The day we had our first lesson in Politics

This morning while we were having breakfast, Husband switched on the telly, NDTV.  He came over to tell me that BJP activists trying to hoist the flag were stopped by the police.

Daughter, on hearing that jumped up, and asked, ‘Why? Why were those bad people stealing a flag?’ And we both went, ‘No, no’, It’s a long story. And of course, she wanted to hear it. And I had to explain to a 4.5 yr old, how a part of India is not considered  a part of India, and so on. I also tried to explain the concept of our Republic Day. She nodded away. How much she understood, I guess, I will know, when her teacher tells me what she told her in school!

It just reminded me of how difficult it is to explain to a child living in another country, aspects of the country which we come from. When she talks of ‘our country’ she means the UK. The other day, she told me, ‘Our country is an island’, my first instinct was to tell her , ‘No, India is not an island’. Thankfully, I did not 🙂 But you know what I mean, don’t you?

This early morning discussion about the republic day reminded me of my school days. Before long, I was regaling her with tales of all the fun we had back home. Of how we had parades, and schools competing with each other for the best parade at the Tata Motors stadium. It used to be so much fun! And the pride when the national anthem was sung – I don’t think anything could beat that. Even today, when I hear it, my heart swells with pride, and I stand straight, just as we were taught back in school, straight and proud!

Happy Republic Day!

29 thoughts on “The day we had our first lesson in Politics

  1. OH YES.. I had ncc so it was more we had the parade at parade ground secotr 17.. and all the practise that went behind it all.. it was awesome and the rush to LEAD the contingent… amongs all the friends 🙂

    Oh I can imagine!! It was all so much fun!

    and then we got SAMOSA and TEA 🙂 for all that practise he heeh

    Oh yes! We used to practise for a month or so before the day. It used to be so much fun! And the cheering on the day – it was superb! Yes, we used to get snacks too!

    But now polictics has spoilt everything every party has a hidden agenda behind what they do … BJP congress and anyother they are all bunch of hypocrites and dont have the countires well being at all in there hearts other then there own selfish reasons

    There is not a single party that actually wants to do good – that is the tragedy.
    Eveyr politicians has spoilt everything ….

    I understand the hard time faced teeching the little one … I would suggest leave her alone when she grows up she can make her own mind .. 🙂

    I had no plans to teach her anything – the problem is that she wants to know everything 😦 Even if it makes no sense to her!

  2. Awww,I can imagine how curious little minds can be. ummas to Kunjumani 🙂

    “Even today, when I hear it, my heart swells with pride, and I stand straight, just as we were taught back in school, straight and proud!” Totally, Smits! I feel the same 🙂

    Happy Republic to you too. Hugs 🙂

  3. happy republic day!

    am looking forward to what she has to say to her teacher 😛 about republic day..

    p.s: today we celebrated republic day in college, and somebody in the auditorium made the cardinal mistake of wishing “Happy Independence Day” !!!!!

  4. Happy Republic Day!

    Even today, when I hear it, my heart swells with pride, and I stand straight, just as we were taught back in school, straight and proud!

    Me too…
    I am sure even your daughter will soon share this pride.

    • Hopefully, Happy Kitten. If we continue to stay here- then I would doubt it – and it would not even be fair, you know.. But yes, if we go back to India, I sure hope she will too 🙂

  5. She is cute to say that UK is her country,it has to be her country where she is brought up and where she spends her childhood.Now even after 7 months of coming pinky says dubai is her place not hyd.

    🙂 Pinky is a sweetheart 🙂 Yes, the learn that at school, in a way, it is their country, as you say.

    Today after ages i saw the republic day parade on tv.Infact varu was told by her teacher about the republic day parade and she insisted that i change channel from cartoon to DD national.

    Awww!! Wow! She must have loved the republic day parade!

    When the national anthem was sung,she got up and stood straight singing the anthem.

    Hugs to Pinkuda! She is so smart!
    Happy republic day.
    You too, Sari!

  6. So cute!!! It is difficult to explain, I so understand that!!! Yday I was telling R about how India was ruled by ‘some bad people’ for 300 years, and I was about to tell him that those baddies were the Brits, and then realised, he was better off not knowing now 🙂

  7. Its so hard living in a foreign country and explain “India as a home country”
    A friend of ours was once asked- Are you India, his reply was: “I am not, my parents are”
    It was true, agreed. He smiled. But it hurthis parents a lot. And needless to say, I was shocked.
    Fingers crossed, our kids dont say that when we are older

  8. 3 posts in 3 days… That is why I can’t keep up with your blog 😛

    But I read all three of them, very interesting. I guess with the rise in global citizens, it would generally start becoming confusing to answer a simple question “Where are you from?” Our kids would start thinking of the country they grew up in as Home.

    Unfortunately or fortunately, for us in Dubai, we’ll always remain Indians and our kids will go to Indian schools and get the day off on Republic day and have celebrations on Independence day. So it isn’t that tough to help them keep in touch.

    But yes, why wasn’t the flag raised is really a tough thing to answer to a 4 year old. Wonder where she’s got this inquisitive trait from 😛

  9. Happy republic day to you too Smitha….
    Do write a post on what poohi’s teacher said…. 🙂
    I too miss my school and the way we celebrated republic day there….

  10. I can so understand what you mean. It’s complicated and so tough doing the explaining. But she’ll figure it all out once she grows up. I don’t remember anyone telling us overtly about I-Day and Republic Day yet that feeling of pride is there. The kids’ll pick it up too.

  11. This post reminded me of my school R-day preps and celebration…?Yesterday I watch full parade after really long time and felt happy!!
    can imagine how much tough it must be for kids to understand & relate with country where they are not living..
    Happy Republic day to you too !!

  12. oh somehow had missed this post..any way..

    I know what you feel about poohi calling UK her ‘own’ country…your thought process here is justified..

    come to think of the lot who lives here in India..telling them the same thing is also equally difficult..the hows and whys of the matters like why some part of our own country is not to be called as our OWN…or for that matter any of such issues cropping up every now and then 😦

    having said that I think every country has and will have some things or the other going around like a wave all the time,of course affecting the common man,and making it difficult for parents specially to make their toddlers understand why certain things happen 😦

  13. I used to love the republic day parades too.. and yeah,i guess to Poohi the frame of reference will be the UK. when she grows bigger,she’ll appreciate you for telling her all about India.

  14. Oh, I know….its difficult explaining even living in the same country, Smithu….Children being so innocent, just cant decipher why shld ppl fight for land….let both countries rule or leave the place…the innocents being killed is something they cant take. I can understand ur position….theres more to come on this.

    I was part of the Republic Day parade in Chennai, for 3 years and it gives me a gr8 sense of pride to have done that. That feeling of pride, when we hear our National Anthem is just toooo good to describe. 🙂

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