I must get my head examined..

In the middle of packing our stuff and cleaning the house, I just had to bake a cake.

Ever since I wrote about how much I love orange cakes, I have been lusting after an orange cake. Today, I could wait no more, so I decided to bake it, come what may. And am delighted to tell you guys, that I have polished off half the cake, all by myself.

We are moving houses this weekend. The last time we moved houses, I started packing more than a week before the move. By this stage, I was walking around in taking photographs of the boxes. You see, husband thought that all our belongings would fit into 4 boxes. Finally, we needed 30 boxes, apart from suitcases and some textile storage things for duvets and stuff. So I was capturing the fact that I was so totally right 🙂  I was totally enthused and excited about moving. Perhaps the excitement of moving cities and I think, we had really out grown that flat. Even though some of the most precious memories we have, were in that flat, Poohi was born there, we had reached the stage where we knew that it was time to move on.

On the other hand,this time, this house still feels like home to me. Although I do like the place we are going to, we could have lived here some more. We made some wonderful friends here, both Poohi and I have had a lovely time living here. It feels to me that I am subconsciously trying to delay shifting out.  Although, there is no real need to feel this way, we are just moving 3 miles away but it is still not the same as being next door, is it?

March seems to have brought spring along with it. The last few days have been beautifully sunny, although still bone-chillingly cold. Somehow, the cold seems far more bearable with the sun shining above one. And the new shoots and new blooms brings such a happiness to air. The other day, I saw sheep in the fields again – it had been a while since I saw any. There is something about spring that signifies new beginnings, new life and a fresh start. Maybe, that is what we are doing, a fresh start at a new house, with the hope that spring will bring lots of hopes and sunlight into our lives as well.

PS: I have not been able to blog hop much or reply to comments and that will probably continue for another 2 weeks, until I get the broadband sorted out at the new place. I will read your posts and comments as soon as I can 🙂

59 thoughts on “I must get my head examined..

  1. Me first!!! Welcome, Spring!! And it takes you to a new beginning too :-))) All the best for your new home.. may you make more precious memories there… and I’m not hinting at a sibling for Poohi ;-))) Super header , btw.

    Yes, we are all so excited at the sight of spring na 🙂

    Thank you Pallu, I need all the luck 🙂 And yes, sibling – as of now Poohi thinks we can just ask any woman with a baby in her tummy if we can have her baby 🙂

    The header pic is one of my potted plants sprouting new leaves and new blooms 🙂 Makes me so happy to see it 🙂

  2. Gorgeous header to go with the spring feel 😀

    That is one of my potted plants with new leaves and a new bloom.

    Though am heading towards an autumn at my end of the planet 😦

    Oh dear:) You must not be looking forward to that, I suppose.

    I know how it feels to move home, I’ve been there done that a number of times now 🙂
    All the best for your new home.
    May this spring bring along lots of cheer and new friends for your family 😀 😀

    Thank you CB 🙂

  3. Lovely blog header 🙂

    Thank you LP 🙂 This one of my potted plants with new leaves and new bloom 🙂

    Great that you found a house finally 🙂

    Yes, finally 🙂

    And spring…oh yes…I can feel it in Lancaster too…..really awesome weather the past few days…I just hope it does not snow again…you know na how weird UK weather is.

    I know! The weather has been beautiful hasn’t it? Fingers crossed – lets hope for no more snow 🙂

    Arre why no photos of the orange cake …am drooling here…slurrrp

    I will put on up – later if I can

  4. Uff! Don’t tell me about baking, I am just not egtting it after coming here, 3 down, not one decent bake. 😦 Happy Shifting Smi. Will miss u. 😉

    You know what, GM, I have a gas oven in the new house- and I have never used a gas oven so far – so am a little apprehensive – all the more reason to make cakes while the sun shines(or the oven works, I guess 🙂

  5. {{{hugs}}}

    All the best with the move and the packing!
    Spring is bringing new beginnings and you will be able to make some more precious and awesome memories with Poohi! 🙂 🙂

    Take you time and get everything sorted out Smithus, we ain’t going anywhere! 😀

  6. ‘And am delighted to tell you guys, that I have polished off half the cake, all by myself.’ haha…you need the calories for doing extra work of packing and shifting…console yourself, Smitha, don’t worry!

    When moving houses, any type of house, we feel nostalgic. This restlessness will be there for just a few days. Once you settle down, you will start looking for the positive things in that house! You are a friendly person and you and Poohi will have more friends here.

    All the best!

  7. I hate packing et al!! SO good luck to you 🙂 WIth a kid around am sure the job is not as easy 🙂

    And half a cake all alone?? Sahi!!! BTW I need the reciepe please 🙂

    No wonder your hubby was wrong about the number of cartons that would be needed!! And his being wrong is explained with one single word!!!

    Men!!! 😀

  8. 🙂 wish you could parcel some orange cake here too 😦

    🙂 Once I move to India, you should come over and I can make as much cake as you like 🙂

    It’s certainly a bit different to live 3 miles away than next door ! Sigh !!
    I know 😦

    Good Luck and hey you are sane..no need to check your brain 😉

    🙂 Thanks Nu – I am having serious doubts 🙂

  9. Lovely header Smitha..
    Good luck with your shifting and rearranging your new home…

    Thanks loads Mystery. The header is one of my potted plants.
    hope to see you around soon..

    I will still be reading blogs, on the phone – but might not comment much 🙂

  10. I was wondering what is with this title 😀 😀 😀

    I could not think of anything suitable 😦

    Good luck with the relocation 🙂
    Thanks loads, Anish!

  11. Good Luck Smitha… Here is wishing you that the new place is as good or better than the one your are leaving…

    Thanks loads, Happy Kitten 🙂

    nd hope u do a lot more baking and blogging 🙂

    I hope so too 🙂

  12. You are shifting ??? Your neighbors might be bursting crackers already na ? 😀 😀 😀

    Yeah yeah 🙂

    so you wanted to bake an orange cake during the shifting process ? is that why you need to get your head examined? and do you want us to believe thats the only reason ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 and are you sure yourself if thats the only reason ???? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Have you been talking to my husband by any chance?

    Buhahahhahahaha !

    Its been a loong time since I had been evil at your blog. Thanks for the post ! 😀

    LOL! So the dormant evil Vimmuuu has come alive again 😉
    Happy packing !!!! 😀

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Wow! u baked, CB baked and so did Uma… when do I get out of my laziness and get a dish first and then second bake a choco cake! craving…

    I can’t resist baking 🙂 My new kitchen has a gas oven so I will probably have to research it a bit before experimenting so baking will take a while after I move.

    Moving, It’s fun I love to be on the move, like I’m doing now, still I feel a queer in this new home of mine… settle down and get ur connection sorted out and blog and hop

    You do? I am not so fond of moving about, but we do end up moving quite a bit. Hopefully next year when we get back to India, we will be done with all this moving about 🙂

    I too love that header…
    Spring I like that, it’s early summer here and it drizzled last night…hot and humid and all sweaty like Bby shd be I guess sigh…

    Thanks 🙂 It is the pic of one of my potted plants. Hot, humid and sweaty? It has been ages since I felt that 🙂

    chalo happy moving 🙂
    I need to get my head checked too..too long commentosyndromia, I think..:P

    No no – that is a wonderful disease 🙂 Your comments are so interesting to read 🙂

  14. Wow, orange cake again 😉 Best wishes on your move.

    Thanks Lakshmi.

    We have moved only twice – once without children and once with a baby. Somehow I like moving, don’t know which part exactly, may be the part of examining all the things – some bringing out memories, tossing out some etc etc. And the excitement of setting up the new place. But it is also a nice feeling once we live in one house for few years and kind of blend into the surroundings. The hardest part of moving is leaving friends behind…

    Just twice – you are really lucky 🙂 I have moved quite a bit – once it was a month before Poohi was born and I was working as well – that was probably the most difficult one so far.

  15. Hope you’re settling down well. I love orange cake too, any cake actually, and am also guilty of polishing off more than my share, much to my kids’ annoyance 😦

    Welcome here, starsinmeyes 🙂 You love cakes too! Yes, my daughter gives me the most annoyed looks when I do that 🙂

  16. I can so picture you taking pictures of boxes 🙂 or baking when you should be packing … but I do similar kind of things so perhaps I too should get my head examined 🙂

    So I have company after all 🙂 I think I get tired of doing stuff that I ‘have to’ so I like to do things I ‘want to’ for a change 🙂

  17. Actually, I get you. When I’m stressed about something, I go and do something which takes my mind off the situation completely. So you baked cake, I would have gone for a haircut, perhaps. Sab chalta hai… we are superwomen! 😀

    That is exactly what I meant, Sols:) Yes, I really needed a break – though thinking about it – a haircut might have been a more relaxing thing to do 🙂 I have been promised a spa day by husband after the move to make up for all this stress though 🙂

    It is tough to move esp. with a kiddo. Have an easy move and settle fast.

    Thanks loads 🙂 Poohi has not been too much trouble actually and since friends are keeping her when we actually moving, it is not as bad as I expected 🙂

  18. hey, happy packing! Moving can be such a pain. So here`s a big hug! 🙂
    Incidentally, I have this new found interest in baking too 🙂 Today I baked a cheese cake from scratch! It`s still in for chilling(has to be chilled for almost 8 hours they say!), so I dont know how it tastes. But it looks good. How was your cake?

  19. happy packing Smitha… And surely every place we live will have some memories for sure…

    I wish you to have such beautiful memories in the house you are moving now… 🙂 🙂

    then why your head needs to be examined???? 🙄 🙄

  20. Happy moving Smitha-or Happy beginning I should stay.

    I always feel this bout of nostalgia/wanting to delay moving out/thing-basically because I don’t like change. Since that is inevitable-I guess orange cake is the next best thing 🙂

    Hope you are soon back to baking n blogging

  21. All the very best to you, for the packing and shifting, with two little ones around you !!!! 🙂 Take care and get back soon to the blogging world !!!

    Spring has come !!! WOW !!! Post some pics on the awesome springy feel, that you see around you !!!

  22. Congratulations on the new house! I do the same, when I am upset or overloaded, I just go and start doing something totally unrelated………like cleaning out the closets!!
    Very soon, new house will be “your” house!!

  23. its ok, we are all entitled to do a few crazy things once in a while.. i’ve baked at the oddest hours… makes the family think iam a little crazy.. but its wokaaay!!!
    lol@ the taking pictures.. u do go to gret lengths to prove a point.. hehe

    best of luck on the shifting… that is a LOT of work.. once u are settled in,may be u can bake another cake … u know, to celebrate the..um..settling in?

  24. You have to be the baking freak seriously !!!! the love for cakes and baking shows… What will you take to be my neighbour !!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously !!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    take care and shift well without breaking stuff and settle well and soon and come back to blogging !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  25. I hope that by now your 30 boxes are all unpacked and that you’re well settled in. I had to laugh when I read that your husband thought they could fit into 4 boxes…glad you were right!!
    Now, I have a yearning for orange cake!

  26. Knock, knock….can we come in????
    Are u all organised or are we going to find 30 boxes of stuff in various stages of unpacking 😀

    Hope everything went off as u hoped but looks like the net is not in place yet….right?????

    Do post the orange cake recipe in any case when u get back…sounded yummy to me:-)

  27. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog..led me to yours. And I kind of empathised with the need to have the head examined…I’m constantly in a state of wanting to have my head examined..:)

    Welcome here 🙂 Yes, I am quite often in that state myself 🙂

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