The perfect blend of flavours.. so different for different people. For me one of the most perfect blend of flavours would be chocolate and orange. I just love the taste of chocolate and orange together.

I love orange, the fruit, orange in cakes, and love chocolate in all forms. Put orange and chocolate in a cake, and what more can I ask for?  Jaffa cakes must have been made for me.  What I don’t get is, how much husband hates the taste/flavour of orange in sweets. He steers clear of all citrus based cakes and sweets. So when I make chocolate orange muffins, they are all consumed by daughter and myself.

I can’t help wondering how we develop tastes. Each of us seem to have some flavours which we love and some which we are totally put off by. I remember eating something which I was absolutely delighted by, but husband was totally, totally put off, and vice versa. I guess all of you have figured out by now, how diverse our tastes in food are!

I remember reading how we could develop tastes for healthy food, especially in young children by exposing them to healthy eating right from childhood. I am hoping that this theory works, or I am sure to have a very angry daughter when she gets to know that I deprived her of junk food, unnecessarily.

Food is not just about eating is it? It is all about the experiences, the memories, the nostalgia that we associate with certain food. The smell of vanilla in baking, makes me all nostalgic and want to gobble everything up. Similarly, the chaats that I ate when I was growing up is unmatched by anything I eat today. I keep looking for a certain sort of baked mushroom, which I once had somewhere, and is yet to be matched by any restaurant since. Husband says it exists only in my mind. Nostalgia puts a premium value on some foods which might taste absolutely ordinary to others. Comfort foods have their own place, don’t they? Food combinations that sound(and taste) weird to some, tastes heavenly to others. The environment that we grew up in, the food that we had as a child, all contributes to the tastes that we develop.

Apparently,in addition to all these factors, we also have our genes to blame for liking or not liking some food. So next time, we had better not blame the cook/chef for something that we don’t like – it’s all your ancestor’s fault!

Do tell me, what flavours works for you? Do you go eww at cheese or do you go gaga at jalapenos or is it daal-chaawal that makes your meal?

And if the sound of orange and chocolate makes your tastebuds do a jiggy, here you go…

38 thoughts on “The perfect blend of flavours..

  1. I label myself as a foodie who is always looking for new flavours. My peculiarity is a hard to get over dislike of cherry flavour. I remember grabbing a bright red drink shortly after landing in US and one sip later I had this disgusted look on my face. My strong dislike for cherry draws from an incident planted in my childhood, when I happened to touch this insect that gives a very foul odour as defense mechanism. Maybe that odour was some cherry mix, maybe not. But in my mind cherry and that odour are one! Other than that, I am game for any food/flavour.

    Oh dear! Cherry is such a strong dislike for you? But I can understand, I am sure a lot of us have stories like this related to food, we just cannot stomach.

  2. Count me in for wide variety of mix and match of flavors 😛
    sweet of chocolate with the zesty zing of orange sounds super yummy 😀 😀 ….me wants them right away *drool*

  3. I love chocolate and Orange flavors!

    You too, Pixie 🙂 Same pinch 🙂

    Another fave is chocolate and strawberry… chocolate and mint! 😀 😀

    I am not too fond of chocolate and mint, for some reason 😦

    And yea, food is an experience! the flavours, the taste, the experience of eating something amazing at an amazing place! 🙂

    Isn’t it?

    Food is linked to childhood memories… especially the pickles granny used to make! 🙂

    Oh yes! Absolutely!!

    Those cupcakes look super yummy! 🙂

    They were, even if I say so myself 🙂 I loved them!

    I loved this post Smithus! 🙂

    Thanks Pixie 🙂

  4. I dont think taste comes from genes… lke bones above… ! certainly not… me and my parents are far apart !!!

    That I know! Your mom has no idea what kind of food you eat 🙂

    I also dont share your liking for orange and chocolate… ! I love chocolates too much bitter/dark ones most !!! and I am a true fan of Oranges… one of my favourite fruits… even I always insist my wife to arrange for a glass of orange juice every morning ! (fresh one no preservative wala) but I dont like orange cakes or orange chocolates !!! lol… !!

    I love orange juice too, Dhiren! I can get high on orange juice 🙂

    One of the most most perfect blends I find is bread with molten cheese… with a dash of tomato !!!! I mean that has to be the most lovely taste for me !!!

    I love bread and I love cheese, and I love tomato – all three together – heaven 🙂

  5. Good Grief, Smithu!!! There’s a picture of cupcakes…
    I wanna live next door to you!!!!

    Come, crafty! It will be such fun! And you will have to give me crochet tuition then – this youtube is not working for me 😦 All my friends and Poohi’s friends already know about you, s they will be delighted to have you living near us 🙂

    *waiting for Swaroo to come drooling and join me in queue*

    The kumbhakarna & Bhakasur ki jodi! :mrgreen:

    I ADORE orange & choco combo. I esp like it when orange rinds are embedded in dark chocolate. Oh man… i have flooded my office with drool…

    Same pinch, same pinch! ‘I esp like it when orange rinds are embedded in dark chocolate.’ – Same here!

    I also like cherry& rum taste in chocolates, but yes, special spot for orange!

    I love rum in chocolates too! Not so keen on cherry though.

    If those are cupcakes you baked, here’s a recipe request!!!! Pliss Smithu!
    Okie dokes – will put up the recipe next 🙂

    Remember you said you’d bake a chocolate cake for me… switch to these cupcakes!!!! 😀

    Done 🙂

    Hugs! and loads of love from Poohi and me!

  6. This will sound very weird… but I know by looking/smelling a dish that I am gonna like/dislike it and it’s ditto for Aaryan. For instance, I cannot stand the smell of Papayas/Melon and I dislike their taste while hubby loves these fruits. And when Aaryan was introduced to these fruits, he disliked them too and for most of the foody things, we share common likes and dislikes.
    Incidentally, my parents like these fruits…so is it genes?? I wonder!
    I like Oranges and Chocolates…separately, but not together in a dish!

    • Oh no -it makes perfect sense! I think the sense of smell has a lot to do with tastes. I can’t even think of eating some things because of the way they smell. I can’t stand the smell of barbecue sauce here – it totally puts me off – have never tasted it because I can’t stand the smell 😦

  7. Woww! Am droooling over the pic Smithu!
    We hv totally totally diverse choices in food and flavours too. I love anything spicy and hate even the sight of cheese, while its totally vice-versa with the husband 😉

  8. The cakes are absolute gobble-worthy! Not much of a fan of orange flavour, Smits..but I love the taste when blended with chocolate. In fact I’m up for anything which is blended with chocolate :).

    • Anything blended with chocolate 🙂 Btw did you try out the gelatos in Milan? They are divine! In Rome, we found gelatos in every possible flavour and each of them gorgeous!

        • I can so imagine! Tiramisu flavoured gelato – yum! I LOVE tiramsu! Now, I have to go there! I should remind N about the Gelatos – he had gelatos for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙂

  9. That pic is certainly drool-worthy !!! 🙂 😛 😛

    Of course, the genes matter a lot…for likes and dislikes !!! 🙂 And childhood foods certainly score over others… 🙂 🙂

    I am sure they do, for most of us.

    I dont like chocolate nor orange…generally I dont like cakes and all….am sweet toothed only to jaggery based sweets….there has been a sudden twist in my tongue, when I started growing younger… 😉 😉

    Really ? And you bake such wonderful cakes!

    While all others at home, eat rasogullahs, I eat chikki laddus… 😛 😛 Quite a funny scene, I tell u…. 🙂

    LOL! But healthy choice, Uma 🙂

    • You don’t like Jaffa cakes 😦 I used to hog them when I was working. Our vending machine had jaffa cakes, and I think I must have consumed a huge amount of them 🙂

  10. Wonderful looking cupcakes smiths,now that i got my microwave will bake them soon.

    Same like ur hubby i don’t like oranges or any citrus fruits in sweets,i love chocolate and vanilla fav cakes.Where as both daughters enjoy licking oranges and lemons.

    Recipe pls….

  11. 1st off, I want the recipe!
    And then…. chaat… yumm. God! I am sure genes are the only thing to blame for my terribly unhealthy eating habits. What a burden of guilt that lifts off my shoulders. 😉

  12. i love orange-dark chocolate combo.. so that pic makes me go jiggyyyy !! 🙂 fav would be blueberry cheesecake ,so i go for the tart+ creamy combo.. otherwise i guess i love most food !

  13. Drool drool..all over your blog.. Those muffins, I could move close to where you live just for them..

    Food I get most nostalgic about..well that would have to be what my grandmaa use to make..simple simple food, but no one can make it the way she used to..and since she is no more I can never have that exact taste anymore..

  14. Food definitely nostalgic…. 100%…. years after a party.. yuou forget the dress, the attire.. but fondly remember that one additional mithai.. which was super yumm1

  15. Ah, a post about food! When it comes to flavours for desserts.. I can’t see anything other than chocolate. I am partial and blind and don’t like mixing of flavours.

    Nostalgia hits me heavily when I think of those thick long strips of fried potato my grandmom would make, sprinkled with home ground red chili powder, served with dal and rice.

    I don’t get that stuff anymore. For now, I enjoy anything and everything that has cheese in it.

  16. I was so vigorously nodding my head in agreement, I almost fell off my chair!!! I LOVE the orange chocolate combo and there’s this coffee shop in Ggn that does a perfect version of the orange chocolate bake. Not a fan of strawberry and those typically Indian flavours like kewra/elaichi….

    Jeez how is it I discovered you so late!!!!!

  17. I envy Poohi, who has got such an expert/loving mother! Now, I think I will look for your recipes when I am asked to make these cakes for my grand children! My son and both my husband and I are reluctant to eat these buttery sugary cakes! Thank you!

    The cakes look too good not to taste, though!

  18. I love orange and chocolate combination, too. For that matter, anything goes for me provided it is mixed with chocolate. 🙂

    My comfort foods are – pizzas, pav bhaji and chocolate. 🙂

    I can so relate to what you’re saying in your post. Me and the better half have very diverse tastes too. Most of the times, he is going Ewww when I adore the taste of something, and vice versa 😛

  19. I’m too not a fan of orange+chocolate 😀 In general I like chocolate sponge cake rather the cream one.

    But overall I don’t have a sweet tooth, so there ! And about you and hubby having different tastes…ah tell me about it !! This side too we’re poles apart when it comes to food !!! Sigh !

    Oh and I wish too that my children in future don’t hate me for not introducing them junk food 🙂

  20. I luv anything mix with choclate…whether its hot choco fudge or choco mint icecream or mango choclate cake…i m always happy to gobble that:-)
    I also anything spicy ….not like much sweets though…and i was nodding my head durinr reading every line of your post…so true,so apt….food liking disliking comes from childhood ..there is so much similarity in food which me and my mum likes…and now angel too seems liking same 🙂

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  22. I love sweet..and I love the usual Indian masalas’ taste in food items except that of rasam..I dislike rasam. I also don’t like chocolate taste and my tolerance for chilly is v v low. 🙂

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