We have been waiting..

.. for snow..

Yesterday, the forecast said ‘Light snow showers at 3:00’, and we had our eyes peeled at 3, waiting. The wait went on until 4. Daughter gave up before me. I logged in to check if the weather forecast had changed, only to realize that it said very clearly, ’03:00 am (Thu). Silly me, not to read it properly.

The first thing, I did this morning was to check if the forecast held true. Well, it most certainly did  – but it must have been a very very light shower, the only thing left was a thin layer of ice on the top of cars. How disappointing. This morning was slightly better. We have had light showers of snow, which disappears as soon as it hits the ground, but it is better than, nothing, don’t you think?

Here is how it was last year. And here’s one from last year for today’s Thursday Challenge- “WEATHER” (Snow, Sun, Cloudy, Rain, Lightening, Rainbow, Tornado,…).

35 thoughts on “We have been waiting..

  1. Beautiful, Smitha! The trees minus leaves with white carpet down below, with the sun rising in the background!

    Thank you, Sandhya. Snowy weather is gorgeous – even if it does make life difficult at times..

    Thank you!

  2. AWESOME !!!Fantastic click and such a beautiful place. The tree in the centre is looking quite sexy…. 😉

    This was an old abandoned building, near our old place, and it was a mental hospital, so people say it is haunted 🙂 Sexy tree? Uma, are you alright? Can I check your temperature?

    Me too wishing for snow, sitting here in Chennai….I just love that snow fall. I know its not possible in Chennai, but what harm in wishing…. 😉 😉

    You want snow in Chennai? I want sun in Leeds! Talk about grass being greener 🙂

  3. Awww..heavenly, Smits! The carpet of snow, the trees sans the leaves, the sun rays in the background… everything looks so beautiful 🙂

    Thanks Deeps – You should come here and see it for yourself 🙂

    And the header is super-duper!!
    Thanks dearie! Last year snow — taken while it was snowing 🙂

  4. I loved that introduction before the pic came up. Makes Thursday challenge seem better…than just a random pic!

    I prefer a few words too 🙂

    And I honestly find it precious…that you are sharing those memories of ur daughter…waiting for the snow to fall… 🙂

    🙂 Awww Ash!

      • aapke mooh mein ghee shakkar .. . 😛
        but u see, with global warming pretty much evident now , I see the climate change in the opposite way 🙂 .. chennai might just get hotter 🙂

  5. Snow is so looked forward to everywhere 🙂 There’s something about the flakes that come dancing to the earth!

    ‘There’s something about the flakes that come dancing to the earth!’ – Oh yes! I can spend hours gazing at those snow flakes 🙂

    Such a pretty picture!
    Thanks Pepper.

  6. I wonder how come their predictions are so correct whereas over here even after so many years we can’t even predict the time of arrival of monsoons correctly!

    • Actually, you are right – weather forecast is quite accurate here. It snowed as per the forecast, and here the changes in weather are very quick too, but they seem to be able to predict it quite well.

  7. Ohhh first Deeps captures the sun of 25th Nov .. u capture snow .. aaah Ill ear mark these pages to show charulata how nature celebrated her birth this year 😀

    Btw u know it snowed for the first time in Zurich too this year on 25th .. just as the little one opened her eyes 😀

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