63 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 2

    • Yes!! 2 times in a row??? What has happened to the blog samaj??? It surely can not be my speed it has something to do with the low attendance 😉

      Now it looks like what Saksh said yesterday is true 😉

      Awesome pic!! The water looks heavenly!!!

      We hounded those duck families till they chased us away 🙂

      • lol!! I just now saw what seh said yesterday and if that’s the case then thank you 😉 but I guess today it was a plain simple case of luck!! I saw ur comment in the bugger’s blog and clicked on ur url to check out yesterday’s reply and here I was right on time 😉

        LOL ! Now all that you need is a hattrick 🙂

  1. Duckies ? Lovely. I so want to move my hand the touch that one on right most side. :p 😀

    🙂 I wanted to just gather them and bring them home 🙂 They were so cute. I have another pic of all them huddling together to beat the cold – that is so cute!

  2. Wow! those ducklings are real cute 😀 😀
    Beautiful shot Smitha 🙂

    We found them very cute too! We couldn’t stop watching them and clicking pics 🙂

  3. It is nice to watch families…humans or animals, isn’t it? We can see how the mother is keeping an eye on all of them. It must be evening…the reflection in the water shows it, I think. Nice picture, Smitha.

    It was lovely to watch! There were many duck families with the mothers and fathers keeping a strict eye on the chicks 🙂 It was evening – around 6, I think 🙂

  4. olle baby…kuchi kuchi 🙂

    Cute na? I have so many of their pics 🙂 Husband says we have more of the duck family than ours 🙂

  5. Nice click.Me too getting tempted to start doing wordless wednesday.

    Come on Saritha – Wednesday is still not over – do one now 🙂

  6. very cute pic:)

    I have also hounded ducks near Lancaster canal. I have similar picture but with duckings swimming besides their mom…

    This is the season for baby animals and birds, isn’t it? The fields are full of the cutest lambs 🙂

  7. The first pic – the mommy duck is on her way to kick on of her ducklings right on its butt !

    The second pic – the ducklings are playing football and are discussing on their strategies to win !

  8. I so want to pick the ducklings and cuddle them! Sho shweet! Lovely snaps, Smits 🙂

    They are, aren’t they? I wanted to pick them up too.. but the mother duck looked rather crossly at me 😦

  9. Awww, such pretty pics. Love the ducklings. You know, there were some in our local park too recently sho sho cute.

    I think it is the season for ducklings 🙂 So many around. Poohi school has some chicks in the incubator and all the children are super excited about them hatching. They also have some tadpoles in the pond, and she can’t stop talking about it 🙂

  10. We have ducks waddling all over our apartment complex as it is surrounded by a Lagoon. Saman always wants to bring them inside our home and keeps telling me they don’t bite like a dog 😥

    You are surrounded by a lagoon!!!! I am so jealous! In London, the day care, Poohi used to go to was surrounded by a lagoon and we used to go and watch ducks there 🙂 Oh yeah – Poohi says the same – she is terrified of dogs for some reason 🙂

    Lovely snap and you know I have some of them too…maybe next week they can be my wordless wednesday?

    So you decided to go wordless this week itself 🙂

    • Smithuuuuuuuuuuuuuu just now when I went for my evening walk I saw that one of the duck was run over by a car 😥 Saman is so sad and said we should have got them all to stay in our balcony.

      Aiyo paavam!! You know these ducks were wandering into car parks and I was really scared that someone would run them over 😦 It is so sad. Poor Saman, so sad he had to see it 😦 Maybe you should have taken them into your balcony.

  11. Oh My GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful scene !!!!!!! you must have taken poohi too right ???????????

    Yes, I had taken Poohi too 🙂 It was in York and all of us were delighted to see the little ducklings 🙂 We actually followed them around for a bit 🙂

    She must have been thrilled watching them…. was she running after them ????????????? geee… this wordless leaves us with so many questions… and these days you dont even reply to comments for weeks !!!!!!!!!! 😛

    Oh she had a lovely time! We both wanted to hold one of them – but did not 😦 We have taken so many pics of the ducks, can’t tell you 🙂

    ‘these days you dont even reply to comments for weeks’ – See- I corrected that right away 🙂

  12. So lovely and so cute !!! These wordless wednesday’s are actually working great – the favourite or the forgotten pics make it up to the blog !!! 🙂

    I know 🙂 I love wordless wednesdays now 🙂

  13. Ducks…:-) Lovely shot !!
    We have lake near our house which is home to swans, ducks and geese………and also beavers….its just lovely standing by the lake and watching them over 🙂
    Kids love ducks, don’t they?

    Wow!! I wish I had a lake close to my house! Kids LOVE ducks 🙂 I love them too 🙂

    • No no – no processing at all – just the way it was clicked. Might be because of the evening light, I suppose. This is straight from the camera 🙂

  14. Beautiful…..u knw I can just imagine the softness of the feathers beneath my fingers 🙂

    I know! I just wanted to pick them up and feel them!

    And the 2nd pic is even cuter 😛

    I found it so cute, all of them huddling together 🙂

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