48 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 12

    • Yes, they are the fields in the distance. The road was rather high, and we were able to see to a great distance 🙂 The fields are still green. It won’t be long before it gets all sad and wintery, though.

  1. In the interest of calling a spade a spade and at the risk of sounding rude, I must say that the photo you have put up is not worth a second glance. The colors are washed out, there is no detail whatsoever, and the composition is lackluster. I have seen far better work from you and find this out of place and diluting an otherwise okay record till date.
    What surprises me even more is that your blog friends have jumped in with glowing comments. Politeness is fine, but this might be crossing the line into lying. Sure, one could argue art is open to personal interpretation and what is terrible for me could be outstanding for another.

    • Everybody is entitled to their views. It is perfectly alright for you to not like something and say that. However questioning others’ opinions and saying that they are ‘lying’ is going a bit too far, in my books.

      • I never said they are lying because I do not know for sure. But I suspect that they are. And there is a difference between these two thoughts. And questioning something that I find questionable is perfectly alright in my books.

        • Absolutely – you can question something you find questionable – no issues with that – as far as you are not questioning other people’s intentions.

          You find the picture bland or not worth the trouble – of course, you have the full liberty to say so, and I would be more than happy to take that on board. If I post something on a public forum – yes, I would expect all sorts of comments.

          • Maybe I am too much a fan of your posts to let something under par slip by without a hue and cry 🙂
            More power to your blog, Smitha. And the new header is more like what’s expected of you!

            • Thanks Gurdas 🙂 I had no idea that you followed me, actually 🙂

              This picture was shot from a moving car, and from inside the window – which is why it is not as sharp. And the reason I posted it was because, I like the way the landscape looks. Red autumn leaves and the green fields in the background.

              I more than appreciate feedback – so thanks 🙂

              Thanks, the new header is the picture of one of my favourite things here 🙂

  2. autum leaves .. I got a similar view just outside my office window the trees and leaves …

    Lucky you! I love the way autumn looks!

    its all orangy red and yellowy these days even the Roads and paths 🙂

    Oh yes 🙂 It feels so pretty, doesn’t it?


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