A Reading Challenge

Books have always been part of my life, as far back as I remember. Reading is what I do. That is the one thing that always happens, irrespective of how every other variable in my life could change.

So when I came across the South Asian Challenge at Smita’s blog, all I could do was rush here and sign up for it.What could be more fun! I have been reading a lot of Indian Authors with a sprinkling of Pakistani and Sri Lankan authors. This would be a wonderful opportunity to read some more. I just love the fact that I would get to know about a lot of authors that I had no idea about, by reading others who participate in this challenge. Oh it is so exciting!

The South Asian Challenge is a reading challenge that is Blogger and Reviewer S Krishna’s brainchild, to encourage people to read South Asian books. To know more about the South Asian Challenge or to sign up, please do hop here.

I am signing up for the South Asian Challenge 2011, and am hoping to read 10 South Asian books in the next year. I don’t have a reading list as of now, but will put it up soon.











32 thoughts on “A Reading Challenge

  1. I used to love books at one time, got caught up in the baby and work and other stuff and now I am trying to catch up with it again. And my only source of books(of Asian authors) here is my local library. Thanks to book reviews on your blog, I have reading quite a few Asian authors now. I think I am also going to sign up for this challenge. At least it will inspire me to catch up on my reading habit.

    • Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Do sign up – I am sure it will be a fun way to read new books 🙂

      My only source of books(any book, for that matter), is also my local library – I can’t thank it enough for it’s existence 🙂 Thankfully, they do seem to have a decent collection too.

  2. LOL – vimmuus – even you is to be read as “dnt tell me that u too r a book reading freak! i jst dnt do tht mistake”
    nd ths sounds fun! i wish i had more time! ths lill boy here jst doesnt allow me for anything

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