Thursday Challenge – Construction

I thought I’d sneak this one in 🙂 as part of this week’s Thursday Challenge (“CONSTRUCTION” (Houses, Streets, Commercial, Equipment, Vehicles,…)…. This counts as construction, don’t you think, so what if it is made of ‘building blocks’?

PS: Will get down to replying to comments and blog-hopping, have been busy 😦



23 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Construction

  1. Nice lego and building blocks were my favourites tooo I still got so many of them in my loft .. Maybe i shud do soemthing today with them pass the time .. resting all time is BAD for health 🙂

    lovely pic and Its standing and Tall.. It sure does pass as a lovely construction 🙂

  2. This def is construction, Smithu!! Poohi is creative 😀

    You know what else is construction… two-layered chocolate cake! :mrgreen:

    I so agree! And I wish someone else would make one for me now 🙂 I made chocolate cake last friday – and it is all over 😦

    I see a giraffe on the side of the construction, and he interests me! 😀 😀 😀 he seems to be sleeping… let me know when he wakes up, if he’ll be my friend! 😀

    Oh yes 🙂 Poohi will be delighted to send across giraffe to you 🙂 He sleeps with the little Ballerina you gave Poohi these days 🙂


  3. Oh yes this definitely counts, Smits!

    And Kunju, well done 🙂 So the building has a terrace garden..I ,like those flowers on the roof :D. Ummas to you, sweetie-pie 🙂

  4. Awwww so cute. The sight of a kid working busily with his/her building blocks never fails to touch a chord with me. 🙂
    Of course, this counts as construction. 🙂

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