Crafts and challenges and love

This week’s Thursday Challenge is so perfect for a post that had been languishing in my drafts for a while now. This week, it is all about Crafts((Supplies, Knitting, Crocheting, Woodworking, Pottery, Painting,…) And everytime, I hear ‘craft’, all I(and Poohi and husband) can think of is our dear Crafty. So here goes, a post dedicated to Crafty.

And I also cheat, I have a lot more than one picture. I am not sure what the rules are, but does it really matter?

I was holidaying at home, totally out of touch with everybody else but family, when I logged into my blogging email and came across a very angry email from Crafty, demanding that I send her my address. As you guys know, I went underground when on vacation, so I saw this email rather late, and then managed to get Crafty’s number from Swaram and called her. What a bubbly, happy voice! So different from the low, unwell sounding Crafty I spoke to today. Crafty, please get well soon! Your last post had most of us worried. While we are delighted that you are on the way to recovery, we don’t want to hear of you being this unwell ever. Please get well soon! Hugs! And extra special hugs from Poohi.

So coming back to my holiday story, Crafty had made some lovely, lovely stuff for Poohi and me. See the pic below. That is Poohi’s ballerina. Crafty, she has been inseparable from it ever since she got hold of it . She even took it to school and told every body that Crafty Aunty made it for her. So now, everybody, including family, friends and random neighbours know of Crafty Aunty 🙂

And the lovely scarf that Crafty made for Poohi. You know what? Grey is also the colour of her uniform, so she can even wear it to school! What more can a little girl ask for 🙂

And below are some of the goodies that Crafty sent for Poohi and me:), although Poohi thinks that all this is just for her 😦 Aren’t those clips just the cutest? And the bookmarks! I swear, I end up admiring the bookmark instead of reading the book, a lot of times 🙂

I just wish I had half of her talent and heart! Hugs Crafty, get well soon and please do come and become my neighbour as you have been threatening 🙂 Nothing would give us more pleasure 🙂 Hugs again 🙂

45 thoughts on “Crafts and challenges and love

  1. “Wowwww look at those purple clips!!” Thats Namnam screaming 🙂 They are beautiful, Smits. WI love the grey scarf.

    They are gorgeous, aren’t they? My mother was so impressed that Crafty thought of such a cool idea!

    Crafty is a sweetheart, she is a darling. Hope and pray she gets well soon 🙂

    She is, isn’t she? Lets all pray for her to recover quick!

    hat an apt post for the thursday challenge!

    :)Me and crafts are far far apart 😦

    • “Me and crafts are far far apart ” same pinch!

      Know what Smits, I have kept the letter safely which Crafty had written for Namnam when she sent the crochets she made for her. I cant wait for her to start reading by herself so I can hand the letter over to her.

      It truly is a blessing to have friends like Crafty. God bless her 🙂

  2. Even I remember Crafty whenever I see the word ‘Craft’, this Thursday. I expected all to write about Crafty, when I read the word.

    Me too 🙂 Crafty is all I can think of when I hear the word, ‘craft’ 🙂

    So many beautiful things she has made for Poohi! She is one of a kind. Everyone will know her now, my friends and relatives too! She is going to be OK soon!

    She really is one a kind! I feel lucky to have met her here 🙂 One of the best parts of the blogging world 🙂

    Am sure she will be alright soon!

  3. Lovely post!! The love just shines through! 🙂
    Loved everything that Crafty has made, specially the scarf, ballerina and the bookmarks.

  4. Lovely post smitha and special hugs to crafty for speedy recovery.

    So sweet of poohi she is covering her ballerina with a sheet as if she is putting her to sleep..Hugs to her.

    Lovely clips,bookmark and the scarf.Even varu calls her crafty aunty and many times she visits her blog to check whether her pinkoo is there in the pcs or not and she see what else aunty has made (maybe she plans to ask her if she likes anything ;))


    • OMG Sari, Varu checks to see if there is new stuff put up?

      I will put some up when I make few more… it’s been ages. Needless to say, she is free to pick what she likes!!! 😀

      (((((((((hugs))))))))) for wishes, Sari!

  5. Hugs Smithu! So nice of u to dedicate this post to our sweet girl and she soo deserves it too 🙂 God bless her and hope she is back to her chirpy, bubbly self sooooon 🙂

  6. I loveeeee the grey scarf. Gorgeous piece of art is what I call it. Wonder how some people are brimming with such creativity and some others are so devoid of it..

  7. Hey what’s wrong with our Crafty Kutty? 😯 Is she sick or is her boss troubling her? 😡

    You did not read her latest post? Go click on the link!

    That Ballerina is so gorgeous. and i love those pink and green clips. Crafty is so so talented and she has the heart the size of the entire Milky Way 🙂

    Absolutely! She sure has a heart the size of the entire Milky way!

    Thank god you and Deeps are non crafty like moi. If you put me anywhere near those crochet threads, I would end up all tangled and dangling from them 😥

    Me too, Saksh! I even bought the wool and crochet needles and everything and it has not moved further from there 😦 I so need a crochet teacher here!

    • Sakshi partner, I too get tangled in wool… mom rescues me, after she is done laughing, that is… 👿

      (((((((hugs)))))) for all the wishes. Smithu herself has a heart as sweet as a chocolate orange cake!!! 😀

  8. Gosh Smithu!!!! An entire post for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    *see, i can yell on blogs*

    🙂 Of course you can 🙂 Is that a sign that you are better 🙂


    (((((((((((((((((tight hugs)))))))))))))))))

    Tight hugs back to you !!

    That is so heartwarming, my haemoglobin must have increased a bit… considering my face has gone red 😳

    Oh good 🙂 Then I don’t mind doing a post like this every week, if it increases your haemoglobin count 🙂

    Smithu, such kind words, even more in comments…

    Kind words? You deserve all this and more!

    Am glad I could send that doll for Poohi, i had saved it for her ever since i had read your post on how she keeps singing “Dancing Queen”… my darling cutiepie!

    You know, she loves it so much! She shows off that doll to every single person she can! I am paranoid that she will lose it, but she seems to be taking very good care of it 🙂

    And i would crochet for months on end for those on-screen ummas she sends me! tee heeeee

    Here’s some more from her 🙂 And she says she will pray for you to get better 🙂

    She’s making the doll do all the ballet poses, ain’t she adorable!! and she even puts her to bed so cozy. (psst: has the doll told Poohi about how her previous owner kept her all crowded with all sorts of other creatures? 🙄 )

    Oh yes, the doll gets tired after all the dancing, you see 🙂 One of her bigger dolls has ‘adopted’ her – So your ballerina has a mum too now 🙂

    And Poohi kept all the heart stickers!! 😀
    Next time, she’s getting a full lot of stickers… that she won’t have to prise out of a letter!!!

    She loves those stickers so much! She has kept them safely 🙂 She made me take off every sticker off your letter 🙂 She calls them ‘Crafty aunty’s hearts’ 🙂

    That scarf is the first one I ever made. Great that she can wear it to school toooo!!!

    That is so gorgeous, Crafty – and so perfect for her! Perfect for the weather and matches so well with her school uniform too 🙂 It was as if it were just made for her!

    Am glad you liked everything, Smithu. I knew I had to do bookmarks for you, ‘coz you read so often 😀 😀 😀

    Liked? We LOVED everything 🙂 Husband was so touched by your letter! It was a package full of love!

    I sent an angry mail? You’re being kind to me Smithu, it was a very THREATENING mail that i sent :mrgreen:

    Yes, that probably was 🙂 I remember being all scared after reading it 🙂

    With so many wishes for you guys, esp the kind words in comments, it won’t be long before we’ll talk again, and I won’t scare you with my melancholy low voice! :mrgreen:

    Yes, do get better soon! We are waiting to hear the chirpy, bubbly Crafty again 🙂

    This was very thoughtful of you, Smithu… I’m really reallllllyyy…..oh never mind…. why put it in words?

    ((((((((((((((((tight cuddle hugs)))))))))))))))

    tight cuddle hugs!!!!!! and on screen ummas from Poohi 🙂

  9. Btw, Poohi & Varu calling me Crafty Aunty?!!!!

    Sigh, I can sleep in peace now.

    You like it so much 🙂 Half the people I know go to all sorts of lengths to avoid it 🙂

    Most of my nieces & nephews just won’t call me aunty… they hear my cousins call me by my name, and they do the same.

    Awww! That must be because they know that you are young at heart 🙂

    One day when I yelled “I want to be called Aunty, dammit!!”
    My cousins, and my uncles & aunts, all referred to me as “Aunty” for the rest of the day. but the kids… they simply won’t pick the right habit!!! 👿

    LOL! They just think of you as ‘crafty’ 🙂

    God bless Poohi & Varu… I’m finally aunty!!!
    (I find it closest to being motherly.. hence the crazy urge to be called that 😛 )

    That is so sweet, Crafty!

  10. Such a sweet darling is that Crafty kutty. Hugs to her and my wishes for a speedy recovery, dear. 🙂

    Smithu….they are just damn good and so very thoughtful gifts…me just love them…the ballerina is damn cute. 🙂

    Hey, and a Happy Diwali to you and your family. 🙂

  11. there is only one simple way to say this. crafty’s got a heart of gold. i mean if i were making all these beautiful things, i would never part with them! they take too much time and effort to make!
    @crafty- time to get well SUPER DUPER soon, hip chick!

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