Wordless Wednesday – 14

Actually, a not-so-wordless Wednesday. A guessing Wednesday, to be more accurate.

There is something odd about this banana tree. Can you figure out what?

Take a closer look..

Edited to Add : Sandhya, PNA, Sags and Dreamer got it totally right – You guys are experts πŸ™‚ Normally the bananas form after the last leaf has come out – right from the centre. In this case, it seems to have branched out. A mutant banana tree πŸ™‚

My mom and dad spotted and clicked this. and sent it across to me to see if I could figure it out – but I was clueless 😦

56 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 14

  1. the banana bunch is growing from the side rather than from the middle of the bunch of leaves on the top! and there’s only a single tier…

    It so reminds me of my Mum’s home! I love sleeping on the coconut leaf bed in the afternoon under the shade of trees πŸ˜€

  2. Bananas aren’t growing from the top like it usually does but form the side and the bananas normally should all be growing upwards in a sort of U. Some of these blokes have decided to be contrary?

  3. i only eat bananas.. never bothered to study where they come from.. so i can identify a banana tree, but not much beyond that! so i couldnt identify what was different!

    • The trophy is a bunch of bananas πŸ™‚ How shall I send it across to you?

      * Poohi trying to imitate you, by trying to jump on my couch, with my shoes 😦 *

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