CWG 2010, a grand success..

for our athletes,for Delhi, for our country, as a whole. It was a good 12 days. Glowing reports of sceptics getting converted and India delivering, against all odds. And we are all mighty proud of it.

And now can we please turn to matters that were kept in cold storage until the games were over? I do hope that we have not forgotten the corruption, the money mishandling, the delays, and the general mess that had to be cleaned up at the very last minute.

While we should really be proud of our athletes who did so well, despite the conditions that exist in India, we really need to now turn the focus to the organizers and try to figure out what really went wrong, because clearly lots of things did go wrong. Deadlines were missed, India’s reputation took a banging, and yes things did come together, but surely, it could have been much better. We could have done without all that chaos.

People justify the budget based on the fact that Delhi got such a wonderful infrastructure, the new airport thanks to the CWG. Which is all very good. I just happen to wonder how long this much acclaimed infrastructure will last. If one bridge could collapse, what is the guarantee that more will not? The thought is scary, worrying. More so because when we die, our powers that be are not as bothered as they are when the international attention is focused on them! So if it is not addressed right now, it is more than likely that it will get swept under the carpet and forgotten – completely!

I know a lot of us feel that corruption is a way of life. Several people I have spoken to have mentioned about how, we talk about corruption only when it comes out in the western media. To me, it is not about the western or eastern media. We all know that corruption exists, and more often than not, it gets pushed under the carpet. So when it does come out in the open, I think we all want to grab at that one chance to control it. What is done is done, but by doing an analysis and figuring out how much money has got siphoned off, I really believe, we will be sending a clear message that corruption will not be taken lightly. And that will be a small step in ensuring that a big budget project will not be treated as a money-making exercise by the people in power.

In this case, all’s well, that ends well, does not hold good.  We need to know why we had all those issues cropping up. And if there was no corruption, no money being siphoned off, I am sure our government should have no issues coming out with the numbers, and the explanations for the questions asked.

Edited to add : The govt does seem to be making the right noises –Governement agencies ready to begin CWG probe

32 thoughts on “CWG 2010, a grand success..

  1. Oh yeah… all the show and accolades should not let us forget the seedy side of things.

    I am so worried that the seedy side of things will get forgotten in no time 😦

    Just because the games were a success, we can’t pretend that the corruption was okay.

    The crooks owe reparation to all of us@

    Absolutely! They owe us that – at the very least!

  2. yes Smithus.. u r right!
    The guilty who created such havoc and so much of shame do need to be punished now!!
    We shouldn’t let this win divert our minds from the actual problem of extreme corruption!!

    Yes, and I hope that the people responsible are made to be accountable!

  3. But this is what is happening in India, right ???? We shout and shout….then keep quiet to let things go their way !!!

    Exactly! We forget about it as soon as the time for action comes. I just hope that this time it is not forgotten.

    Now, is the time to actually scrutinise what Kalmadi and his group has done !! I hope they’ll do it soon.

    Yes, lets hope so.

  4. Yes I agree. We should keep reminding everyone of what happened behind the scenes.

    Yes, we should! And try and make them answerable. Lets hope that the media does not forget it in minutes.

  5. Yes, exactly. Those thieves should not be forgotten and let go scot-free. Sadly, it seems very less probable that any kind of action will actually be taken against them 😦

    I know 😦 Ijust hope that they do not go unpunished!

  6. Have you heard sheila dixit taking credit of success and earlier when she was getting blamd for delay in everything..she said ..I am not responsible for OC if you have any issues…

    Absolutely! I saw an interview of hers today saying that we are now ready for Olympics!

    If CM can give this kinda statement…what we can expect they will do now to punish these corrupt fellows..
    And its not possible to take such a huge amt of moeny without involvemnt of party chief like soniya gandhi etc..
    ITs like “mili bhagat” here….Those who shd find out and punish corrupted ppl are also sinking under black money..
    Hope is lil but i do appreciate you effort of raising voice and giving this reminder…wish some media ppl read this and spread the word

    I know – everybody is in it together! Am sure the money must have reached everybody! I just hope that the media keeps the pressure up until the culprits are nailed!

  7. Oh yes, it’s time for action… time to nail the culprits. I wonder, if that would happen, knowing how our system works! 😦

    We can hope, and raise voices where we can, I guess. And hope that the media does not forget!

  8. Some news channels have shifted their focus back to the bad doings prior to the games…I hope they keep it live until things are sorted out!

    Hopefully! Lets wait and watch, I guess.

    But then I hope the crowd hadn’t booed Kalmadi at the closing ceremony because the focus had shifted from the India in shambles to the glorious India…

    I think it must have been difficult for the crowd to resist, given the fact that Kalmadi is poster boy for the OC.

    Indian sports is in so much of trouble! One kalmadi, one modi!! and so much money ahhaa….

    So much money everywhere- but for those who need it most – the neglected sportspeople!

  9. The blame game has already started, Smitha! Kalmadi was not invited for the lunch hosted by the PM for the CWG winners. Is Kalmadi the only culprit? We will wait and watch.

    I am so sure that Kalmadi is not the only culprit. I think they have decided to make Kalmadi the fall guy. Am sure that plenty of people in the very top would be equally culpable. Lets see what comes out of the probe..

  10. U’re right on target, Smitha!!! Seriously, all those who were involved in shaming us as a country had better be punished!!! And I think Kalmadi can’t be the ‘only’ person involved… there must be a whole gang of such corrupt cronies.. catch them all and shoot them in public!!!!!!

    Kalmadi most certainly cannot be the ‘only’ person involved, although the powers that be, are sure trying to portray it that way. Makes one wonder why, doesn’t it?

  11. And now can we please turn to matters that were kept in cold storage until the games were over? I do hope that we have not forgotten the corruption, the money mishandling, the delays, and the general mess that had to be cleaned up at the very last minute.
    Too many ppl forget 😐 they just pick up and walk on with their lives as if nothing changed…its just so weird!!

  12. True, the euphoria about the games is over. Excellent performance by the athletes and gr8 and world class Opening and closing ceremony. Now the truth about the mishandling should be out so that we can finally say adieu to the games.

  13. The attention span of our media is just a few days.. now nobody wants to talk about what happened because everything went very well and all was hunky dory..but i was really happy when people at the statium booed kalmandi when he made his speech..

  14. Excellent post, Smits!! This is something I had in mind ever since the Games were proclaimed a ‘success’. I had planned to blog about it too, but you’ve said all that I’ve wanted to in a far better way 🙂

    You are way too modest! I just ranted out!

    I’d voiced my concerns on Sandhya’s blog also.Yes, now since the Games are a success, can we bring the real issues to the fore please! Yes the games have culminated in a grand way but that does not and should not nullify the fact that our very ‘beloved’ leaders siphoned off our country’s resources and very cleverly took us all for a ride in the run up to the event.

    ‘that does not and should not nullify the fact that our very ‘beloved’ leaders siphoned off our country’s resources and very cleverly took us all for a ride in the run up to the event.’ Absolutely!

    I hope, Smits, that while celebrating the ‘good show’, we do not forget to bring those perpetrators to books.We have a judiciary which I’d like to believe is neutral, so we’d better make good use of that judiciary and make sure they are accountable for what they did.

    Absolutely! We certainly should, and I do hope that it does not take 20 years for the probe to come up with something 😦

  15. Something is started now Smitha.. but you know about our law.. they will handout the verdict once all the culprits r dead.. I hate to say this but that’s what going to happen..

    15 – 20 years… I don’t know how long this is going to take..

    Good thing is, we have took 2nd place in medals tally.. I am really happy to see that 🙂 🙂

    • I know, Kanagu, and the thought that people might just get away with all this, is so irritating and frustrating!

      Yes, the good thing is the way our athletes performed. Just goes to show that we have potential to do much better if they are properly nurtured and trained.

  16. Rightly said.. but when we have not seen a single corruption case end the way it should, I dont want to raise my hopes for this one.

    I agree. Even more so because the govt in power, and the govt in Delhi are both Congress. It would have been a different ball game altogether had the Delhi govt been from a different party!

    Even our honest PM seems to have forgotten the meaning of the word honest… nd this is why India shines only for a few..

    Honest PM? Surely turning a blind eye towards corruption is just as bad! And you are right – this is why India shines for just a few!

  17. Agree with everything you’ve said, Smitha. But it seems like they’ve decided to pin the entire blame on Kalmadi and hang him out to dry. While he is certainly not innocent, a lot of other crooks will go scot-free.

    • ‘While he is certainly not innocent, a lot of other crooks will go scot-free.’ – That is exactly what I am worried about. And from the look of it, exactly what is going to happen. Kalmadi is too deep in it to be rescued, so why not tray and save the rest and leave Kalmadi with all the blame. Shame!

  18. you have written for so many of us. While we are all glad that the show went on-peacefully, the main issues are unresolved. They have a committee for probing the missing numbers now and we all know who government appointed committees work!

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