I have a sneaking suspicion..

.. daughter reads my blog.

The other day, while playing ‘Mummies and Daddies’, she told husband and me, ‘Daddy – You can be the Daddy, Amma can be the daughter, and I will be the Mummy’.

Then she went on to call Daddy, ‘Husband, shall we go shopping’. and ‘daughter, Lets get ready’! I wonder where she got that from – I never call husband, ‘husband’ or daughter ‘daughter’, in real life!


36 thoughts on “I have a sneaking suspicion..

  1. Ha ha ha ha.Maybe she heard u talking with someone and saying my husband and my daughter. Cute pie she is 🙂

    Pinky sometimes says your mother when she wants to tell me about her granny (she heard husband saying your mother to me).

  2. LOL. Maybe she heard you or someone else talking and picked it up.

    BTW, how old is your daughter? Is that her in the header pic? She looks very cute. 🙂

  3. And this post might have been written by her while the actual “mother” is away .. hain na?? 😉 😉

    Lolz… Poohi is adorable both through the witty words and in the swesome header 😛

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