Holiday tales

Last day of term break today and I can’t say that enough. This last one week, has made me understand why so many parents here, dread term break. In schools here, students get a week of holiday after every six weeks of school.

I had heard from parents of school going children how they dreaded it and I had been unable to comprehend why. Now, I understand. Keeping an active child occupied and happy is not such an easy task after all.  We had loads of activities planned for the last week. Playdates, movies to be seen, going on walks. However, fate had other plans when daughter came down with a temperature and an aching ear on Monday morning, leading to a cancellation of a playdate and a vehemently protesting daughter, who claimed ‘I am better already, I want to play with M’, when she was hardly able to stay awake.

Tuesday was better. We had planned to watch ‘The Princess and a Frog’, but I had cancelled all plans due to her illness. Again fate had other plans. By 2 in the afternoon, it was clear to me that the movie would certainly be a better option than being cooped in with a child who is very unhappy about being indoors. The constant rain was no help at all. So off we went, to watch the movie at the very last minute, which was especially disappointing for daughter, for whom, movie meant munching popcorn and sipping orange juice just as much as watching it. The movie ,however, was thankfully, totally worth it. I just have to keep her away from frogs now. Just yesterday, she told me that I could become a frog, and then she could kiss me and I could become a prince! I knew I should have kept her away from that movie!

Wednesday and Thursday went off in a haze with 2 little girls going crazy in the house.  The house looked like a tornado hit it – but I had one happy little girl home at the end of the day 🙂 They played all sorts of pretend play, made pizza out of play dough, painted and had a whale of a time.

The amount of paper that we have used up painting makes me wonder if we have ended up endangering the environment with all the paper used up. We also baked turtles made of baking clay and then she painted it in colours which no self-respecting turtle would want to be seen in. I would have put up pictures, but I did not want to be accused of cruelty and causing mental trauma to turtles by allowing them to be painted in such colours.

At the end of the week, just when I was grateful that school would start tomorrow, it had to go and snow today. Now keeping fingers crossed, please let it snow, no more. I really need school to start tomorrow. Much as I love my little one, I really need some rest after the whirlwind of a week that last week was 🙂

31 thoughts on “Holiday tales

  1. All 4 of mine have been home for a week as well. I had planned somethijng every single day. I am exhausted. Looking forward to school re-opening tomorrow. And I am dreading summer holidays. Dreading it. 3 months 4 kids….argh!

  2. Will I ever get there, I wonder. I have so many trepidations about just sending the BB to kinder right now, a few hours in the care of others, where I am not at a shout’s distance. I am sure I will get used to it, and eventually love the the me-time I will get, but for now I am plain and simple anxious.

    You will! In a few months time, you will no know where all the time goes 🙂 Even for me, the nursery is a mile away and the school 1.5 miles- so I use it as my exercise 🙂 I felt miserable the first time I left her in the nursery, but it gets better with time 🙂

    You are such an active mom Smi, arranging so so many things for Poohi. And from where do you get the lil girls to play with her. I so need to find these friends for the BB I tell you. 😉 And wow baked turtles, please please show na, if not here, mail me the pics. Would love to see.

    I am not, GM 🙂 if you see some of the mums here – they pack in so much! My neighbour has a few week old baby and a 2 yr old, and I find her out on walsk even when it rains! I find that amazing!

    Have put up the pcis in the next post 🙂

  3. I hear you 😉 So many snow days these days. We have had so many playdates, outside lunches etc. Movie sounds like fun!, have not done it in a while.

    This snow, and constant rains have become the bane of my life! There is so little you can do. After a point, it gets boring for them to be indoors all the time.

  4. First I demand you put up Poohi kuttys masterpiece Turtles here 😡

    done 🙂

    Sigh!! am in the same boat as you and somehow having two boys at home is not that exciting as I thought it would be. When I scream or roll my eyes at the smaller boy, the bigger one has the nerve to tell me that I need to have some patience while dealing with a 5 year old boy!!!

    lol!! Parenting tips, huh?

    Lolz at Poohi telling you to be a frog. I am still rofling about her boys grow into dragons funda 🙂

    Yeah, she comes up with the weirdest things 🙂

  5. hehehe such a cute picture you have painted am sure Poohie can not be of much pain to you 😀 (Isn’t it easy to say that if the kid isn’t yours :D)

    It was a lot of fun too, to be honest 🙂

    Amen! to your wish for no more snow otherwise she might expect you to show her frog walk 😀

    LOL! Yes, but from the look of it, some more snow is on it’s way 😦

  6. Don’t even remind me – summer holidays start in a few weeks here.

    LOL! Summer holidays are booked for the India trip, for us, so that is something I am looking forward to 🙂

  7. Thank God, I’ve crossed all those days, where I need to be part of their holiday activity. Of course, there are times, when I play with them, but its not a forced activity on me. My girls are fine on their own and enjoy playtime with their friends. Now, my daughter is already planning a sleep-over in our home, for which I am to bake that chocolate temptation.

    Sleepovers! My little one is talking about one, despite not having a clue about it 🙂 She has a friend with an older sister and both the little girls have picked up all this from her 🙂

    Chocolate temptation! Can I come for a sleepover too?

    As much as I agree the work load that goes into managing little ones, during holidays, it certainly is so much fun !!!

    I know! It certainly is fun 🙂

    LOL @ “Just yesterday, she told me that I could become a frog, and then she could kiss me and I could become a prince!” 😆

    Take care and have fun !!!

    Thank you 🙂

    • When u r coming to India for ur summer vacation, come over to my home for a sleepover !!! I promise the chocolate temptation !!! 🙂

      I am going to be there 🙂 Am already dreaming about the chocolate temptation 🙂

  8. You reminded me of my life 20-25 years back, Smitha. Yes, I was waiting for the schools to re-open to get back to my routine.

    🙂 In a few years time, I might be missing all this 🙂

    Hope Poohi is well now.

    She is fine now, back in school 🙂

    The Bulbuls have hatched and 3 baby birds are there in their nest. I didn’t take photos because they will be similar to my post of these birds!

    Awww! It reminds me so much my childhood! We used to have bulbuls every year!

  9. Smithu, this is so much fun .. wish we stayed close by 😛 I wud hv joined Poohi too 😉

    Or better still, I would have sent her over to your place and relaxed at home 😉

    Hw is she feeling nw btw?
    She is fine now – back in school 🙂

    Hugs to both of u 🙂
    Hugs!!!!! from both of us too 🙂

    Oh eh, when r u gonna turn into a frog nw 😉

    NEVER if I have anything to do with it 🙂

  10. Geez… my wife also always keeps saying.. Hriday’s school ends on 13th march and he has vacation… and she cant stop saying it… which irritate me a lot frankly… !

    You don’t have to keep him entertained na? That’s why 🙂

    I still would love to be the one at home and play with him… guess it might be difficult for people who have to do it day in and day out.. but I really want to experience that… one sunday doesnt do justice to it at all… !!!!

    Yes, doing it day in and day out is tiring. Although I have to say, I do enjoy it all too. It is great fun to be with her 🙂

    some of the paintings my son did yesterday were just like that… they made no sense but he could see a red monster in it.. and people throwing black and blue stones and green grass… and butterflies and what not… and a space ship too !!!!!!!!! lol….

    I know 🙂 Their imagination! I just love it when she does stuff that she likes – it is so much fun to see things through their eyes 🙂

    the kids sure have imagination… !!!!! and yess… keep her away from FROGS !!!!!!! thats if you CAN !!!!!!

    Yes, have to keep her away from frogs 🙂 ALthough I don’t see frogs here at all, for some reason.

  11. haha..lets it snow more!!!! 😀


    comon, do you think we all are turtles? then why not posting pics? 😉

    LOL! No, I don’t think you guys are turtles, but what if you got offended on behalf of them 😉 Will post them later today 🙂

  12. ha ha ha…lil one keeping u so busy 🙂 Still I m sure u must be able to finish 4-5 books in this period too 😆 😆 😆

    No, actually I did not 🙂 I finished 2 books and re-read one – so not quite my normal reading pace 🙂 But I think Rahul Mahajan’s swayamvar is eating into my reading time not Poohi 😉

    these posts of urs tellme abt my future years 🙂
    and now on public demand do share pics of poohi’s art 🙂

    Ok will do later today 🙂

  13. What a fun post. Your daughter sounds like an energizer bunny:-)
    When I read posts such as these, I respect parents (all) so much. The things they have to go through..The more the number of kids, the more the “trauma” 😀

    I seriously respect parents with more than one child 🙂 It is difficult enough handling one 🙂

  14. I hear you…My daughter had 5 days off for Chinese New Year and I went crazy despite my parents and husband being home…

    They have so much energy, don’t they? I am more tired than her at the end of the day 🙂

    I’ve seen the ‘Princess and the frog’ and loved it…Thankfully, M did too…

    Me too! It was such a sweet movie! I could watch it again!

    Have you moved?
    No – we are moving on Mar 13. So another three weeks to go.

  15. Let the snow to start and take rest… 🙂

    I wish 🙂

    I loved hearing about the painting things of urz ….. cool! how is the she now? happy to have lots of fun in the weekend? 😀

    She is fine now 🙂 Back in school 🙂

  16. I couldn’t agree with you more, Smitha!! school-hols down down 🙂 I was elated to send R to school this morning 🙂 despite the rains and freezing cold!

    And I come to appreciate my mother even more 🙂 Mustn’t have been easy 🙂

  17. Atlast Mom joins Poohi in loving the school 😆 Hope she is better now..

    She is fine now 🙂 Back in school 🙂 Yes, I love school too now 🙂

    /*I just have to keep her away from frogs now. Just yesterday, she told me that I could become a frog, and then she could kiss me and I could become a prince! I knew I should have kept her away from that movie!*/

    ROFL…. come on Smitha… you turn into frog, she will turn you into Prince… ha ha ha…

    Yeah – logic!

    very cute of Poohi… 🙂 🙂
    Cute? LOL! Not so cute when I am expected to pretend to be the prince every 5 minutes 🙂

  18. Ahhhh….I remember those days when I used to be a frog !!! This new life as a prince is so suffocating; donno to which princess I should give attention to !! 😀 😀 😀

    You remember? They did not erase your memory????? 🙂
    Which princess to give attention to??? Where is Laxmi? Is she listening???

    Poor kid, she wants an escape from school and play at home and you want her back in school so that you could blog in peace !! Tch Tch !!! 😀 😀

    Yeah yeah 🙂 She loves school far far more than home 🙂 The first thing she did today was to check if it is snowing. She was delighted to know that school is open 🙂

    Btw what are you doing night shifts for? I thought your shifts would change once you got married?

  19. Oh Smitha-How I long to spend some time like this again with kids. Now that they get into their rooms and huddle with their friends-I cherish that time even more. When is Poohi’s next break?

    I am sure I will say the same in a few years time 😦 The next break is at Easter 🙂

  20. ROFL @ “Just yesterday, she told me that I could become a frog, and then she could kiss me and I could become a prince! I knew I should have kept her away from that movie!” 😀 😀 😀

    See? Fairy tales are seriously harmful for kids’ imagination. Kids read sleeping beauty and expect a prince to actually come and wake them from their slumber some day 😛 Be careful. Dont show her all that crap!!

  21. Poohi wants you to become a Frog so that she can kiss you. acho..cutie pie! umma.

    🙂 Yeah, I have to now pretend to be a frog, a prince, an evil step mother or a growling bear – based on whichever story she is enacting at the moment 🙂

    Baked Turtle? I’m sure Poohi painted it in Pink.

    No no , right now, she does not have pink paint 🙂 I got tired of seeing pink everywhere, so I hid it away 🙂

  22. Aaaaarrrrghhhhh dont remind me the final exams are on now & we have a month’s holiday at the end of it. I’ll be freaking 😮

    Thankfully, for summer hols, we are going to India – that makes it more bearable 🙂 But all these mini breaks they get are no good either 🙂

    But on the other hand I’m glad they r two of them….they manage to keep themselves occupied when they are not eating my head 😀

    Oh yeah – have heard that when there are more than one 🙂 One of Poohi’s classmates mother told me that she had 8 children. I almost fainted! She was so very cool about it – apparently they all keep each other entertained 🙂

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