29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesdays – 5

    • I ws roaming arnd ur blog to come first .. just went away for a while and c that I come 2nd 😛

      One stray away, and your no1 spot gets taken 🙂

      Nyways, I luvvvvv this pic Smithu 🙂 Must be seeing so many like this arnd in Kerala no 😀

      Oh yeah – this is a very common sight in Kerala 🙂

  1. I love that honey that pops of out of those banana flowers 🙂 U and then Deeps…
    I want to go and see the first showers at home !! 😛

    Oh yes! That honey is yum, isn’t it? I am so looking forward to my vacation – end of July 🙂

  2. Hey hey,are you in Kerala now???

    I wish, Nimmy 🙂 No, this was taken a long time back – will be there in August – can’t wait for it 🙂

  3. wow !! I’ve a similar thing growing the back yard.. same pinch 🙂

    but this picture has come out very well smiths 🙂

    Thanks Nu- that was husband’s work 🙂

  4. same pinch same pinch same pinch!!! 😀

    same pinch same pinch same pinch 🙂

    Oh Smits, that vazha-kola looks soooo tempting! Its just a matter of one nd half mnths and you’ll be in the midst of all this and more…I dont know when I’ll get to plan my next to trip to Kerala..sigh!!! I miss being there so much!

    You know, you should visit me in Wayanad – it is just 6 hours from blore – so you can visit Kerala and we can meet too 🙂

    • Wayanad is so beautiful… 🙂 wow… same pinch Deepu and Smithu… 😉 miss being in Kerala so much… don’t know when I can make it there before Christmas.. 😦

      It will be 1.5 years since I last went there – and am already counting days 🙂

  5. Oru kilo engu tha koche :mrgreen: see the pic inspired me too talk in malayalam.

    The pic inspired you to speak in Malayalam 🙂

    Ohh how I miss those sweet nectar from the flowers. Sucking it out was one of the fave pass time of mine 🙂

    It is wonderful, isn’t it? I miss all that so much! Just waiting to get there 🙂

    So all our comments go to N this time for the wonderful work?
    Yes, it is all N’s work this time 🙂

  6. Lovely. Green sure is a great colour. Btw, this reminded me of the ‘a-kela’ scene from the movie DIL 🙂

    Now, I can’t remember that scene at all! Must be because I could never stand that woman -Madhuri Dixit – so all her movies, I conveniently blank out 🙂

  7. Nice….ages since I saw a kola like tht….when we were small we used to fight to sip the nectar from the flowers 🙂

    I know! I miss all that! Reminds me of all the summer hols we spent in Kerala 🙂

  8. The brown one (I have forgotten what it is called)… My mom used to make sabzi from it… which I never liked it 😦

    We make a sabzi too – rather my mom makes it. I actually like it 🙂

    Nice pic 🙂

    Thanks Shilpa

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