38 thoughts on “It takes a child to ..

  1. Good imagination, Poohi paappaa!

    I will also join the gang to watch vimmuuu explaining Poohi what it is!

    LOL! Vimmuuu, can start charging admission for the viewing 😉

  2. :)beautiful!

    Kids of these age, i tell you…!

    I wish we also had kids ‘nazar’ literally and not literally…

    I know!

    (duniya ke log kitane achhchhe hote, bade na hote kash- sare bachche hote! – ‘dream girl’ )

    🙂 So true !

  3. Guess what that snap reminds me of … The same pattern used to develop when sunlight passed through the magic eye … 😛 … the first time I saw this , I was ultra curious … but then discovered the source the hard way … 😛

    🙂 Wow, you even went and found out the source 🙂

  4. awww..how sweet! Ummas to chakkarakutty 🙂 Who took the snap you or Poohi-princess??

    I took the pic – she pointed it out to me 🙂

  5. Me too as a kid used to spot this and that and staring at them for minutes… 😀 😀

    A childhood incident…. the sunlight will come through the holes of the hut and those sunbeams will be rotating.. I used to watch that daily then 🙂 🙂

    Wow! I used to be fascinated by dust particles that you can see in a stream of sunlight.

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