The White Queen – Book Review

The White Queen

By Philippa Gregory

The first Philippa Gregory I read, was The Other Boleyn Girl and I was hooked for good. I read all her other books, mainly on the Tudors.  They were all fascinating reads and the best part was that the books were always written from the point of view of a woman. It gave a rare insight into what might have gone on, with the women, behind the scenes. The women who were responsible(in a way) for the formation of the Church of England. It also piqued my interest in the history and I read up a lot of history, in an effort to understand what was fiction and what was fact.What fascinated me was that most of what Gregory wrote was based on facts. And the dimensions she adds to her characters are wonderful.

When I saw The White Queen in the library, I just had to pick it up. In this book, she moves on from the Tudors to the dynasty before them – the Plantaganets. The book starts off with Elizabeth Woodville, a Lancastarian widow who stops the King Edward on his way, to ask for justice and for her lands to be returned to her. It turns out that Edward falls in love with her and marries her in secret. In the backdrop, there is also the suggestion of witchcraft. Elizabeth and her mother are shown indulging in witchcraft.  Soon, she is accepted as the Queen of England, but not without her share of enemies who believe that she tricked the King to marry her. It does not help matters that her family is given a lot of important positions by the king.

As the story develops, with treason, treachery and conquests, it is fascinating to read it from the queen’s point of view. Of her ambitions and hopes for her children.The choices that she makes, the life that she lives.  I especially love the fact that she shows all the blacks and the greys as well as vulnerable parts of the queen’s character. As I said earlier, it shows the important role the women played in aspects of governing even in those days. I have not read up the history yet, but I definitely found it very interesting.

My recommendation is that if you like historical fiction, go for it, otherwise keep away.

48 thoughts on “The White Queen – Book Review

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  2. I love reading historical books esp. about the Tudors…The 118 years of Tudor rule was one of the most exciting periods in English History full of intrigue and treachery…It’s amazing how much power Bishops had – they were the true kings…

    Have you read any of Gregory’s – You would love her other books – she wrote a series on the Tudors – it was fascinating! This is a new series apparently.

    I’ll surely read this book if I can get a hold of it…

    Do let me know how you find it.

  3. 🙂

    The lady in the book cover is beautiful..thanks for familiarizing the book,atleast I can tell somebody’Oh yeah,I have SEEN it” 😉

    LOL, Nimmy!

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  5. Wow, didn’t know ‘The Other Boleyn Girl ‘ was a book.. I’ve seen the movie though.. quite interesting. Your review, however, Smitha makes me WANT to read the next book too 🙂

    I had no idea there was a movie on it 😦 I am really bad at movies, Pals 🙂 Do try it! Am sure you will find it at the lib!

  6. Luv the book cover but like Nu me too stay away from history/history fiction books 🙂

    🙂 Yeah, it is not to everybody’s taste 🙂 Considering how much I hated history in school, I am surprised to see how much I love historical fiction 🙂

  7. i havent read other boyelyn girl,.. but have seen the movie.. it was riveting to say the least.. i must do more historical fiction !

    I love historical fiction, so I just devour them 🙂

  8. sounds very intersting specially now when i am hooked to historic fiction

    will check this one in the library

    I just love her books- Start with The Other Boleyn Girl and read her series on the Tudors – they are fascinating! This book is part of her new series.

  9. With Smita, Smitha, Monu & Swaram suggesting this book and that book, its too difficult to choose one !!!! My list is just growing with every review you ladies do !!!

    🙂 I have a mile long ‘to read list ‘ too 🙂

  10. Smiths, this ws the book I ws telling u abt sometime bk.

    I missed this review! Was it when I was on a break. I remember you telling me about this. It is available in some other library – so have placed a request for it – hopefully I will get it soon.

    Check if u hv it in the library or even his second book … The Solitude of Emperors
    Awesome writer 🙂

    This one is available in mine!!! Will go and pick it up today! Am so excited!!!
    You know what I found 2 Umrigar books too. Yay!

  11. When I read the review I remembered ‘Twentieth Wife’, like Swaram remembered. I enjoyed that book very much.

    I seem to have missed a lot of posts 😦 Will come to your blog to read it 🙂

    Have noted this down, will read sometime. I had written a looong review about ‘Twentieth Wife’! You have written to the point. I will keep on learning to write properly from you people, thank you!

    I feel I don’t review properly – I miss so many points! I am sure your long review must have been much much better! You are just too hard on yourself 🙂

  12. The woman on the book cover looks pretty. I shall have a look at it when i go to Landmarks the next time ! 😀

    Yeah, the woman seems to be extremely popular 🙂 Now we know why they use women for advertising everything 😉

  13. I love historical fictions and will check out The Boleyn Girl as starters. God you have such an amazing book reading spree which I totally envy.

    I always read a lot, Saksh, just gathering the courage to post reviews now 🙂 Do start with The Other Boleyn Girl – it is amazing!!!!

  14. I’ll recommend this book to Amma, if she hasn’t read it already that is. She loves anything and everything about History :).

    Wow! Recommend The Other Bolyen Girl and that series to start off with – because it is far more interesting and Gregory has already finished that series 🙂 And do let me know how aunty finds it – if she has not already read it:)

  15. I think i will like this book Smitha… I always like books with historical background.. 🙂
    Thats a nice and precise review 🙂

    Do try it, Kanagu and let me know 🙂 If you like historical stuff – you will like all of her books 🙂

  16. Hmmm never really tried historical romances but a fren has gifted me one few days back! SO lemme finish that and then give this one a thought 🙂

    This is not so much a romance, it is more a sort of historical book, based on a lot of real facts. I find them very interesting – Do give it a try and let me know how you find it 🙂

  17. you may find this interesting – women of the raj , by margaret macmillan –

    gives a glimpse of the lives of english memsahibs in india and of india.

  18. Got it, Smits! This is the post I was looking for :). Let me note it down and ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ series also. I’ll gift them to Amma on her b’day 🙂

    Thanks sweetie 🙂

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