Wordless Wednesday – 11


40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 11

    • 🙂 Yes, they are mice 🙂 I think the light is to keep them warm. There is a place called ‘Tropical World’ here in Leeds, where they show case flora and Fauna from the Tropical parts of the world. It is a fun place to visit. For us ofcourse, we have seen a lot of these in India 🙂

  1. Mice ???? OMG, how did they line up like that ????

    No idea! I wish I knew!

    Interesting pic….one minute, I was wondering what it could be, before the comments enlightened me… 😉

    🙂 We were so zapped when we saw this 🙂

    • There is this place called Tropical World here – where they have showcased Flora and Fauna from tropical regions across the world. It is quite interesting, although Poohi gets a little creeped out after a while.

  2. Oh My Dracula!!! 😯 I knew I knew you were a mad scientist in disguise 😯 😯 Tell us the truth. They are the ones you do your cooking experiments on na? *shudder* You gave them your latest Garlic Soup Sticks and that is why they are all lined up 😥

    Oh how did you guess 😦 I thought my secret laboratory in the cellar would remain a secret 😦 Silly me, putting up a pic here for you to guess my secret!

    Smithu what was Poohi’s reaction when she saw the? It sure does scare the hell out me. I would never ever dare to take my camera out in such company 😦 coz am sure I will drop the camera and run out screaming!

    She was fine, surprisingly – although after a bit, she got tired of seeing reptiles and amphibians(slimy ones to boot) and insisted on, ‘Lets go home!’ 🙂

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