Sunny here, misty and cold somewhere else.

This is so much how life is, isn’t it?

One family celebrating a birth or a promotion, or some sort of joyous event, another mourning a death, or some other sad event…. Sometimes both events happening next door to each other..

29 thoughts on “Life..

  1. Gorgeous shot 😀
    Loved the beautiful way you related this picture to the sweet-sour facts of life 🙂

    Thanks CB, Somehow this picture reminds me of life.

  2. How did u manager to capture that moving cloud.. :):)

    It was not a moving cloud – it was one huge misty cloud, that stayed there! While driving down to the place we were, we passed through that mist – and it was so thick that we could hardly see ahead, and when we reached our destination – it was gorgeously sunny and we could see the mist in the distance 🙂

    Love every thing about the pic, the moving ways, the green and the blue .. mountains..

    Life is varied in its shade 🙂
    Something both events happening next door to each … true, happens in the next door, side by side an hour.. witnessed!

    Me too .. and it kind of shook me.

  3. Lovely picture…serene !

    Life..hmm..very well put and expressed…Such is life !

    khatta meetha

    True, khatta meetha totally sums it up.

  4. LOL….thats not how my life is !!…its worse than that; Im married, remember !! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Very funny 🙂 Lets tell that your wife, shall we 🙂

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