51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 4

  1. Oh this looks lovely…what place is this?

    It was a little village called Addingham- we just stopped here because there was an ice-cream van and there were loads of cars parked. We found a delightful little stream and lots of space 🙂 It was gorgeous 🙂

    The crooked dried up tree makes such an interesting subject 🙂
    Thanks LP 🙂

    • Smiths, u make me wanna hv an ice-cream 😛

      The icecream we had was made in a farmhouse and it was absolutely out of the world!!! Yum!

      Y r all these yummy things so ful of calories 😉
      I know 😦

  2. Smitha, I luv the colours in this one .. the blue, the green, the mud there .. so beyoutiphul 🙂

    It was lovely, unspoilt place too! It felt very close to nature and not crowded with people. There were some people scattered around, fishing or just sunbathing :), but it was not majorly crowded.

  3. Its beautiful! 🙂

    Summer must be heavenly there! Here, most places its too hot to even move! 😀

    It was! It is not so great now – cold and windy now 😦

    I want to have ice cream now too!!!

    That ice cream we had was out of the world – it was made at some farmhouse and so so yum!

  4. Awesome Template!!
    the new WP templates are all brilliant really!

    I feel like changing mine too! To something more colourful! 😀

    I am inspired by Swaram 🙂

  5. This template is completely out of the world – new – have never seen one like this, Smitha!

    I was just experimenting 🙂 inspired by Swaram 🙂

    The roots looks like a family – parents are tall and tiny children holding on to their mom…Nice one.

    Wow! You have such a wonderful imagination!!! Impressed 🙂


    yes, ice cream 🙂

  6. Wow! with WW fever on, looks like everyone is changing their WordPress template too 😀 😀

    I have not changed anything for a year, so I thought it was time I did 🙂

    That’s a cool shot Smitha, I was about to ask you the same question that Masood asked. 🙂
    I guess it indeed is the same place 😀

    Yes, different part of the stream – this was more upstream.

  7. You all are rocking on wednesdays with amazing pictures… Your photographs are always great Smitha. Glad to see them every week now 🙂

    Thanks Lakshmi, Why don’t you do wordless wednesdays too – it is fun 🙂

  8. Smithu it’s such a lovely place. You know am obsessed with water bodies 🙄 MA was full of streams and lakes and I miss that so terribly 😥

    I can imagine! You pictures made me want to resettle there 🙂

    Poohi kutty must have had a great time splashing in the water?

    She did! She loved it!

    Ps: You longing for a little boy or what? I mean your room is all decorated in blue 😉

    Shall I decorate it in pink so that your craving for a little girl might come to fruition 🙂

  9. That’s a captivating shot, the tree in the middle looks like a sculpture!! Being around water is so soothing and streams are so calm…never scary like the big ocean.

    Oh yes! I love these little streams too! I love the seaside as well – but I love little streams flowing through green meadows much more 🙂

  10. The picturesque villages of England… 🙂 sigh 😦 u are giving me every reason to hunt out John and find a way to get back into England again! 😛

    Yeah, yeah, hunt out John and get back here 🙂

  11. That tree crossing its fingers ..mmm.. but trees have branches.. lol there… for some pleasant weather…

    LOL! That just be it – trees crossing fingers 🙂 Talk about imagination 🙂

    awesome wednesday yesterday, what with some tranquil pictures… Titaxy, u, some food… wow… I’m tempted to come over to dine and enjoy the breeze..

    🙂 Come over, I am ready with the picnic blanket 🙂

    Gatecrashing is also an open option I suppose 😛

    Absolutely 🙂
    *I went away yesterday, thought it was some other blog… and came back to read* and saw it was urs, hee heee … bold and beautiful.. 🙂

    LOL! Yes, I changed the look and feel a bit 🙂

  12. Me likes the new cool look of your blog 🙂 Beautiful pic btw. But I’ve just seen 3 wordless wednesdays in a row. And I’m now.. er.. wordless 🙂

    Thanks Pals, was experimenting with the themes. That was the aim – to make people wordless, wasn’t it 🙂

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