Where the love gets in By Tara Heavey

A sleepy little harbour town of Clare, has an unexpected visitor, a dolphin. Fisherman Aidan is the first to spot her and christens her Star.

The dolphin’s appearance prompts him to give up his fishing business, and star a Dolphin boat tour instead. But before he could get started, he comes across a beautiful woman with her autistic daughter. She, he later realizes, is a famous actress, Sarah Dillon, recovering from breast cancer, had come to the little village, in the hope that the dolphin helps her daughter’s autism.

Aidan is married to Fiona, the GP, of the little town. Fiona, from Dublin, originally, had moved here when she got married to Aidan. Once a romantic, happy couple, they are now practically strangers, living together and bringing up their children, dreading the moment when they youngest, Tommy gets ready to fly the nest.

Fiona and Sarah, both strong women, would have been the best of friends, in another world, but here, things are very different. Emotions spill, hearts are broken, lives get changed, over the span of one summer. Star, the dolphin,almost feels omnipresent, working her magic, in more ways than one.

It was a very different and powerful book. Each of the characters beautifully etched. The internal struggle within Aidan and the dynamics of the different relationships and the way the village reacts to the goings on, is just beautifully written.In the background is Sarah’s daughter Maia, who was the reason, Sarah came to the little village, in the first place. The fragile quality of life, how things we take for granted could change like we can never imagine, of how love can come when one least expects it… how powerful love can be..It was a beautiful read.

I loved the look, and would recommend it to anyone who likes romantic tales, with a difference. It brings you to tears, makes you wish that everything works out. It has a haunting feel to it. I especially loved the way she ended the story.

35 thoughts on “Where the love gets in By Tara Heavey

    • Unsuspecting Crafty strolls by.

      Reads comment.

      Crafty (yet again) = 😯

      Smithu putting Crafty to bed next to Poohi kutty and tucking her in, with blanket over her head.

      Crafty, under blanket = 😯

      Vimmuuu saar = Clobbered by Smithu, and further will be clobbered when Indyeah KRS gets back!!

        • ROFL @ Crafty !! When will you ever grow up? I have been controlling myself a lot because of you around ! But I couldnt resist this time, I am sorry 😀 😀 😀 and you can close your eyes now !!

          @ Smitha : whatever happened to freedom of speech and expression !!! but next time, think twice when you publish something like this 😀 😀 😀 😀

          • @ Vimmuuu Saar: I will grow up when you will grow up, and everyone else around us.
            Now if we look at smithu’s kitchen, we’l find smithu licking leftover cake batter straight from the bowl :mrgreen:

            Means…. not anytime soon, none of us!! 😀 😀 😀

            @ Smithu: We’ll have to check for two things before we post – Is it all ok to publish. Then, is it Vimmuuu-safe. And the second one, we’ll never be sure of till he comments! 😈

  1. Love story. And haunting feel. Erm….

    I dunno Smithu, I’m yet to acquire the taste and patience for romance in books. I’m still (like in my adolescence) hooked to mystery / detective stories / drama in books!!

    Is it okie if I’m glad to have read this short and concise description by you? 😀 😀 😀

  2. I love romance, especially in books. So I am sure I’ll like this. I already have a long reading list ready, but I need to figure out how and where to find these books 😦

    • This is not all about Autism – that is just one angle. I remember reading some very powerful books on autism – will let you know when I recall the names.

  3. he hehe I guess VImuuu comment SAYS IT ALL..

    amazing everywhere there are so many book reviews, GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd i need to make time to read all the books that i have baught and everyone keeps putting more books 🙂


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