colonizing) other countries. They must have been ready to do anything to get away from the dreary weather here. Husband had once read a book about how the economic success of the Western countries have a lot to do with factors like the weather. I have to get my hands on that book – sometime.

Getting back to how the weather makes such a lot of difference to my life. Remember how I had just two of my precious plants left after the big freeze killed the rest? Well, look how my rose plant is thriving in the sunlight!

If someone could bottle up sunshine, that would be an instant bestseller, wouldn’t it?

My begonia basking in the sun 🙂

And we go berserk. We rush off to be outdoors, so what if it is still biting cold. We go for long walks in the sun, so what if we are all wrapped up, top to toe. Playgrounds are full of children, who can’t believe their luck! And some people do this.

Others do this..

Yet others try and capture sunlight, in a frame, if not a bottle.

Today is one such day. I have sunlight streaming into the house from every window. Every person I met on my walk today had something to say about the weather!

23 thoughts on “Give us some sunshine – Again!

  1. Unbelievable! I’m first! 🙂 My MIL just got back from the Uk last week and was grumbling abt the snow and how she wud crave a bit of sun to step out into the garden for her walk! I can imagine wht it must feel like to see some warmth when it is so rare!

    I think Bikram beat you to in it by a minute 😦 Oh yes! It is quite dismal here in the winters. We wait for spring to bring in the happiness 🙂

  2. What the roses and begonias are already out .. I dont even have the saplings come out yet … hmmm Am i missing something

    These are indoors – the outdoors are still sad 😦 The daffodils and tulips that I planted outside are yet to sprout 😦 But I planted a few in pots and kept them in my attic where we get loads of sunshine, and they are doing well.

    But yeh i do agree that any time sun comes out it MAKE the most of it time.. but hopefully summers will be good this year …
    Fingers crossed! Lets hope we have a good summer this year.

    I still got to start working outside … and do the needful preparing for the summers ..

    Me too. Have been lazy, and am waiting for the weather to get a little warmer. It has been raining all the time here 😦
    lovely pic’s


  3. I repeat….this is one of the reasons why I love India sooooo much! 😀

    And I love the way you have created almost a story of the sunshine…thru the pics and post 🙂

  4. I just love the last picture the best…its a brilliant capture. 🙂 🙂 I can so understand ur yearning for the sun….

    Those green leaves basking in the sun is a pleasure to watch. 🙂

  5. We have loads of sunlight and sunshine here now and its increasing as summer approaches…wish I could send some there n get some cold here 🙂

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