What comes to mind..

.. when you see this?

Will reveal more in the next post.

Edit : Will reply to comments on this post after the next post, I want to see how many of you guys get it right 🙂


50 thoughts on “What comes to mind..

  1. That this has been photoshopped. The size of paper is odd. It definitely does not go with the size of table and chairs. 😀

    LOL! No, it has not been photoshopped 🙂 But you are right about the observations – but there is something else to it too 🙂

  2. Sherlock Holmes comes to my mind .. I feel this is the place he used to sit and discuss cases with Watson .. miniature version though … lol 😉 😉

    Smiths, sent u a mail .. got kya?

  3. I asked the same question to Namnam and she replied with a return question “Is this a house? Whose house is this??”… I’m telling her its Kunju’s 😀 . Is that a wooden fridge in the corner?? 😀

    Gosh you just dont want me to relax on a friday,huh?? What a nail-biting wait its going to be!

      • Dont you see that shelf with a glass door in the corner, Saksh? Those glass slabs inside look like the ones used in refrigerators,nahi? It really looks like a miniature fridge to me! If I’m wrong, Smits must already be laughing hysterically at my brilliant observation!

        BTW, Smits, are you going to wait till the weekend gets over to come out with your answer post????

        There’s a contest being held at IHM’s, and there’s this one that you’ve brought out…What fun and anxiety!! School days are back..YAY!!!

  4. haha its a miniature dining table and chair…part of a doll house or something..

    look at the size of that paperclip!!!! 😀 Almost half the size of the newspaper! 😉

  5. A little girl’s tea party…
    ALternatively…. little kids pretneding to be older, reading newspapers, sipping on tea, and discussint he market!!!!

  6. Aww Poohi kutty’s Goldilocks and the 3 bear’s doll house?? Btw why did ya put your paper clip on her news paper?

    It’s so pretty I tell you…reminds me of my grandpa’s room minus the long arm chair 😥

  7. Even though the size of the paper clip looks odd on that newspaper…all in all resembles a toy house !!! But quite stylishly done in wood. 🙂

    Or may be the house of elves, from a picturisation of Snow White story kind….just a wild guess…hoping you to spell the answer soon. 🙂

  8. It gives a feel of the Alice in wonderland scenario….where certain places everything was giant sized or miniatures

    And it also reminds me of the furniture from the 60’s and 70’s.

    • I’m pretty sure I’m right so remember I said it first and so if there are any prizes involved like ummm…cakes and all, I get the lions share 😀

      • Where r u????? And wht do u mean u’ll reply after next post….u mean u’ll reply in the next post……oooooh u meant u’ll reply after putting up the next post with the answers and then u’ll reply to the comment or did u mean something else…. like u’ll reply to the reply in the reply of the reply next post. Oh heck now I’m confusing myself…will u quite playing the fool and put up the answers. I soo feel like eating cake 😀

  9. What comes to my mind…. all I need is a cup of hot tea to go with the fruits and read the newspaper peacefully 😥

    When will you put up the answers?? after a 100 hits on your blog from me??

  10. Interesting…mm yes it’s a toy house. Look at the table and chairs, miniature. But the paper is old (so the toy house can’t be your daughter’s) and the size is a bit disproporionate. On the whole quite intriguing and am itching to know.

    By the way visit my blog and link it to yours, if you feel like.


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