Thursday Challenge – Texture

And I go with Silky. I haven’t done a Thursday Challenge for a while now. Been too lazy to search through my pictures. So I decided to click one, just for today’s challenge.

There is something timeless about silks, don’t you think? When it comes to saris, I somehow gravitate towards silks. I don’t get to wear them much, but if I did, I would wear silks or cotton. What about you guys? Any particular favourites?


33 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Texture

  1. Yes silk is so good, I remember when i was in school maybe in 8th or 9th class .. we had a guy who had these WHIte silk shirts .. for school and there was always someone asking him to borrow his shirt …

    White silk shirts to school? Wow! That might be the most practical clothes to wear 🙂

    Nowaday I dont think I got anything silky hmmmm but this colour looks fab

    🙂 Thanks Bikram.

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  3. Gosh! I am the same. I love cottons and silks. I think for me natural fabrics are always a winner, I love them, and cottons I believe are the best for regular wear in the Indian climate!
    Imagine a world free of nylon, rayon, polyester and all that crap. Filled with cottons, silks and real wool. Wow!

  4. The only time I have worn a silk saree is during my wedding. The remaining three times, it’s always been chiffon or georgette..

    I always thought the colours that silks usually came in were too bright for my liking. But now, these silks are growing on me 🙂

  5. Beautiful!
    Yes, even I gravitate towards silks and cottons, even in salwars and shirts :-)I know , there is something about silk, especially raw, khadi….

  6. Lovely colour! I have been thinking about what to post for this week’s Thursday Challenge, and came up with nothing. 😦 Such a nice idea to put up silk for the TEXTURES prompt. 🙂

    Yep, there’s something timeless about silk sarees. I feel, cotton too – neat and crisply starched. But you know what, I recently saw how silk is made at an exhibition in Bangalore and it has kinda put me off the whole joy of wearing a silk saree! 😦

  7. I used to love to wear cotton sarees only, until some years back…now prefer printed silks and for weddings, good silk sarees with not much gaudy zari borders, but of very good quality!

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