Where have you been?

Is what I am getting asked by friends – real and virtual.  So I thought, I would tell you the story in pictures.

We did a lot of packing and unpacking. The picture below shows the kind of chaos that existed t home those days. Unpacking thankfully, was much quicker.  The only thing that took time was the broadband setup. Why it should take 4 weeks is beyond me, though.

Some one has discovered the joys of writing. And she could spend hours ‘writing’. That really helped during the packing/unpacking madness.

And then, my latest craze, gardening. I do have a helper, as you can see.The little yellow flowers are actually weeds but look so pretty that I have no heart to pull them out. We had a landscaped garden in our previous house so there was very little we could do, here it is a blank canvas, we are having a ball.  We(Poohi and I)  check on all our plants on an hourly basis driving husband to distraction.

We have been having strings of birthday parties and all weekends until May 2nd are currently booked by birthday parties to attend. At this rate, I will become an expert gift wrapper, if not anything else , not to mention, all the weight I have put on, with all the cakes and yummy food that I have been polishing off 😉  Toys R Us must be mighty pleased. We have been spending a lot of time( and money) there.

And finally, I have learnt that even without the internet, I can find equally effective ways of wasting time 😉

Everything had not been great though. One of our close friends passed away after a massive cardiac arrest leaving behind a wife and a 4.5 year old son. It was a huge, huge shock to all of us and I think reminded us of how transient life is. How everything could change in a second.

In other general news, volcanic ash has played havoc with a lot of friends, we have friends stuck in India, in the US and Europe, thanks to it. Never had I thought that a volcano could have such far-reaching effect. It has even managed to over-shadow the general elections here.

Amidst all this, the Tharoor/Modi drama provided several entertaining days with me checking the news, the first thing everyday.  What do you think of it? Ekta Kapoor should stop making saas-bahu soaps. Sports/politics based soaps have so much more scope/masala.

So that’s about it, from my end? How have all of you been?

PS: I haven’t been blog hopping, will start in a few days time – hopefully.

50 thoughts on “Where have you been?

  1. Good that poohi is busy with her writing if not kids will mess up the things and it would have been difficult for to unpack the things.

    I know! It was a big relief!

    Those yellow flowers are so cute,can’t imagine that they are weeds and have to be removed from the garden.

    I know! They look so nice, but I have to pull them out – am planning to get a gardener come and tidy up the garden a bit.

    I have learnt that even without the internet, I can find equally effective ways of wasting time —-this is so true,now that i am not sitting in front of my laptop,most of the time i am watching cartoons and films.

    🙂 I did not watch TV – but still managed to waste away my time 🙂

    It’s really sad to hear about your friend
    It was a huge shock, especially since we had met them just a day before and he was so full of life then.

  2. I was wondering how the move was going. Tell me about the parties. I have spent aton of $$ on gifts..

    For you, the costs are quadrupled, aren’t they 🙂 But the kids have such a ball 🙂

    And sorry to hear about your friend. Someone in the girls’ school just passed away. He had a massive heart attack, watching TV in front of his kids. he left 4 kids, all very similar in age to mine and I felt terrible about the whole thing. It was awful. teh poor kids. the wife…What do you say to someone after something like this…And then you realize everything else in life is minor compared to such things.

    Goodness! While watching TV in front of his kids – that is so unbelievable, isn’t it? His wife must be in such a difficult situation.. Things like this puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? We worry about such little things, when one stroke of fate could change everything we take for granted..

  3. Welcome back Smitha… 🙂 🙂 nice to see you back 😀 😀

    Thank you Kanagu 🙂 I am yet to hop to yours 🙂

    will read the post by morning and comment on it… I am now yawning 😀 😀

    Hope you had a good night’s sleep 🙂

    I hope the shifting happened perfectly 🙂 🙂

    Shifting went off quite as per plan, thankfully.

  4. Yay! Three cheers to Smitha coming back to Blog-world :-)))

    I took your advise to heart 🙂

    Hey I love your new garden.. so beautiful.. what with those french-windows that allow plenty of light.. you are going to enjoy summer!!

    It is actually a conservatory – so it’s lovely – full of sunlight, in summer, in winter, I suppose it will be rather cold, but we are loving it so far.

    Absolutely right, Ekta must focus more on politics to make new soaps 🙂

    So much happening na? Sports and politics are so much more masaledaar 😉

    As for IPL and Twitter King Tharoor, I’m surprised people are making such a hue and cry about the corruption in IPL. I mean, isn’t that the way of life in India? Glad however, to have Tharoor shut up for some time. With all due respect, the man needs to give us all a break from controversies 🙂

    I know. Not that corruption should be ignored – but it does ring a little hollow doesn’t it, when we have corrupt politicians left, right and centre?

  5. Wow! I love your gardening efforts Smi. And Poohi is already writing? wow! The problem with my garden is, its packed, its full of plants, and I don’t have tools to cut or control them, it rained a bit the past few weeks, and I actually have jungle upfront now. I need to weed out, trim and do lots more, even uproot some crap to make the garden worthwhile!! Wonder if I will ever get around to it.

    You might need to get a gardener to sort it out for you – I plan to get a gardener to clear up the weeds and tidy it a bit. Once it is a little more tidy, we can use it more. It might be easier to get a gardener do the first bit so that we can work on it after that.

    Good to see you back, have been missing you!

    Am so happy to be back 🙂 It feels wonderful to be blogging again.

  6. That room Poohi is writing in looks amazing…It must be really pleasant during the day with all that light…

    It is the conservatory – it is lovely in summer, but hardly usable in winter – but the summer months make up for it 🙂

    Good to see you back…

    It’s good to be back, Bones.

  7. Welcome back buddy…you were missed 😀 😀

    Thank you CB 🙂 I am yet to hop over to yours.

    That was a wonderful story in pictures 🙂 Loved the hard work you girls have been doing at the garden 😀 😀

    Yeah, we have been busy in the garden 🙂

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend 😦 😦

    It was such a shock, totally unexpected..

    The volcano eruption has caused a real chaos for everyone in the world. A few of my friends were to attend a wedding in UK and are stuck with airspace closed up.

    Oh dear! Hope they get home soon. Things seem to be improving now – fingers crossed.

    That wonderful, you are have a fantastic time attending birthday parties every weekend 😀
    Oh yes , we are 🙂
    Have loads of fun 🙂

    Thank you, CB!

  8. Packing and unpacking are so exhausting! Poohi kinda helped u by doing nothing else than writing. . Though she seems to be a sweet kid, but then kids are like weather in hills. . Anything can happen at anytime!

    Welcome here, Savvy!

    Yes, Poohi is quite alright, she is not too difficult a child.

  9. So nice to see your updates! 🙂
    Good to see you back in action!!

    Thank you Pixie 🙂 I can see that you have churned out quite a bit when I was away 🙂 Will get down to reading and commenting soon.

    Poohi looks adorable all engrossed in her writing and gardening!!

    Oh yes 🙂

    Actually, sometimes weeds are the prettiest!! 😀

    I know!
    Glad to know you are settling well! I hope the air traffic clears up soon though.. they have started clearing up back log flights in Europe from today it seems… my cousin is on a flight back home today.

    Yes, things are improving – thankfully

  10. Welcome back, Smitha…I missed you and your posts.

    Your living room is beautiful, the room where Poohi is sitting is the one, right? I love french windows and here, your garden is visible…beautiful! So, Poohi has started engrossing herself in reading. The sheet looks like a drawing paper. She has grown tall, I feel! Looks like a typical school-going girl!

    Your garden is going to be beautiful and I too like to spend time with the plants. The tiny weed flowers (!) look beautiful.

    Shashi Throor and Modhi’s drama eclipsed the destructive volcanic ash news too! And added to it was Sanya-Shoaib wedding drama!

    Felt sad to know the news of your friend. Feel bad for the child. God help them to cope up with the tragedy.

    I have become slow in writing new posts! Manyother good writers also have stopped or slowed down, so am losing interest slowly.

    Start writing more posts, Smitha…we might get activated/motivated too!

  11. Its good to read ur post, after such a long time. Am so happy that Poohi is writing and writing and may her writing inspire you to write more on your blog. 😉

    That yellow flower is truly outstanding. Love it. 🙂

    Now, blog break is over, na ??? Write more. 🙂

  12. Welcome back.. an tell me how many cakes have u been baking in between all this..:P
    Gardening, wow! such a pleasure to see a bud and then the flower bloom hai na:) at it when at home with Mommy darling
    Volcanic ash is the story of my life too… the husband is stuck elsewhere and can’t board a flight!! I know far reaching changes, too much!!

  13. Gr8 to c u bk Smithu 🙂 And u r really my soul sis. See, we moved @ the same time and hv the same garden stories. Though its only a few potted ones I hv, I keep checking them out oh so often to see if a new leaf has emerged, if a new bud hs seen the light etc.. lol 😉

    And the controversy … its so so sad and hurts me to the core that so many issues dont see the light as media prefer showcasing Sania, Tharoor etc.. 😦 Does anybody outside even know Milk cost Rs.100/- a pack in Hyd a few days bk due to the communal riots and public exams are being postponed like a small thing to do 😦 😦

  14. And you are back Smithapu!! 🙂

    I had visited your blog time and again.. for searching something new in here! but I failed…

    I was out of the virtual world for a while.

    well… wish everything is alright and you hope will rock on your blog again 🙂

    Hopefully 🙂 I don’t get as much time these days to blog or blog-hop these days.

  15. Hey welcome back…looks like you really had great time in attending birthday parties and gardening..your new house looks very beautiful 🙂

    Thank you 🙂 Yes, I am having a good time, partying and gardening, among other things 🙂

  16. Welcome back smitha !!!
    Blogworld really missed you…
    luvd your room from which you can see garden..its absolutely bless to see flowers and greenery around you 🙂

    Missed you too Rash! How is Angel doing? Have to come over to yours to know her latest antics 🙂

    It is wonderful to be able to see greenery and flowers – it has a calming, soothing effect, doesn’t it?

    And you spend one month without internet connection and no mention book..I though you must have read atleast 30books in one month 😆 😆

    Well, books are a default. I did read a LOT 🙂 I read 2 books I wanted to review. Let me see if I will get down to it. Most of the others were quite general in nature, to be honest.

  17. Good to see you back 🙂
    Love the picture of a very busy person 🙂 And the helper in the garden too… sudden the entire blogosphere has turned to birds, gardening and nature… 🙂

    Yes, that busy person is really busy these days 🙂
    I guess it is the effect of spring/summer 🙂 We have a bird which comes every day and picks up twigs. I am sure she is building her nest, but sadly it is not in our garden 😦

  18. So are you back for good and or are you planning to take a break again ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀 Blog world is actually peaceful with devils like you (read Solilo, Deeps, Indyeah, etc.) not around 😉

    Back for good – who knows? But with all the evil wishes you are sending my way, I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up shutting shop soon 😉

    Sad to know about your friend and his family. Hope you are providing all the help you can.

    We did everything we could.. They are finally back in India, with family. It was a very difficult time for them

      • Absolutely, Ash!You said it 😆

        Da,Vimmukuttaaa, who are you calling devil, huh?? You were, are and always will be the only devil contaminating the whole of blogosphere what with your perpetual aversion to bathing and cleaning…just admit that 😈

    • *cough* *cough* If this is praise I will take it …I know Vimmuuu you are too ‘shy’ to praise us to our face 🙄

      If it aint,
      (then you take good care of your life buddy! 👿 )

      *cough* ignore bit in brackets just my evil twin 🙄

      then I will take Ash and Deep’s words over yours :P:P and say that its praise anyway :mrgreen:

      Me, Sols , Smitha and Deeps are angels http://tinyurl.com/24fgm9s


  19. Good to see you back and settled in your new house. Had been missing your posts.

    Hopefully, will be back to regular blogging soon 🙂 I still have to read a lot of your posts.

    Your new house looks Lovely 🙂
    Thank you.

  20. Good to see you back Smitha..
    when compared to the earlier pics of poohi you posted here, she looks tall here 🙂

    Yes, I realize that only when I check out older pictures 🙂

    @ur new home.. it looks pretty from the pics..Good to hear that everything is settled and you are having a wonderful time with your Garden…

    Oh we are 🙂

    @unexpected death…its sad to hear such things.. you never know what happens to you the next moment..

    I know.. and that is so scary.

  21. The garden is wonderful Smitha… 🙂 🙂 And you have Poohi to help you 😀 😀

    She has become a writer too…. when is she going to start writing blog??? 😀 😀 I am waiting…

    and for your friend… I wish the god keep them with all their strength…

    I am watching only matches… not the controverisies which is bound to be there with 1000’s crores involved…. isn’t it???

    • Ha ha . Smithu, if u dnt update Poohi’s page often, I think its nice she starts a blog and does it herself .. err or she will start writing her side of things 😉

      ‘she will start writing her side of things’ – That is scary 🙂 She will leak out inside details about her evil mom 🙂

  22. Great to see you back Smitha… nd the garden looks really great.. thought u were immersed in Farmville 🙂

    I moved to real farming 🙂 We have some carrot seeds waiting to be planted 🙂

    Poohi must be trying catch up with u and maybe she shall have a blog of her own soon…

    Oh dear! That is all I need 🙂

    sad to note abt your friend.. nd these days even the younger ones are not spared with all the advancement in medicine etc..

    I think our lifestyles have a lot to do with that.. The incidence of hypertension and diabetes in young people today is really high – and very scary.

  23. Good to see u back Smitha :-)!!!!
    And the update was lovely….all newsy & wonderful. Poohi writes on her own or does copy stuff from books. My kids are always at it…mostly copying stuff tht is already there :-/

    She has just started writing the alphabet – so mainly it is her name that she writes – she also pretends to be some sort of a receptionist, taking down, ‘appointments’ – I have no idea where she picked that from 🙂

  24. Good to have you back to blogging.

    It’s wonderful to be back 🙂

    Btw, you moved a box full of Haldirams bhelpuri??? 😀

    Yes, Haldirams bhelpuri and McCoy’s Chips 😉 Trust you to notice that 🙂 Wait till you hear of how I managed to procure those boxes 🙂

    And you still have a light colored carpet?!? Good luck lady 😉

    I had a dark carpet and light colored sofas in the old house – here the sofas and the carpets are light. God save me !

  25. Hey! so good to read you again, Smits! That was quite an update 🙂 . Kunjukutti has grown taller and her hair too has grown longer. So she has taken to writing,huh? like amma like daughter, should I say?

    Writing is more like scribbling, but she loves it 🙂

    “And finally, I have learnt that even without the internet, I can find equally effective ways of wasting time” LOL,Smits!

    Seriously! I actually thought that I would be more productive without the net 🙂

    The garden looks beautiful! We need more pics of the garden pls 🙂

    Let some more of my seeds sprout and I will post more 🙂

    Oh yes life can be gravely unfair. I remember the discussion we had when you told me about your friend. Oh!it was so heartbreaking! How are the mother & son now?

    The mother and son are back in India – hopefully in a better place, with their family.

    The volcanic ash has created a major chaos around the world. And the name is one helluva tongue-twister!

    I know 🙂
    Oh yes we should tell Ekta Kapoor to stop making those saas bahu serials..she is hardly going to have any takers if people like Taroor,Sunanda, Shoib and Sania are going to hog our attention 😀

    LOL! That is certainly true! The news is far more interesting than any serial, these days.

  26. Welcome back Smitha 🙂 (((hugs)It must have been tough
    Good to see you back.

    I am delighted to be back 🙂 Haven’t yet done much of blog hopping though, yet.

    The pics make your return even more lovely 🙂

    I so agree with you on that one..where you say that ,”one can find equally effective ways of wasting time” 😀

    I am expert at it:)

    shhh! say effective ways to use time ‘constructively’. Thats what I have been telling em all 🙄


    A prayer for your friend’s’ family . May they get through this trying time with as less heartache as possible.

    I know – that is all we can ask for..

    PS:- Now give us more posts to read please:)
    Now that is the tough part 🙂

  27. Phew finally you are back !!!! 🙂 wasting time on the internet !!!! lol…. 😛 😛 😛

    🙂 Yes, back to wasting time on the internet 🙂

    Lovely to see Poohi so engrossed in writing !!! blank pages and colourful pencils are the best way to keep them occupied ! 😀 😀

    It does go a long way!

    Gardening is a fantastic thing… its so good that back in Bharuch I spend my sundays in the garden trying to rectify all and developing it after years… 3 years of living in an apartment has made me realise the worth of the garden !!! 🙂

    You too 🙂 It is so much fun, isn’t it? I dread having to live in an apartment again – it would be so boring! It is so much fun for the kids too!

    • Regarding your friends family… ! God bless the survivors and may they have enough strength… I have lost a class mate to a heart attack and I can understand the shock and grief.. !

      Classmate! He must have been incredibly young too, then. The survivors need all the wishes.. and support.

      • very young… infact 3 hours before he passed away we had tea and a smoke together… !!! I was shocking to get the news and for atleast an hour i thought it was a crude joke ! 😦

        Goodness! That must have been all the more shocking! We had the same reaction. Husband was like, ‘Is this some sort of an April fool joke?

    • Gardening for Hitchy means edible stuff I assume :mrgreen: or maybe he gives out the flowers from his mom’s garden to all the girls in the neighbourhood? 🙄

  28. Hey welcome back to the blogosphere and Congratulations on the new home. Your daughter is so engrossed in writing, focussed kids keep mamma’s headache away !!;-)

    How long this focus will last is the question 🙂 Yes, she loves to ‘write’

  29. Poohi kutty is a big girl now. (touchwood) Beautiful garden and that Pink lady bug watering plants. 🙂

    I realise that she has grownm only when I compare pics – it is amazing to see how quickly then grow! Everything, including a watering can, needs to be in pink !

    My brother was stuck in Munich because of ‘ash’. He reached last night.

    Oh dear! So many people seemed to be stuck – it is all sorted out now, thankfully.

    Sorry about your friend.

  30. So that’s about it, from my end? How have all of you been?

    Umm…not much. Just the little life changing event of fatherhood. I am a dad! yay 🙂

    Congratulations!!! That is such wonderful news!

  31. Good to see you back, Smitha and glad to know that you have settled in well. The garden is beautiful! And it seems Poohi enjoys it as much as you do 🙂

    Poohi loves it 🙂

    My condolences to your friend’s family. Life is so unpredictable.

    I know.. So very unpredictable..

  32. Wowo..your gardening looks cool..

    It is a lot of fun 🙂

    Ekta kapoor has landed in movies also now…

    Has she? Wasn’t she happy with her inane soaps?
    spending money in Toys R us is what bothers my hubby…

    LOL! Yes, that is the same here 🙂

    Cool post
    Thank you 🙂
    Aryan’s mom

  33. Nice you see you back. 🙂
    Gosh! Poohi has grown up. Bless her!! 🙂

    Yes, she has grown hasn’t she?

    Yes moving homes and packing is difficult. I did it about 3 times last year. And some how the no. of boxes and bags would increase. I didn’t even know where stuff had come from. 😕

    I know! I have given off so much to charity and yet, seem to have accumulated so much!

    May I ask, what new time wasting activity did you find without internet?
    (My guess is reading novels.) 😉

    Well, reading doesnot count has time-wasting activity for me 🙂 I found some cool games to play on the phone 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope God gives her family find the strength to continue. And may god rest her soal.

    I know.. It is so tough for the family..

  34. Ahaa so you too realized that the Vine of Internet is not the only way to wasting our time…oh Sister of My Heart (as you can see I have been reading too much of Divakaruni 😥 )

    So you have caught divakaruni-itis ? I am just not able to lay my hands on the others – how did you find these?

    Poohi has grown so so tall!!! I think Saman too has caught the bug of writing and he hangs up everything he writes on the fridge and now it resembles a magazine shop in the bylanes of India.

    Magazine shop in India! LOL! That was a nice one! My kitchen looked like that – in the old house, this one has not reached that stage – yet 🙂 All settled in?

    So sorry to hear about your friend
    It was a huge shock for all of us.

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