If you are a mother..

.. you know all about guilt..

And here is your chance to write about it and win a prize too.

Aparna, from Apu’s World had started a new web magazine and community for Indian women, Women’s Web atwww.womensweb.in, the aim being to offer interesting and useful content for Indian women. The are having their first contest for bloggers and writers running on Women’s Web, on the theme of ‘Mommy Guilt’ – more details here – http://bit.ly/9BK1az. You also stand a chance to win a Rs 500 voucher.

Go on, let the guilt do the talking 🙂


14 thoughts on “If you are a mother..

  1. I was thinking on this post, from Monu’s shared link…and u posted abt it. Thinking whether I am really guilty or not… 😉

    I got an email yesterday, wanted to post earlier, but did not get a chance.

  2. Me too guilt free 😉 🙂
    Thank you Smitha for sharing a link to the website 🙂

    Enjoy the guiltfree life when you can 🙂 The website is very good, isn’t it?

  3. Guilt free it is 😉 unless I ask MJ to do a guest post 🙂 but is she guilty is the big question 😀 😀

    Oh please get her to do it 🙂 If she is not guilty, then probably she could write about it 🙂 Give us some pointers 🙂

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