The weekend that refused to get over..

You know what they say about good things not lasting and unpleasant things lasting forever.. Well, we had a taste of that, last weekend.

It was the last long weekend till August, and we did not want it to get wasted by lazing around at home. Prompted by the lovely weather that we had the weekend before this, husband got down to business and booked us a three-day holiday in Blackpool. Husband also persuaded another friend of ours to join us.

Now, all I knew about Blackpool was that it was something similar to Vegas. All the websites we checked talked about family fun and we fell for it – hook, line and sinker.

Things started going wrong from around mid-week. BBC weather, which has initially forecast, a nice and sunny weekend, slowly changed its mind and decided that we would have a ‘white cloud’. Now white clouds are comparatively benign. It is the rain that we worry about. And before we knew it, the forecast changed again. It was ‘light rain’ on Saturday, sunny intervals on Sunday(with a wind speed of 24 mph) and sunny(Yay!) on Monday. Now that isn’t too bad. Given the fact that whole weekends could be awash with rains – this seemed quite reasonable.

So we got all our beach stuff ready, got all our wind-cheaters and also threw in some warm coats – you never know, you see and set off on Saturday morning, afternoon. It took us that long to get everything done. Here, it was pouring. We could barely see the cars ahead, in the heavy rain. BBC weather still told us that our destination had ‘light rain’. Never had we looked forward to ‘light rain’ before.

Turns out that ‘light rain’ was not very pleasant either. It just rained and rained and rained. We check into our hotels and decided to find some place to grab a bite, hoping that the rain stops in that time. Well, no such luck, so we decided to brave it out,  kitted out in protective gear. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to be wearing rain coats and stuff when you had been hoping to lather on sun screen lotion instead.

This is not the first time that we had been in such a situation. We are, by now, quite used to contrary weather, so we aer in most situation, well prepared and we try to make most of the it.  We decided that a little rain was not going to spoin our holiday, and decided to walk around and soak in the atmosphere. It became very apparent that there was not much of an atmosphere to soak in.  Everything looked like it had not had a lick of paint since ages. There was a pier which did not look all that exciting. Just a few rides, which made us wonder why we bothered driving all the way here.

We girls would have loved to shop a bit and have some fun, but the guys were just not willing to step into a shopping centre, anything but shopping. So finally, we entered a sad-looking casino, which were the only other things there and for the lack of anything else to do, gambled away a few pounds. I ended up gambling here, when I was able to resist even in Vegas. But then, in Vegas, there was so much to see.. here there was nothing else to do. We took the kids on a few rides and then decided that we have to have dinner at a decent place, that was the only way to bring some cheer to a dismal day.

The next day, began no better. On most holidays, husband and I wake up, raring to go, but this time, we just could not summon any excitement. We had decided to go to an indoor place called ‘The Tower’. The only reason we considered it was because it was indoors. With a wind speed of 24 mph, there was no possibility of being outdoors. The Tower, looked like a cheaply made imitation of the Eiffel Tower, in desperate need of some spruce up.  It boasted of an aquarium, a ballroom and a circus. To cut a long story short, the circus made up for the lack of everything else. It was great! It had been ages since we had been to a circus and this was just wonderful. Finally something to make up for the bad weather and lousy location.

We had high expectations of the last day. It was supposed to be 22 deg – which is almost heaven for us. The forecast the night before showed no change at all, so we went to bed anticipating a good time. Poohi wanted to go to the beach and we had not been able to go anywhere near it so far.

The last day at Blackpool, dawned nice and sunny. Poohi could not contain her excitement. Not a hint of a breeze and a glorious sunny day. It looked like all our prayers were answered. We got ready, ran down from breakfast and got dressed in summer clothes. All those shorts and t-shirts were finally being put to use. We ran down, check out (this was our last day there) and opened the door to step outside, only to be hit by a cold, cold breeze. Not to be put out, we decided that it must be temporary and got all our things in the car, and drove down to the beach. Our friend, by then, had decided that they had enough and returned back home. We, being more optimistic, decided to head to the beach and hope that the chill goes away. On route, we saw several people wearing fleece jackets over shorts – that should have told us, but we were blind to all signs at that point.

By the time we reached the beach, we knew, that the only way to survive was to cover up, wear our jackets and then try going to the beach. So finally, instead of lathering sun screen, we donned our jackets, pulled on our jeans, and decided to brave the weather and make a few sandcastles to satisfy Poohi.

All we all wanted by the end of the day was to get back home as soon as possible. It was beyond doubt the only holiday, that I would happily classify as a disaster. But then, what’s life without these little disasters 🙂 At the very least, we made some sandcastles 🙂 Never before were we happier to get back home. And on the way back, our GPS decided that we needed a break, and took us via a scenic route. I have to say, we clicked more pics on our journey than we did during our actual vacation 🙂

24 thoughts on “The weekend that refused to get over..

  1. Ah! I can understand. Happens! 😦
    But good that were some silver linings in the form of circus and the sand castles! 🙂

    Oh yes, thank god for those silver linings 🙂

      • I luv the title Smiths 😉
        God, I hv to do posts for the weekend also and schedule them before I leave office tmrw 😛 I need so many ideas 😉

        I know! And I am already cursing myself! How am I going to manage a post for the next 28 days???

      • I have a fear that all those scenic pics are going to find it’s way into Wordless Wednesday’s 😥

        I am actually considering Swaram’s suggetion, given the fact that I have to post everyday 🙂

  2. Gosh!!! The weekend was miserable here too, can totally empathise with u. Well, I hope u are able to make another trip soon..given that the weather has clearly improved 🙂 loved your narration, Smitha. Must have been awful for you, but it made such an enjoyable read 🙂 Even had a few laughs 🙂 at the underlying sarcasm in some lines.. very nice post 🙂

    The weather has improved again, hasn’t it 🙂 Hoping that it stays like this until the weekend 🙂 It was quite a sad trip 🙂 It was the first trip when we were not bursting with excitement 🙂

  3. oh Gosh! That’s just terrible!! But wearing jackets at the beach must have been fun! 😀
    That’s something I’ve never seen before! 😀

    Wearing jackets at the beach is no fun, Pix! Especially when you are dying to see some sun 🙂

    me third! 😉

  4. Oh that was bad!!! What to do I guess it was God’s way of balancing acts and makoing you cherish some other vacations much more 🙂

    Yeah, yeah.. I just wish God had decided to ruin some other weekend – we so wanted to have fun on the beach 🙂

  5. Aaahhh!!! the unpredictable weather in Europe; especially UK !!!

    I know! The worst thing about this country is it’s weather!

    LOL, jackets to a beach !!! 😀 😀 😀 what else did you wear – mufflers and monkey caps !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Thankfully, we did not need all that – but I have done that on another beach 🙂 Infact I think, I have worn everything except proper beach wear – thanks to the unpredictable weather 🙂

    Here we are cursing Mr Sun and there you are waiting for his arrival !!

    I know! Mr Sum just refuses to grace us with his presence 🙂

  6. Weather can be real nasty.
    At my end too, every second day has been rainy/ cloudy despite the freezing winters. A dull and gloomy weather overall.

    I hate it when it rains in winter – and here it does! Winter or Summer, the one thing that is constant is the rains 🙂

    It’s so bad to have a long weekend ruined by by bad weather. It’s good poohi could at least have some fun at the circus and enjoy a scenic tour.

    Yeah, she did have fun. Her best friend was with her and both of them had a wonderful time 🙂 Kids have fun anywhere 🙂

    Despite a bad experience, you’ve narrated it all wonderfully 😀 😀

    Thanks CB 🙂
    Looking forward to the pictures in the upcoming posts 😀

  7. I live on the eastern side, so we were not much affected by heavy rains. But then it was COLD, fullstop. As mentioned in one journal, “It was bank holiday weekend, so bad weather”. We visited Kent over the weekend.

    Welcome here bouncingbubble 🙂 Yeah, how can a bank holiday weekend have good weather 🙂

  8. Too bad your vacation got rained out ..Poor you !!!! I would have just sulked and cribbed .. atleast you made an effort to go to the beach .!

    We don’t give up very easily – though to be honest, I was wondering if we should have followed our friends’ lead and rushed back home 🙂

  9. ayyoda,the weather played a spoiler! Can be so irritating! How did Kunju take all this? Was she frustrated too?
    Can see she had a blast on the last day though..she has made a beautiful castle 🙂

    Kunju had a good time with her friend. The two of them had fun on every little ride, they overdosed on sweets 😦 and generally had a good time – we adults were the ones disappointed.

    So you’re also a gambler now,huh!! 😀

    Yeah! I bought Poohi a cheap(and horrible looking) necklace and bracelet set for Poohi from my winnings- that was what she wanted because her friend got an identical one 🙂

    Hope the next getaway makes up for all this lousy experience,Smits 🙂

    Hopefully 🙂
    BTW, I loved the way you presented this post..Like Pals, I had a few laughs too here and there 🙂

    Believe me, it sounds better on the post, than it was in reality 🙂

  10. Aaah.. our long weekend turned out to be similar to that.. in our case, the location itself turned out to be dismal! Pretty boring.. old and missing the charm of a quaing old town.

    oh dear! Our location was quite sad too.. It was full of stag and hen parties and quite seedy 😦

    Luckily we were 13 of us, so the whole camaraderie and good food made the trip super fun. The catch for us, we were hoping for some rain….it was so sunny and hot outside that we were all fearing a sun stroke!
    All said and done, we were not happy to be back home.. but just glad that the car’s AC was full blast ALL the TIME!

    You were hoping for rain 🙂 We were just hoping it would stop 🙂 You know, here, we hardly ever use th car’s AC 🙂

  11. aaah i hate it hate it when my vacation gets jeopradised like this


    I know 😦 Especially when it was a long weekend – but then that is always the case in this country – any bank holiday and it is bound to rain 🙂

  12. I can so relate to you about the wearing Jacket to the beach. that is how it has always been when we were in MA. i thought things would be different in CA but when we went to the Golden Gate area I was almost blown away by the wind 😯

    Oh dear! I am so glad I have company 🙂 It is so annoying to go to a beach and still have to cover up warm 🙂

    I feel for Poohi Kutty in the post…pavam chakkara.

    She actually had a better time than us – she had her bestest friend with her, and both of them had a ball 🙂

    You guys make up for all this disaster by taking her to all the beaches in Kerala ok??? 😛

    Oh I wonder.. We live in a hill station – will have to go to Calicut to go to the beach. And it will be the monsoon when we go there, so am not sure if that is going to happen.. But we plan to rush to a beach nearby any time it is sunny 🙂

    Ps: You too joined the NaBloPoMo thingy? My Jyothishi says this is the right month for me to go on a vacation :mrgreen:

    I decided to join it – but am now wondering why , why on earth did I think it was do-able 🙂

  13. you describe disaster also so well that i found good laugh in this post 🙂

    The only good abt these kinda holidays is that you start liking ur home more… 🙂

    Oh yes:) Home never seemed more inviting 🙂

  14. oh this is bad…never rely on British weather hmmmpppp

    I know!!! It changes in minutes!

    BTW were you able to check out the restaurant we talked about?
    Do make a trip will be worth it 🙂

    We wanted to, but could not manage it on this trip – will definitely make another trip to check it out 🙂

  15. Ouch! One trip gone really awry eh?

    Oh yeah! Really awry 🙂

    I remember heading to Brighton. Expecting it to be nice n sunny n warm. The trp was good, but we froze due to the cold breeze at sea!

    I can totally imagine that 🙂

  16. Aww….
    Poor you.
    What can I say? Good old British weather. 🙂
    And you got some sunshine on monday. We had rain here on Bank Holiday Monday.

    And, BTW, I’d also heard blackpool to be like vegas. BUT after reading this, it doesn’t seem like it. 😐

  17. How come I missed this post????
    …..Trip gone awry coz of the weather….:-( but you were sporty all through and I am sure you will remember this one more than an other! 🙂

    Guess we will remember and definitely be sure never to plan another holiday again.

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